Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sir Fred the Shed

What a bloody shambles!

He's given a knighthood for his services to banking, only to be got rid of because he fucked up completely and has cost the tax payer billions.

Then, to add insult to injury, he's given a pension to the tune of £650,000 a year at the age of 50!

What a bloody disgrace!

Strip him of the knighthood, and strip him of the pension that he obviously hasn't paid much into.

Would you and I on our meagre pensions be treated so well?

No bloody way!

The Worm................

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jacqui Smith MP

Falsely claiming a 2nd housing allowance?

Yet again, one of our trusted members of parliament doing what MPs do best.

Lining their own pockets!

Irrespective of whether she's kept within the rules or not, why are MPs cosseted so much?
Why aren't they paying their own way like you and I have to?
If they had to live in the real world like you and I, life would be so much better because it would affect them too, and they wouldn't bloody like it!

You and I don't get help with our mortgages.
You and I don't get help paying our travel expenses to get to work.
Whatever "perk" you and I get at work is taxed!

All you and I do is try to cope the best we can, and pay through the nose for everything.

So why not them?

Stop the perks, and make them live in the conditions that they happily impose on us!

Our MPs are no better than the benefit fraudsters that they want to crack down on!

But of course, they don't count!!!!!!!!!!

The Worm......................

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Car prices!

I've just been looking on the net at adverts for brand new cars (not that I can afford one) and the discounts are amazing!
All this tells me, is that they were vastly over priced anyway!
If they can sell stuff at those prices and still make a profit, why not normally?
Go anywhere in the world, and you will find things are a lot cheaper!
We always pay through the nose for everything in the UK!
If you want to buy something, look around and screw them for what ever you can, 'cos they've done it to you for long enough!

Your very price aware Wormie.................

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What's it all about, Alfie?

Well you must have guessed what it's all about by now!
Not theirs, ours!
He demands a DNA test, and who pays?
You and me!
When he and the little slag trash mother can't get a job, who will look after them and the baby?

Their parents?


You and me!

You see them on the TV, and they look so proud of themselves!


If they were my kids I'd kill 'em!
Even their parents daren't show their faces and hide behind masks!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's their parents that are persuing all of the media attention!


If this wasn't about money, why employ Max Clifford as their representative?
These scumbag families are a bloody disgrace, and I resent having to keep them in a lifestyle better than yours and mine!
Once this or any other Government gets tough with these opportunist professional leaches, the better!

Make 'em work like you and I have to!!!!!!!!!!

They're nothing but trash (and they know it)!

Your ever begrudging Worm...............

Monday, 16 February 2009

No kissing at a railway station in Cheshire?

Are they having a fucking laugh or what?
What will be the fine I ask myself?
Have your posessions impounded and a 3 year custodial sentence for giving your spouse a kiss on the cheek as they board the train?

What bloody next I ask myself!

A "no shagging sign?

A "shagging is only allowed in the designated area" sign?

No smiling?
No thinking?
No nice thoughts?

Why can't our authorities think of ways to make our lives happier instead of more miserable?

What a bunch of wankers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kissy kissy (shaggy shaggy) Worm...............................

Our Demise!

So you've just been made redundant and don't know who to turn to?
Don't you worry about it my friend!
Just go to the benefit office where you will be told that you qualify for fuck all and will be treated like a piece of shit by some unqualified little shit with nappy rash!
Meanwhile, smile, knowing that all of our professional benefit claiments in the country will be well looked after!
The credit crunch won't affect them at all, so that must make you feel really good knowing they are safe from poverty unlike you and I!

Yeah right!

