Sunday, 27 May 2007

Good news?

So when did this, or any other Government for that matter, last make an announcement that made you feel happy?

In the whole of my 58 years, I'm still waiting for the first time, let alone the last!

The Worm.......................................

The smoking ban!

So what next?

If we all stopped smoking tomorrow, the country would be in dire trouble!

Yes, I am a smoker!

The Government happily takes my duty on cigarettes, but makes me a pariah!

That would mean extreme taxation on all of you condecending pious non smokers.

So serves you right!

So what can we tax next I wonder?

A breathing tax?
A farting tax?
A sex tax?
A right to live tax?
A happiness tax?
A thought tax?
A daylight tax?
A night tax?
An imagination tax?
A revival of the window tax?
A tax tax?

Who knows which civil liberty you and I are going to lose next?

Your very very unhappy Worm....................................

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Computer Systems.

Have you noticed, like I have?

Any computer system that generates money for the Government, always seem to work 1st time!

Any others, like the NHS shambles, or the on line Doctor job application form farce, takes them millions over budget, and very late!


The Worm......................................

Road pricing.

Just how stupid are the Government in thinking that you and I are going to vote them back in again to do this to us!
I've just worked out how much it will cost me to go to work.
With no viable alternative route, I will have to do 600 miles a month on the A1 in the rush hours. If mooted figures are to believed, at about £1.30. a mile, I will be paying about £780 a month, plus £100 fuel.
That is more than 50% of my take home pay!
(please don't tell me to work locally, as my salary would be at least 30% less!)

I'm struggling now! This would crucify me, and I would probably have to sell the house that I have worked so hard for, to live in a garret, eating supermarket econamy crap!

How will this effect you? Just as badly I'll bet!


If this is introduced, our lanes, side roads, and town centres will be in chaotic and total grid lock, used by the people that need to get to work, but cant afford to pay this idiotic Big Brother injustice.

This will add very stressful hours to our day, be very inflationary, put hundreds of thousands out of work, and cost the benefit system an absolute fortune!

If I can see this, why can't my so called betters?

I voted Labour hoping that they would make the land that I love strong, and great once more!
All they seem to be doing (very successfully I might add) is decimating our way of life, making us a 3rd rate nation, and the laughing stock of the world!

And you wonder why I want to emigrate when I retire?

I just can't wait to get away from the daily persecution!

Your very patriotic, disillusioned, and pissed off Worm..........................

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Prince Harry 2

Thank goodness common sense has prevailed, and Harry will not be sent to Iraq! (whatever were his superiors thinking of in the first place!)

I know that there are very valid issues on both sides of the fence, but as I've said often enough, I try to use my common sense, and think with my brain, and not my heart.

One question people are asking though, is if he can't serve in the front line, why did he join up in the first place?
Just remember that it was not his decision!
He fully intended to go, and I do not doubt his courage!

If nothing else, our monarchy joining the armed forces is character building.

Who would you rather have as a king, and an example to the nation?
Someone who has done nothing but enjoy a playboy lifestyle at our expense, or someone that has sought a career, is mature, and has seen real life?
I know who I'd choose!

Whatever Harry does with his life, this poor man is on a hiding to nothing, simply being by born with royal blood!

The Worm.....................................

Monday, 14 May 2007

If I were made PM!

If only!

The first thing I would do, would to be fully in touch with the ordinary people, and understand their concerns.

Being an ordinary person myself, I would then act upon it, because that is what I would have been elected for!

So my priorities would be (in no particular order)

(1) Immigration................................

Shut the door straight away, and decree that as from today, England will be adopting Australias immigration rules.
1. You must have a job or expertise which will enhance and contribute to the
2. You must have X amount of provable money in the bank to support yourself.
3. You will not be elegible for any state benefit until you have been working for at
least a year.
4. You must agree to enter our country, embrace our culture, and do not expect any
special favours.
5. If you can't do that, then you will not be allowed admission!

