Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Microsoft Vista! This it progress?

Have you ever noticed that you'll cotton on to certain brand of tasty sauce, sausage, pie etc at the supermarket, only to find that 3 months later they've changed the packaging, improved the reciepe, charged you more for the privelege, and its CRAP?

In my experience, it happens all the time!

With Microsoft we don't have a choice do we!

They've been allowed to corner the market with every computer company in the world, and they dictate!

I bought my new laptop 6 months ago, and for the life of me can't get on with it because of their new system called Vista! (and you don't seem to be able to get a new PC or laptop today without it so we're all buggered!)

If we have to go forward, please let's go forward and not back!

If it 'aint broke, don't try to fix it for the sake of change!

Vista is definitely a step backwards!

What's your opinion wormies?

Your frustrated Worm................

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Zimbabwe again!

Please let's forget nice international law for once, and get the UN in there NOW!

If Mugabe isn't ousted soon, the whole place will be a bloodbath!

All because of mamby pamby rules, and not what we can all see is best for its unfortunate people!

I only hope I don't find myself posting a blog saying I told you so!

After WW2 we said "never again" and yet we still allow genocide to happen all over the world!

Get some back bone Mr UN and do it now before it's too late!

Perhaps then, its people will enjoy the prosperity and security it had under us Brits! They've certainly paid the price for their independance haven't they!

They deserve better after living so long under the rule of this cruel bastard, so let's do the right thing and get him and his henchmen NOW!

Your concerned Worm....................

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Me? A racist? I don't think so!

I am honestly not a racist! ( but if I were, it would be my right to be so, in the land of free speech )

In my experience, our ethnics are more racist than anyone!

( I have a friend from Zimbabwe who tells me that he couldn't marry a woman from Uganda because "they are too black"! ) So you tell me!

If I was a a racist, I wouldn't have bought my house with Asian neighbours would I?

I'm just proud of my English heritage, roots, history and national identity, (is that a crime yet?) unlike this fucking Government who are prepared to give it all away tomorrow for the sake of PC and peace and quiet!

True England will not exsist in a hundred years time, and I'm so sad and angry about it.

Your very sad English Worm.................

Racial harmony? Bullshit!

Well I've just read an article that says that even the head of the Race Relations Board is worried about the level of immigration into this country!

Ethnic minorities, who having become established residents in this country over the years with children born here, are now realising just how unfair our system is, because it's now started to affect them too!

Why should an immigrant family who has never paid a penny into our system, enter our country to be given preferencial treatment over people that were born here and have been taxed for the privilege?

They are given more money, housing, benefits, support, and consideration than our pensioners, and yet they do not expect to contribute to our country one iota, as we are seen to be the land of milk and honey by the workshy! (and they know our rules better than you and I) And we bloody pander to them!

Enoch Powell was right about the "rivers of blood"
It hasn't happened yet, but it will mark my words, because there is only so much the people will take!

While I'm on the subject, why is it, that when blacks, asians, chinese, and lots of other ethnic groups are very happy to intigrate with the English laws and way of life, the Muslims wont?

We never hear anything else but fucking Muslims!

Answer? Very simple!

After 9/11 and the London bombings a few years ago, we have realised that they are a bunch of nutters capable of anything! So what do we do? Sort them out? Get rid of them? No, of course not!
We (the Government, not me!) will just pander to them because we are frightened!

And we let the bastards do it to us!

They are just taking advantage of the fact, but it won't last long if I have anything to do with it!

Thanks to PC, wanker Liberal whimps, and this frightened Government, the great British Bulldog has had his teeth extracted, will ravage them with his gums, and will then roll over only to have his belly scratched!

Well not me, because if you want a fight you bastards, unlike Labour, I'll fucking give you one! And there are lots of other people in this country that think the same.

I'm not prepared to live in my country to be dictated to by foreigners and fanatics.
That's why we had 2 World Wars wasn't it?

Integrate or fuck off!

Your English Worm..........................

Fat Prescott!

So he's suffered bulemia due to stress?

Could anybody tell me what that fat leach did in the 10 years of this Labour Government to stress him out?