Once you've had no joy with the benefit people, like me, you can then apply to Temp Agencies, only to find that "things are tough out there at the moment" (knowing and witnessing full well that anything going has been taken up at the minimum wage by non english speaking EU immigrants who can claim a fortune for their families back home on our backs!)
(they're raking it in at our expense!)
Fact, not fiction, as I've experienced this at first hand over the past year!
Our system is letting us all down in favour of the work shy and foreign immigrants.
The political party that promises me that they will put me and you first instead of some bloody foreigner will will definitely get my vote!
But it won't happen will it!
Our MPs should stop looking after these leaches for a change, and look after the people that voted for them to look after us!
If they don't, they will end up in the same shit that you and I could all end up in, wonder why, and bleat that it isn't fair!
You and I could all end up living in "Cardboard City" while all the scheming workshy bastards in this country are living in a very protected and gauranteed way!
If they are fit enough, I'd make them do 37 hours community service every week!
At least that would make me feel that they weren't sitting at home taking the piss out of you and me!

Make 'em work for their benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your very pissed off Worm..............

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Tony Blaire must be laughing his socks off at the way Gordon Brown has inherited the poisoned chalice!
Brown has been hailed for years as the most successful Chancellor of all time!
He's then stabbed Blaire in the back to become PM, and is now paying for his disloyalty!
He's the cause of our problem, and he is now the man who has to sort the whole mess out!
Will he do it?
Lieing and creative accountancy can get you only so far before you're found out!
The major banks around the world can testify to that one!
I just can't understand how the world governments can't all get together and sort it out!
It can't be that bloody difficult can it?
Are they all that bloody stupid?
The economy it seems, is based on confidence and trust, so no wonder we're in a shambles!
Our MPs, Ministers, and media all seem to preach nothing but bad news, so who will ever have any confidence?
It's not rocket science!

Your unconfident Worm...........

A Dad at 13! (2)

What a disgrace!
There is now a queue of young boys claiming they could be the father of this little slapper Chantelles' baby, demanding DNA tests!
And why?
They think that they might make a few grand from a tabloid !!!!!
What is happening to this country of mine?
We haven't seen or heard about the parents of the "happy couple" at all!
Is it that they are all ashamed?
If it were me, I certainly would be!

Your despairing Worm............

Jade Goody 2

I have been viewing with horror, views posted on Yahoo regarding Jade Goody and her recently announced terminal cancer.
What a nasty, bitter, twisted, vindictive, bunch of assholes a lot of you are!
With the hate and venom that she has attracted, you'd think that she was the devil in disguise.
Why all the hate?
What ever happened to human compassion in this country?
All she's guilty of is making money out of nothing, which is something that every one of you would do given the chance!
Envy is a wicked thing!
So my message to all you hate mongers is this:
She's done nothing wicked, and doesn't deserve to die so young, leaving two very young children without their mother!
If there is such a being called God, may he bless her!

Your very sad Worm............

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Jades doctors should be held accountable!

Love her or hate her, Jade Goody at the age of 27 should not be dying of cancer!
The NHS and the private sector have let her down so badly and I'm very angry!
For three years she has been assured by her so called Doctors that she was fine and had nothing to worry about, and yet she now only has a few months to live!
If you can't trust your doctor, who the hell can you trust?
She may have to appeared to be stupid and as thick as shit on BB, but she had the nause to exploit it and make money from it, so is she as stupid as you all thought?
I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!
You probably don't give a toss one way or the other, but if her set of circumstances happened to you or one of your loved ones, you wouldn't be so complacent!
With 2 young children, she has so much to live for, yet has been robbed of her life by over paid inefficient gods called doctors!
They surely must be held to account like every other profession!

Doctors are not Gods so don't trust them!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless you my poor Jade...............

Your very sad Worm................

A Dad at 13!

The mother is 15, the father 13.

Yet more council house white trash, churning out another mouth for you and I to feed!
Their parents should bear the cost of the child, not us!
Meanwhile, the kids should have their sweet money stopped and go to bed with no tea!
That'll teach 'em!

Your ever cringeing Worm.............

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Jeremy Clarkson!

He has been made to make an appology for publicly calling Gordon Brown "A one eyed Scottish idiot!