Australia, New Zealand, and America do this very successfully, so why shouldn't we?
We don't call them racist or unreasonable do we! We would just abide by their rules if we wanted to go there!
And anyone wanting to live in my country should be expected to do the same! (when in Rome!)
So sod the EEC! They impose a free for all immigration policy on us, knowing that their countries are safe! We have a very liberal Government who will allow anybody into this country, play by their rules, and very PC! We have a benefit system that no other country in the EU has, so why would anyone want to come to anywhere else but here, despite all of our faults?
So let's tell Brussells to stuff themselves!
Without our money, they would have a hard time!

(2) Law and order.....................

1. Bring back capital punishment, and proper law and order!
In my day, anyone thought twice about committing an offence for fear of our
judicial system. It WAS a detterant!
If you wanted to kill someone, you thought twice about it, because you knew that
you could hang for it if caught!
No matter what the offence was, you knew that prison was not a nice place to be!
Nowadays, prisons are more like holiday camps, but without the freedom!
So what I would do is this.
Treat them just like things were portrayed in Ronnie Barkers "Porridge"
No TV's or radios in every cell.
Slopping out with a bucket.
Work from 8 'til 4.
No wages for what ever they do.
Basic food.
A draconian regime!
They should suffer for their crimes, not cosseted!

When every lawbreaker realised that that is what they could expect, they would definitely think twice!
You wouldn't have to build more prisons!
Crime would definitely go down!
Forget their human rights!
They forfieted them when they broke the law!

I'm sorry, but I just can't understand how we can spend millions looking after these bastards so well, when we treat our pensioners and hospital patients so badly! It's an absolute disgrace!

Give these bastards hell is what I say! They bloody deserve it!

(3) The NHS.................................

Tony Blair said 10 years ago that he would spend spend spend on our health service, and true to his word, he has.

However, he never told us that he would spend those extra millions on improving it!And he hasn't!

All he has done, is created tier upon tier of managers to save money.

By saving money, all they have done is to buy inferior supplies and services, and made things even more dire.

We are all managed by university graduates, who have a piece of paper, telling us just how clever they are! And they're not!

What all of these qualifications just prove is, is that the candidate has the ability to remember facts and figures! How can you measure common sense, and the ability to make the right decision? You can't, and yet we have these tossers in place, managing our lives, and ruining everything that they touch!

If I were PM, I'd consult the sharp end!

Things would improve dramatically!


What better advice could you get?

(4) Political Correctness. (Political Stupidity more like!)

I'd scrap every bit of this ethos, and replace it with CS!

Common Sense!

PC has intruduced such a vast amount of stupidity into our lives, and has caused far more problems than it has ever solved!

Your PM in waiting! .....................................................................


I've just read that doctors prescribed over 31 million prescriptions for anti-depressants last year!

I wonder why?

Well if Gordon Brown is as good a PM as he was Chancellor ,with all of his blood sucking ways, it will be 41 million next year!

He treated us with contempt as Chancellor, and he will do so again as PM!

Leopards don't change their spots!

He will be just as out of touch with you and I as he was as Chancellor!

Your depressed Worm..........................

Gimme the tablets doc!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

The new Prime Minister!

Odds on, it will be Gordon Brown.

He will promise us everything, only to do what he did as Chancellor!

More un-fair misery for the working man!

Mark my words worms!

Your very cynical (and usually right!) Worm.....................................

Friday, 11 May 2007

Tony Blairs' farewell speech.

So he did what he honestly believed was right for the country, and appologised for his failures.

Of his sincerity, I have no doubt.
But sorry, in my book, that is not good enough!

You simply just can't screw up big time, and expect to be let off the hook by just saying that you're sorry!

We so wanted to believe what he told us, but as usual (like most politicians) he just told us what we wanted to hear to get into power, and then did what he wanted to do regardless!

Just like Maggie, he surrounded himself with "yes men" because he wanted his own way, and if anyone didn't fall into line, he got rid of them.

Perhaps, if he wasn't so full of himself, he could have listened to the people that he got rid of, and maybe would not have had so many failures! ( his failures far exceed his successes I'm afraid!)

Tony Blair? You were a dictator!

So welcome back to the real world!
I hope it treats you just as badly as it treats the rest of us!

My dad always told me that it was his ambition to afford to be able to vote Conservative one day! (he never did!)
With all of the luxury tastes and financial needs that you've aquired over the past 10 years, I think that you and Cherie might consider it!

It would be in your interest!

The Worm..............................

