Monday, 30 April 2007

Once Gordon is PM.

So what's going to screw our beloved country next I wonder?

The Euro of course!

I bet, it's not too long before we join the ERM!

It will be the final surrender, and the final insult!

We just might as well abandon the Union Jack, and fly a white one instead right now!

I have relatives in France and Germany, and they all agree, that changing to the Euro has done nothing but push up prices, inflation, and has caused financial misery for all but the rich!

I honestly don't think that the working man in England can be ripped off much more before they crack!

The tax man will be taking so much off of us soon, that we will be paying him to work! (I think we might be now!)

It's only matter of time before the electorate will finally have the backbone to rebel, and when it does, look out Gordon, because the fight will not be at the ballot box!

Us English have still got the balls to sort you out, so don't get complacent!

If the French can do it, so can we!

The Worm................................

The 5 bomb plotters!

These assholes have been found guilty of plotting to cause massive destruction, and loss of life in our country.
They have been told that their life sentences mean life, and will probably die in prison.
I bet it doesn't happen though, because the EU will probably rule that we are infringing their human rights!
They will rot in jail for a few years, living very comfortably compared to most, only to get out and do it again to get their revenge!

Hang the bastards please!

The Worm.......................................

Why do men do the barbeques?

For fear of being accused of being sexist (we must be very PC mustn't we!)
the reason is very simple girls!
Us men just can't trust you ladies to not burn yourselves!
And you do, don't you!
You girls can't cook a Sunday roast in the oven without burns to your hands, let alone a BBQ, so why would we trust you with real live fire?
Us men are only thinking of you, because we are considerate, but of course you don't appreciate it one little bit do you!
You just put it down to a macho "man" thing.

So who's being sexist now?

A henpecked 38 years married Worm................................. hehehe!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

A popular Government.

Labour can quite easily win the next election by doing a few simple things.
All they have to do is put their countrymen first, and everyone else second. Not the other way round like they have been doing for the past 10 years! A simple formula!
But of course, I forgot.
Tony and Gordon are Scots, and we all know how much the Scots hate us, don't we!
They take our money, and they despise us for it.
Just like Labour!

The Worm..........................................

The forthcoming Council Elections 2

These elections seem to a very hot potato with everybody that I've talked to recently!

Because of their dissatisfaction with the Government, they are either not going to vote at all, or definitely not going to vote Labour.

I can't help but think that Labour are going to get the drubbing of their lives, and they will have deserved it!

The Worm...................................

PS. Gordon Brown has just made a statement, saying that if Labour do badly, he realises it will be a reflection on him.
Very astute Gordon!
You reap what you sow!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Shilpa / Richard Gere

Yet, just another controversial publicity stunt!

She is now famous in America for absolutely nothing too!

What next I wonder?

You have a very clever PR team Shilpa!

The Worm.............................

Earthquakes in the south of England!

Bloody hell!
A serious earthquake in the south of England!

Maybe Gordon Brown could think of a way of taxing us for that too?

( let's remember, he's such a sympathetic darling isn't he! )

Cynical? You bet I am!

The ever optomistic (not!) Worm ........................

Thursday, 26 April 2007


Tony Blair has just announced that the world must look after Africa at our peril!

Why do we keep trying? It never seems to make any difference at all!

When most of it was under Colonial rule, Africa and its peoples prospered, (although, yes, we did exploite them for our own gain I admit) But at least they weren't dying at the rate they are now of starvation, malnutrition, of a murdering regime, or lack of medical care! ( or were they?)
Unfortunately, us and other countries gave them their independance, only to see them taken over by their Armies and corrupt despots!

Just look at what Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Africa!

The world has poured billions into Africa over the years in charity and loans, only to find that the money has been salted away into the Swiss bank accounts of their rulers, and has never been used to help the people for whom it was intended at all!
Our Government and banks have loaned them billions, only to wipe off the debt years later because they couldn't pay it back, and yet if you and I go £5 in the red, we are charged an arm and a leg for it for it!

Please dont get me wrong, because I'd like to think that I'm a nice person, and I have witnessed their agony at first hand. But pouring money into Africa is not the answer!

I just hate to see the film footage of these people starving, dying, and living in absolute poverty and misery, just as much as you do! But money is not the answer!

It seems to me, that the only way to help them is to go back in there, and take charge once more, or if money is the answer, let us have our own agencies out there to administer the money we have sent to them and not their governments!

Think about it!

It makes sense to me!

What do you think is the answer?

The Worm................................

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

New EU memberships.

Every country in Europe are queuing up to join the EU!

Ever wondered why?

It's because they realise that we are such a soft touch!

They are not concerned about what they can do to enhance the community, rather what they can get out of it!

And it's the likes of you and me that will pay for it all as usual!

Our EU betters in Brussells are so bloody stupid, it beggers belief!

Why not run the EU as a business and not a bloody charity?

You and I would be far better off if it were!

For gods sake Worms, start turning!

The Worm......................................

Our EU surrender!

Ever since 1066, millions of our countrymen have given their lives to protect our beloved isle, England.
They fought and died to protect our lands, our religions, our freedom, and our democracy!

So what is this bastard Tony Blair going to do?

Hand over whatever right or say we have left to govern ourselves, to a bloody load of foriegners in Brussells!

He promised a referendum on this issue, but in his infinate wisdom, has decided that we don't need to be consulted, and is going to do what he wants anyway!

So it seems to me that we no longer live in a democratic country, but a dictatorship!

He is a national disgrace, and insults our nations fallen!