Fact: Gordon Brown only has one eye!
Fact: Gordon Brown is Scottish!
Fact: Gordon Brown is an idiot in his opinion!

So why the need for an appology?

When did our Parliament pass a law forbidding us to voice facts and beliefs?

This country, and its namby-pamby correctness pisses me off big time!

If I called Clarkson an overpaid, loud mouthed, self opinionated git, he would probably agree with me and invite me to be a guest on his show!

He, just like me and you, lives in the real world!

The pissed off Worm................

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Carol Thatcher

Whether you like it or not, I fully support Carol Thatcher!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure that she didn't mean to cause offence.
You have to remember that she was brought up a long time ago, and such expressions were very common place in her early years
It was a private conversation and not on air!
If it had of been, she would have not said such a thing I'm sure, being inteligent and very aware.
If she had offended anyone in the conversation, I'm sure she would have appologised profoundly.
However, when is it the BBCs job to sensure her private conversations?
And more to the point, sack her for them!
As far as I'm concerned, this was compained about by one of our ethnic friends who just likes to cause trouble!
We have bent over backwards to integrate over the years, only to have it thrown back in our faces at every given opportunity.
Too many ethnics live here with chips on their shoulders, and will always use the race issue as a weapon to their advantage!
They know the score, and use it whenever they can for their own benefit!
Believe me, I know, because I live in the real world, and have seen it on countless occations
What next I ask myself!
This racial crap is going too bloody far!
My ancestors didn't fight and lose their lives over the centuries to give our freedom of speech away to a load of immigrants!
If they choose to live here, embrace our culture of piss off!
But of course they wont, because they all know when they're well off!

Is Speakers Corner still alive in Hyde Park on a Sunday I wonder?
I haven't checked, but I bet it isn't, for fear of someone filing some form of complaint!
What ever happened to our freedom of speech for which we were once so famous for?
We now live in a dictatorship, not a democracy!
Fuck all of the do gooding mamby pamby traitors that I have the displeasure to be ruled by!
I will say and think whatever I want to, whenever I like, and in public or private, because that is my right!
Leave Carol Thatcher alone!
Come to think of it, leave us all alone!

If I were an ethnic, I'd have more rights than you poor British bastards in your own country!
Makes you think doesn't it!

Your very loyal and British Worm..............


Wouldn't it be fun if EU rules got even more stupid so that we could vote for foreign MPs to govern us!
All of our MPs could then quite easily be Polish, Lithuanian, Slavs, German, French, Belgian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portugese etc!
And why not!
They all seem to look after their own unlike our so called representatives, so why not.
We could then have Gordon Brown deposed as PM by a Pole!
What a laugh that would be!
He could then apply for benefit, only to be told that he doesn't qualify, just like you and I!
"If however Mr Brown, you were a foreign national, we could give loads of free benefits that you haven't paid in to"
"Unfortunately for you Mr Brown, you've never been unemployed, you've paid your taxes and been screwed by every successive Government in your lifetime. But that doesn't count l'm afraid. The system just isn't designed to help the millions of people like you in this country that actually pay for it and are in need!"
"A good idea would be for you to move to Poland or any other scrounging EU member country, and live there long enough to get a foreign EU passport"
"Once you've got that, you could move back here, and we'll welcome you with open arms and make sure you're looked after!"

To add insult to injury, he could then go to the job centre or Temp agency, only to be told that despite his qualifications, there are at least 10 EU immigrants that are willing and waiting to work cheaper than he's prepared to work for, so sorry, get on the scrap heap with the rest of your tax paying countrymen! YOU JUST DON'T BLOODY QUALIFY!

When will all of our MPs and ministers get into the real world, and listen to and help the very people that voted for them, instead of bowing and scraping to every other foreign bastard! Stop sitting on the fence for the sake of a quiet life!

They don't feel the need to serve!
It's just a job to them that pays quite well, but with lots of perks!
"Come the Revolution" you self serving bastards!

Your very angry Worm................