Sunday, 6 May 2007

John Reid.

So he intends to stand down in June!

Yet another rat jumping the sinking ship!

Yet another governmtental also-ran, that will no doubt be rewarded handsomely with a pay off and fat pension for his failure to do the job!

I shudder to think what could be around the corner next for you and I!

The Worm.........................................

Friday, 4 May 2007

I told you so!

Well Labour got a bloody nose! (although not as badly as I expected)
It just goes to show that through thick and thin, people will always show their true colours.
However, reading the papers today, I see, that to consolidate their position and the next General Election, they are going to abandon some of their future plans ie home sellers pack etc.
The stupid bastards!
If they hadn't have introduced these rip offs in the first place, they wouldn't find themselves in the position they are now!
Abandoned? or just shelved I wonder?
I don't trust them one little bit!

The Worm...........................................

Thursday, 3 May 2007


I have always gone through my life believing that if you pay crap money, crap is what you'll get, and invariably false economy.

So I've always gone through my life buying the best that I could afford, and it has usually paid off.

I have been financially bled dry over the past 10 years by Labour, and have been told that if I expected the best, I must pay for it, and so I've been happy to do so to get what I want for me and my country.

So what have I recieved for my money over the past 10 years?

Crap, financial rape, more crap, and things that have got worse, not better!

Labour is going to get what's coming to them!

You lying swindling bastards!

The Worm......................................................

Tony's idictment!

It's now 7.10. pm on Thursday 3/5/07. and the polling stations have now closed.

Believe it or not, I'm not that much of a political person that I intend staying up all night to hear the results, because I know them already!

I will wake up in the morning to hear of Labours demise!

I'm just a hard working man that doesn't like the way he's being treated!

Labour will get the biggest drubbing of their lives by the people that they have failed, and they will wonder why!

Why should anyone want to vote for a party that f*cks them at every turn?

If they all earned the wage that most of us do, things would be a lot different!

You reap what you sow Tony and Gordon, and Labour will get reaped!

Look out for my blog tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will definitely be " I told you so!" (but of course you all know that this will happen dont you!)

And if you don't, you're bloody stupid aren't you!

The Worm........................................

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Chain e-mails.

We've all had them, and they can be very nasty!

I recently received one from a friend, which threatened all sorts of ill health and bad luck if I didn't forward it to at least 10 people within an hour.

How can you send these sort of things to your friends?

I mailed him back, gave him a piece of my mind, and we are friends no longer!

They are extremely wicked in most cases, and you should ignore and delete them immediately!

The Worm................................

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The 1st of May is my birthday!

Yes wormies, your beloved Worm is 58 today!
Only 7 years to go, and I retire.
I'd like to think that I'm a nice bloke, and a good husband, father, and grandfather.
If you can die thinking that about yourself, then you can die happy can't you.
I must admit that I'm now feeling weary, and looking forward to my dotage.
But please don't get me wrong!
I'm not weary of my hard working life, but of the mental torture caused by this bloody Government, and the way things are developing in the country that I love.
So, as and when, my wife and I will be selling up, and moving down a notch or two.
Hopefully we will make enough money on our house to buy something smaller, and have enough cash over to fund our retirement, along with our government and private pensions. (assuming the Government don't steal it!) But even in retirement, the mental and financial torture would continue, so it's our intention to live abroad for at least 9 months of the year while we can, and get away from it all.

I can remember the time when being English made me proud, but sadly it's no longer the case.

What this country will be like in 100 years I don't know, but it certainly wont be England as I know it, or any better, and so I really do worry about my grandchildrens future.

I think that it is so sad that I am wishing my life away so that I can escape all of this crap, don't you?

The Old Worm..........................................

Our Prince Harry!

For gods sake!
What are the Monarchy, the Government, and the MOD thinking of, sending him to war in Iraq!
I'm not going to go over all the reasons why not, as they have been covered by the media already, but it is insane to endanger the life of an heir to the Throne, however brave he is!

We can't find Bin Laden, but you can bet your life they'll find him!
Just imagine the jubilation throughout the Muslim world if they do!

His death would inspire these fanatics to even greater attrocities and evil!

It's not cowardly not to send him!
Just good old fashioned common sense!

Please don't send him!

The Worm............................