Ah yes! The stress of leading a very pampered life ( two homes, two Jags, a fat pension that you and I will be paying for ) Yes, very stressful indeed!

Try living in the way this Government forces the working people of this country to live in!

He doesn't know the meaning of the word, the self serving bastard!

Your serene Worm................

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Governmental promises

Have you ever wondered why, whenever our Government promises cash to anything, they always promise it for a year or more ahead, and not immediately? ( unless of course it's for a war. They find those billions so easily, yet keep our pensioners in poverty )

The answer is simple wormies!

They need the time to work out how the hell they can screw the cash out of you and I without us noticing!


The cash strapped Worm.............................

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


God, that is one hell of an ugly bitch!

Compare her to Diana!

Is Charles that blind?

He should have gone to Specsavers, saved the country a fortune, and the life of a very special lady.


Karen Matthews again!

Well? What do you think?

It seems to me that this fat slag ugly bitch thought she and some of her relatives could make an easy buck, hoping to pocket the kind of money that has poured into the Maddeline McCann fund.

The woman is obviously an uncaring mother, that has no consideration whatsoever for her daughters well being, just as long as she can get easy money for doing fuck all, just as she has done cheating on benefit, only more so!

She and her benefit cheating ilk have now become a hated part of our society, but unfortunately, gets the genuine needy a bad name.

It's now been mooted that she is so hated, the tax payer will probably pay up to £100,000. to change her appearance for when she enters society again.

On top of that, she has cost you and I a fortune on finding Shannon, and will cost even more bringing her to trial.

I wonder what she'll get for that?
A £200 fine and probation knowing our Judicial system!

Let her out when she's done her time and let her suffer for her actions!

Your Vengeful Worm...........................

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Diana again!

So the cost of the Diana/Dodi inquest is to reach £12.5. million!

How many hip replacements or cancer operations could that have paid for?

Can we now let them rest in peace, or are we going to let this go on for decades to come?

Her sons are happy with the outcome, and we should be too!

Let's start using our money fixing the country, and not history!


A fixer?

The new Italian PM Berlusconi has just promised his countrymen to "mend" Italy!

Do we have anybody on the political scene at the moment that can do the same for us?

Nah! We're doomed!

Mr Optimism...................


Will somebody please tell me why we let the Arabs push the world in to reccession time after time?

They've done it too many times over the past 50 years and they need to be taught a lesson.

No doubt we'll be soft enough to send them Harrods food parcels once their oil has finally run out!

Your pissed off Worm...................

The Credit Crunch!

Whenever I read articles in the papers about our country and financial situation, I'm led to believe that economics is always down to confidence.

How the hell can anyone be confident, when all the media does is tell us just how bad it is, and relish in it!

The media should act responsibly for the good of the nation, as opposed to their sales!

Unfortunately, doom and gloom is what sells newspapers!

The media are as big an enemy to our well being in the UK as Gordon Brown!

William Wallace would be proud of you bastards, cos you've succeeded where he failed!

Show us your bum again Mel Gibson!
You might as well cos, the Media and our Scots PM does time after time!

The astute Worm........................

Monday, 14 April 2008

Scottish Independence!

If they want it so much, why not let them have it?

Let's be free of them once and for all, and let's see how well they do without us!

No scrounging from the English anymore though, cos you'll be Independant!

So when Scotland goes tits up, they can all hate us even more because we gave them their own way!

The ungrateful cosseted bastards!

The English Worm...........

PS. While we're at it, let's dump Wales too, cos they're just as hateful!
Then we might be able to spend English money on English people for a change!

Check out The English Democrats!

I've just had their Election card through my door, and they certainly appeal to me!

Get on to Google and check them out!

They think and say exactly what you and I think, so why not vote for them!



A time to reflect!

Please check out my blog of Weds 7th of March!

I think you'll find The Worm got it right!

In fact, if you check out most of my political comments and predictions, you'll find that I've been right!

If you and I can see the problems, why can't the Government?

The Worm...........................

Gordon Brown PM

Why oh why didn't he go to the polls when he took office?
He had a reasonable reputation then, and probably would have won.