At least Maggie Thatcher fought tooth and nail to protect us within the EU community! ( but look where it got her!)
He's given back at least half of our rebates that she fought so hard for, and is now going to hand over everything else on a plate without a shot being fired! ( no, I'm not a Conservative!)

I wonder why?

I think I know why!

Because when he eventually stands down, he will be hansomely paid off by them, by being offered a very important and highly paid job within the EU, that will set him, his ugly blood sucking wife, and family up for the rest of their lives!

Mark my words, it's stitched up already!

The Blair dynasty will not suffer like you and I do!

So do us all a favour Tony!

F*ck off sooner rather than later!

You are the leader of the party that was established to represent the working men and women of this country. But the way that you and the rest of the self serving bastards in the government behave and think, I can't help but think that you should all have been Conservatives, and for that I wish you nothing but ill fortune!

New Labour fooled us all!

It seems to me that you have nothing but contempt for the people that were stupid enough to vote for you!

I just hope that life is fair, and that you are all going to get what you deserve!


The Worm.............................

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The forthcoming Council Elections. 1

My local Labour council candidate made the mistake of phoning me at home the other night, and asked me if she could count on my vote in the forthcoming Council Elections.
When I told her no, she seemed very upset, suprised, and asked me why.
So I told her, and this is what I said.

It seems to me, that the Council Elections are always a guideline for the Government on just how well the electorate think they are doing mid term. So no, I wont be voting for her, because I think New Labour are absolute shite, and I wanted to send them the message like a lot of people will do!

I, like everybody else, will vote for a leader and government that are going to do something for me!
10 years ago, their message was so full of hope!
So what have they done for me since? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It's what they're DOING to me that worries me!
Whatever I've got now in my life, is in spite of New Labour, not because of them!
Hard work has got me and my wife where we are now, and all they want to do is take it away from us, and give it to everyone else and his dog!

Other than bleed me dry of every penny that Gordon Brown could have done over the past 10 years, they have since made my life an absolute misery worrying about my national identity, immigration, asylum seekers, racism, interest rates, fuel prices, benefit scroungers, benefit fraudsters, the Home office, our security, speed cameras, the CSA, law and order, so called justice and inadequate sentencing, the prison service, the community charge, political correctness (policical stupidity more like!) the NHS, unfair taxation on global warming, inheritance tax, re-cycling, the war in Iraq, terrorism, defence, housing, the congestion on the roads, their innability to employ consultants that can give them a true estimate of costs, ie the Olympics! needless and very expensive Quangos, my retirement in 7 years time, and the complete unfairness of how me and my fellow hard working countrymen have to be penalised at every turn to fund their failures?
Every one of these worries that I have, have been completely ballsed up by Labour, as they only seem to be motivated by money, and more taxation on you and I!
The list is endless, so why should I vote for them?

So I told her what I thought, and advised her to send her CV out as soon as she could, as there was no way I or any sensible person would help her to get her snout in the highly paid trough that she desires, just to do what she wanted once she got there, just like the Labour government!
It's a shame my ward doesn't have a BNP candidate! If it did, I would probably vote for him or her!
After all said and done, why (after tracing my family tree back 6 generations in England) should I be happy living in the country that I love, when a bloody foriegner who's only been here 5 minutes, has got more rights than I have!
And if they're not, then you lot out there deserve everything you get!
A hung Parliament would be good, and preferably on every lamp post in Whitehall!

Just as an after thought, the government put out statistics a while ago, about the Brits leaving the country to live abroad, stating that they went because of warmer climates.

What the real reason I'm sure was that they have all had enough, when everywhere else in the the world seems to be far less draconian!

In 7 years time when I retire, I'll be will be joining them I promise!

When Labour are hung out to dry, they will wonder why, because they are absolute stupid, self serving bastards!

They will reflect, and will eventually, realise that they should have thought about us rather than their big salaries, expenses and fat pensions! But they wont worry too much, as they will be able to afford to pay accountants to help them avoid the laws and taxation that they have rigourously imposed on you and I!

Damn the lot of them!

Your despairing Worm....................

Friday, 20 April 2007

The Big Question?

How comes a 'slight' increase in taxation costs you and I a fortune,
when a 'substantial' decrease saves us absolutely nothing?

The Worm..................................

Thursday, 12 April 2007

April 1st, and the Media!

Why oh why, are the Media allowed to print and broadcast April Fool "jokes"?

When I read the newspapers, or watch the news on TV, I expect to be as reliably informed as to what's going on in the world as I can be, not be wound up by some smart arsed journalist who has nothing better to do!
The fact of the matter, is that these "jokes" are getting really sophisticated, and very believable, like the one I read in the Mail on Sunday this year.
It was at least a third of a page, and was full of plausable facts and figures about the emissions caused by barbeques. The long and short of it, was that council officers would drive around looking for smoke in back gardens, and could charge a levy of £5, and even fine you if it was using too much charcoal!
My problem, is that I never read the Mail the next day, so I'm too sure if it was a joke or not, because let's face it, that bastard Gordon Brown is capable of anything!
Was it a joke?

So please stop the practise Mr Media!
Just remember the panic caused in America in the 30's, when they transmitted "The War of The Worlds" on the radio!
You are deemed to be reliable 365 days of the year, not 364!

The Worm.............................

The Natalie Evans Embryo Scandal.

What a right bastard her ex boyfriend must be!

After losing her ovaries, these embrios are the only chance she will ever have of becoming a mother.
Does he really hate her that much, that he is happy to deny her that?

On the other side of the coin of course, is the fact that she'd probably get the CSA to make his life a misery, with their usual over the top, unrealistic claims, for child maintainence for the next 20 years!

What a miserable world we live in!

The Worm..........................