Sunday, 14 December 2008

The X Factor 3

So Alexandra won!

Just as I said she should!

It's a curse always being right! Hehehe!

Justice was done!

So who will win Strictly?

To be honest, I don't give a toss!

Your very happy (and right as usual!) Worm............

Saturday, 13 December 2008

The X Factor 2

I've just seen the latest poll on Yahoo, as to who should win the final.

Alexandra: 34%
JLS: 30%
Eoghan: 36%

So it seems that my prediction could be right.

If Eoghan wins, it will be a travesty, and Simon Cowell should seriously consider changing the name of the show to "The "Ah" Factor" !

Enough "also rans" have got through the various stages with their sob stories and cuteness!

However, one thing is gauranteed.

Whatever happens tonight, Simon Cowell will make a fortune, and will be laughing like as drain all the way to the bank no matter what!

The Worm.........................

The X Factor Final

It's tonight!

So who's going to win?

If the show was about talent and vocal ability, there is only one in the race!

However, knowing how the great British public vote on these shows, who can say for sure?

I can't help but feel that Leona Lewis winning last year might go against her.
They might not want yet another black girl singer, however good she may be.

So you now have JLS and Eoghan.

In my opinion, neither of them should be there, but that's another story.

They will be voted for by all of the little girls in the country.

That, plus the whole of Ireland voting for him, and his "ah factor" with the mums and dads, Eoghan just could sneak it.

So it seems to me it's "talent" v "the wet knicker brigade"

We shall see!


Jean Charles de Menezes

So the enquiry into his shooting in 2005 is over.

What a bloody disgrace the verdict was!

The Coroner had already told the jury they couldn't give an unlawful killing verdict, so the only option left open to them was an open verdict.

So it was stitched up before the enquiry ever started, and could have quite easily have been settled over a cup of coffee in Scotland Yards canteen, and saved the taxpayer millions.

Cold comfort for his relatives, and the likes of you and I that believe in British justice.

The Police screwed up bigtime, wrongly identifying him as a potential suicide bomber, and then shot this poor innocent man in cold blood.

So since when has shooting an innocent man been "lawful"?

The killing of an innocent man surely must be "unlawful"

The verdict should have been murder, and someones head should have rolled at Scotland Yard!

No doubt (and quite rightly) his family will appeal against this verdict, and the whole proccess will start all over again!

You and I (the taxpayer) will then stump up even more millions to carry on this farce!

Your ever disillusioned Worm................

PS. Did you know that Oliver Cromwell passed a law (which hasn't been repealed) forbidding anyone eating mince pies on Christmas day? So if you intend doing so, I strongly suggest you draw the curtains, or you just might find yourself face down on your dining room floor, with half a dozen machine guns aimed at your head!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Can't be named for legal reasons?

The parents and their lodger in the Baby P case can't be named for legal reasons?
Why the bloody hell not?
They were his parents, and are obviously guilty as they were the only ones in contact with this poor child!
Fortunately, someone got hold of their names and addresses, and have posted them on the net. So I hope these bastards are getting the abuse they obviously deserve!
The animals!
String 'em up I say!

However, I just don't understand the "legal reasons!"

I know of someone, that after 30 years, was accused of sexual impropriety.
This case has been going on for over 18 months, and he has since been aquitted of all charges.

However, his name and address was plastered all over our local newspapers!
I was always under the impression that you were innocent until proven guilty!

He has since lost his job because of it, lost all credibility, has been ostricised (is that how you spell it?)
suffered endless abuse, and has been beaten up on a number of occasions.

If this poor man can be named without trial, why can't Baby Ps parents be?

A very confused Worm................

My unemployment!

It's me!

If you've seen my previous blogs, you will remember I told you that I was made redundant from my job a year ago.

Very upsetting, but I was reasonably confident that I would get a job again, like I did this one.

I temped for a while, and was eventually taken on by my last employer, and so decided to temp again, and do the same.

Not so easy this time around!



They come over here, work for next to nothing, and put the English out of work.
They are happy to work for poor pay, because they have the facility to claim for their families at home under EU rules (a facility I don't have!)

These workers seem to be predominantly Polish at the moment.

Please don't get me wrong!
I have had the privelidge of working with them.
They are extremely nice, hard working people, but it doesn't make me feel any better when I'm sitting at home with no money coming in.
They seem to know the rules better than I do!

I registered with a local agency recently.
I was sitting there for about an hour filling out endless forms.
During that time, at least a dozen people came in.
Guess what?
Not one of them spoke a word of English!
The agency had 2 Polish speakers there who dealt with them.
That's how bad it's got for the likes of you and me!

It seems to me, that the establishment are more concerned with looking after foriegners than they are their own people.

And to add insult to injury, because I temp, when I don't work, I'll get a bill for NHI for the weeks I didn't work. (it's happened before to me, and is so bloody unfair!)

Unfortunately, whatever I say, it won't change a thing!

Your currently unemployed Worm...............

Things have changed rapidly!

Bloody hell! What happened!

It's 7 months since I last posted a blog, and haven't things changed!
Knife crime
Law and order
The Baby P case
The Economy
Bank bailouts
An expensive Pound
Woolworths, MFI, and other large established companies going to the wall.

The list seems endless!
No doubt I will be airing my views on these subjects in future blogs.

Bye for now,


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Back at last!

I lost my password, but l'm back!

So expect some more contencious comments!

(not that anyone reads them anyway!)

The ever virilant Worm....................