A blessing in disguise for you and I though, as we've now found out just how ineffective he is as a PM, and will only have to endure him for the next two years instead of the 5 we would have suffered had he gone to the country. ( Tony Blair my be really enjoying his demise! )

However, what's the alternative, as I don't have any confidence in the other major political parties either.

If nothing else, Labour will get in again, but with one hell of a reduced majority.

The Worm...............................

Sunday, 13 April 2008


So did you really expect the recent elections in Zimbabwe to be fair, honest, and cut and dry? Because I certainly didn't!

Under British control, Zimbabwe ( Rhodesia ) was the bread basket and envy of Africa!

However, the whites got too cocky and greedy, and declared UDI in the mid 60's, under its then leader Ian Smith.

Since then, it's all backfired on them hasn't it, and now the remaining white farmers are now all whingeing because they are being kicked out by Mugabe, and the whole country is now in total chaos!

You should have realised just how well off you were at the time, and not wanted even more you greedy bastards!

You reap what you sow! You would have been much better off under British rule!

Surely this despot Mugabe has salted away enough millions into his Swiss bank account by now to back off, enjoy his retirement, and let his country get back on its feet?

Unfortunately not, because with people like him, the more they have, the more they want! They think they are invincible (like most dictators) but they don't usually live long enough to enjoy their ill gotten gains do they, so why bother!

Unfortunately, power is one hell of an aphrodisiac isn't it!

This country was, and still is, so full of potential, but is dragged down by it's leader!

Send in the SAS, and put a bullet in this dangerous bastards head once and for all!

The Worm.............................

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Another Amnesty?

Yet another amnesty is being mooted for illegal immigrants!

Why not just open the doors once and for all, and let them all flood in!

We just might as well, if this is the only solution our border controls can come up with!

At least we will be able to save the millions these departments cost us for their innefficiencies!



Why doesn't this government treat these leaches with the same contempt that they apply to you and me?

ANSWER: British fairness! (which only ever seems to apply to everyone other than the British themselves!

Your ever despairing Worm...........................

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Cooking programmes

Why oh why are these programmes so popular?

My wife wonders why I won't sit in front of the telly and spend hours of quality time with her of an evening.
The answer is very simple!
She dominates the zapper, and does nothing but watches cooking programmes and expects me to do the same, and I'm not interested!

I wouldn't mind if she actually tried to cook something that she's seen, but she doesn't! Never!

She cooks (and enjoys) good honest English food, and like you and me, loves it.

However, all these programmes seem to do, is to pander to the rare (well off) dinner party brigade that looks for the snobbish presentation! ( these meals wouldn't feed a pidgeon!)

The programme "The Great British Menu"!

What a bloody laugh! How many of us eat like that?

How many times a week do you or I sit down to an evening meal of Quail, Partridge, Salmon, Trout, Pidgeon, Hare, Rabbit, Duck, Pheasant, Wild Boar, Squid, Eels, Oysters, Mussels, Venison, Veal etc, to be complimented with Origano, Parsley, Thyme, Garlic, Turmaric, Truffel, Fennel, Mace, Cumin, Sage, All Spice, Chillies, Peppers, and God know's what else that is available?

Answer: Less than 0.01% I'm convinced!

Can you afford to eat like that on a regular basis (and would you want to)?

The Great British Menu has always been: Roast Lamb, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Eggs and Bacon, Kippers, Black Pudding, Baked beans, Ham, Scrambled eggs, Toast and Jam, Boiled Eggs, Cereal, Sausages, all sorts of pies like Steak and Kidney, Chicken, or Egg and Bacon. Pasties, Hot Pots, Stews, Casseroles, Dumplings, Offal, Cod and Chips, Londoners' Pie and Mash, Jellied Eels, Cockles, Winkles and the like Sea Food, meat suet puddings like Bacon Badger etc, Beef Wellington, Steak, Gammon and the like.
The list is endless!

Then we start on the puds! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Fruit crumbles like apple and rhubarb etc, Bread and Butter pudding, merangues, Egg custard, Bread Pudding, Rice Puddings, Tarts, Baked Apple, Semolina, stodgy puddings like Spotted Dick, Jam Roly Poly and Treacle Puddings etc.

Now that is real British cooking! not all of the foriegn shit that these up their arse Chefs prepare!

So why don't these self indulgent Celebrity? Chefs piss off abroad if they're that clever?

The reason is they wouldn't cut it in the real world they think they live in!

They don't represent the majority of food eating Brits in England at all, yet we're inundated with these programmes!

Celebrity is what you seek, and unfortunately, celebrity is probably what you'll get for being foreign!

Your ever hungry Worm..........................

PS. Have you noticed how these culinary icons always seem to be touching
their hair, beards, ears and noses, and yet never seem to wash their

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


The title of this TV programme says it all!

We can all look and laugh at this programme, but this is just how a lot of people live in our country today, and it's definitly not funny!

Why should you and I subsidise them?

Karen Matthews and her ilk are all typical of our piss taking benefit society, (much to the detriment to our genuine needy) and should be made an example of!

Get the scrouging bastards into work and make a contribution to the system like you and I have to!

The Worm....................

Karen Matthews, the bitch!

So, it was all a big hoax to make money then!

I know you'll think it's easy enough to say this now, but I suspected this scenario about a week ago, and so probably did you and the police!

Why do you think Shannon is still in care then?

What worries me is the mental scars this poor little girl might suffer!

When I look at all of the footage on TV of the family and friends, I despair!
They all stand around with booze in their hands in front of the cameras, chain smoking, all with mobile phones, obviously not working, and all on benefit!

How the hell can they afford to do that?

Can you?

The scum! Honest hard working people who can't afford these sort of luxuries are paying for that, and it's about time these scroungers were sorted out once and for all!

The reason that they get away with it is because they are looked after by the system that needs their votes!

I'd certainly vote for them if they were looking after me so well to do fuck all, wouldn't you?

Instead, you and I work hard to make ends meet, and are then abused and dominated by the very system that we hoped would look after us!

Not all benefit claiments are undeserved, but this low life gets all of them a bad name!

If I had my way, the only people that were allowed to vote in a General Election would be tax paying working people who contribute to the system!

That would sort this country out, because it definitely needs sorting doesn't it!

Your ever despairing Worm..................

Katie Price and Peter Andre

What a disgraceful pair those two are!

Is there nothing those two won't say or do to make money?

Don't get me wrong, as I'm certainly no prude, and can be just as dirty as those two, but please keep your sex lives to yourselves you sluts!

I'm absolutely amazed that the public find them interesting, and the TV companies put out this sleaze! ( I inadvertantly stumbled across their programme! )

She is as sexy and erotic as a bowl of cold custard ( just listen to her talk! That accent certainly isn't a turn on! ), and he's nothing but a narcissistic no talent, who's brain cell hides in his trousers!

If they were my parents I would be ashamed and disgusted, and if their kids see these programmes in years to come, so will they be!

What a pair of self serving slags! You are both a disgrace to your families!

The Worm.....................

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Grand National

The winner was Comply or Die!

I bet a lot of Labour MPs won a packet backing that one, because it will have reminded them of Labours attitude towards the taxpayers of this country!
You won't be getting your perks funded by us once you're hoofed out of office, you self serving bastards!

The Worm.........................

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Terminal 5

What a fiasco!

BA abd BAA have made our country the laughing stock of the world!

I can't wait for the Olympics in 2012!

That will be over budget and a right shambles too!

Maybe we should put it back 'til 2014?

Your ever optimistic Worm............................

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Shannon Matthews Step dad

Shannon Matthews, the little girl abducted for 24 days, has had her stepfather? arrested for posessing child pornography on his computer!

No wonder the poor kid still hasn't been re-united with her family!
( I thought that was a little fishy! )

Was he abusing her? and what about the rest of the kids?

String the scum bastard up by his balls!

Your pedo hating Worm.........................

Go Green?

Yet again, our Government is urging us all to go "Green"!

We are already doing our bit Gordon, by paying all of the Green taxes you keep imposing on us!

It's the Government that should be going Green by spending these Green taxes on Green issues, and not straight into the Exchequer to prop up their Wars and failed policies!

When you start taking it that seriously Gordon, I will too!

Til then, bugger off!

Your "Browned off" Worm...................