Monday, 31 December 2007

A Happy New Year to my reader! hehehe!

A Happy New Year?

I don't know about you, but I always wish people a Happy New Year, and hope that it will be better than the last one for all of us, but somehow, it never happens does it.
Life is so stressful and complicated now. (and this is progress?)

50 years ago, I can remember my parents keeping their bills and correspondance in a drawer. Today, I have a filing cabinet full of the stuff!
Just running the home has become a second full time job!

I had a childhood school friend visit me from New Zealand earlier this year.
He emigrated about 20 years ago, and was absolutely shocked at the way life has become in the UK.
The stupid laws we suffer, PC, cameras everywhere, house prices, taxation, community charges, law and order, immigration, the average wage, the cost of living etc, and said thank god he got out!
He was so sad to see the way that his country had become, and would never want to come back to live!

But he did make a very good point though!

He lives in New Zealand, and with a population of only 4 to 5 million, there is only so much tax you can raise, so there isn't the money to go round to spend on all of the crap you and I have to put up with!

If only our Government(s) spent the money they take from us on our happiness!

The uk would be Shangrila!

I envy him so much!

Happy New Year Wormies!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

MPs Expenses!

Did you know that MPs only have to provide an expense receipt if it exceeds
£250 !

Now there's a licence to print money if ever I saw one!

The Worm..................

MPs salaries

So our MPs will be voting on an increase to their salaries of 10%, in a 3 year deal, in the New Year.

I wonder whether they will vote against it because it is well above the percentage that the've set for the people that really run the country? ie our Council workers, Police, Nurses, Firefighters etc.

Don't forget that they also get very generous expenses, which unlike you and I, covers their travel into work, meals, accomodation etc, so in real terms, they
will get a hell of a lot more than 10%.

But being the honest hard working representatives of the people that we voted for to make our lives better, they will vote against it and demand less I'm sure.

Yeah right!

They want us to give them more money for the privelege of pissing us all off!
They really do a fine job at that don't they!

What a bunch of two faced bastards they all are!

The Worm.....................

Thursday, 20 December 2007


I've just read that motorists using their mobiles whilst driving, could be jailed for up to two years!

So let me get this straight.

Because of our over crowded prisons, we are letting off buglars with a caution, letting out rapists, murderers, muggers, paedophiles, drug dealers, and fraudsters early, and will be spending billions on new prisons in the near future.
We are then going to fill them up again with people, who's only crime is to be stupid enough to use their phone in the car?

Stupid, Stupid, Bloody Stupid!

If our prisons were more Draconian like the old days, our sentencing wasn't so lenient, and our Police were as efficient in catching criminals as they are motorists, the premeditating criminals in this country would think twice before committing a crime, because it wouldn't be worth the risk would it!

We don't need to build more prisons, because the crime rate would drop dramaticaly!

What do you think?

The Worm.....................

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


So when have you seen a bill, or product go up by a mere 2.5% this year?

Because that is what the Government laughably tell us what inflation is!

Answer: Never!

If real inflation went up by this figure, you and I would be a lot better off!

The Government seem to base their figures on the prices of economy labeled food in Tesco's!

Get real you dishonest bastards!

The Worm.....................

British wages

I have just read (with some disbelief) that the Government have told us, that immigrants are not affecting the wage and salaries in this country.

Do you believe this?

I, in the year 2000, temped for an agency as a forklift truck driver for £7.50. an hour for a while.

Never guess what the going rate is now!

You've guessed it! Still £7.50. an hour (if you're lucky!)

So if it isn't immigrants, willing to work for the minimum wage (whilst also claiming benefits for wives and children in their own countries) what is the cause for our wage standstill?

How the hell do we manage to survive I ask myself.

The answer: Credit!

The Governments' massaged figures never cease to amaze me, and they are amazed at why so many people are up to thier eyeballs in debt!

They must think we're all as thick as they are!

We can see it, so why can't they!

The Worm.......................

Monday, 17 December 2007

Strictly Come Dancing

Well. if you lot vote like you did in the X Factor,
it wouldn't suprise me if Bruce Forsythe won!

He'd get your sympathy vote for sure!

The Worm....................

Postal humour?

Am I losing the plot Wormies?

I get all sorts of bills and letters from companies like you do I'm sure.

I then get a PS, asking whether they have my right address!

Well if they didn't, I wouldn't be reading the letter would I?

Your confused Worm.....................

The X Factor!

I don't usually watch these types of programmes, but as an ex professional singer myself, (no, I don't think that I could win it!) I have watched with great interest.

I'd like to think that I have an objective, honest, and very balanced view!

So how the hell did Leon win? I've seen better at my local Working Mens Club! (and the Duo were no better!)

Rhydion, without a shadow of a doubt, was head and shoulders above the rest of the field from the very start, yet you lot voted him 2nd! (no, I didn't vote, because I resent filling Simon Cowells pockets even more!)

He may have lost the final, but time will tell that he was the winner in the end!

With the right management and guidence (in my opinion), he could be the next Freddie Mercury with his voice and flamboyance!

Only time will tell, but remember I told you so first!

Simon Cowell must be pissed off, knowing that he has now got to spend a promised £1,000,000 to try to make a silk purse out of a sows ear hole with Leon!

Because he won, Leon will now doubt have the Christmas No.1 single, but in 10 years time, he will probably be filling shelves in Tescos' to make a living like so many others before him if he's not careful!

He got the sympathy vote from you, and the whole of Scotland voting for him too, in spite of his mediocrity (just like that ugly fat Scots bitch Michelle McMannus in Pop Idol!) (so where is she now then?)
A Pop Idol? I don't think so, but she had her 15 minutes of fame didn't she, doing ok, and making a few bob in the proccess, so to my mind, good luck to her.

The great British public just can't help but vote with their hearts instead of their heads can they!

There's only 3 talented people (possessing what I consider to be the X Factor) to come out of this programme in my opinion.

Probably Will Young, Shane Ward, but definitely Leonna Lewis! (what a voice!)

But look out for Rhydion though, 'cos he's here to stay mark my words!

Your unbiased Worm......................

PS. Was the result fixed?

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Fuel prices, and the cost of living!

Inflation is less than 3%?

What a load of bollox!

Not for you and me it isn't!

There's only one way to stop these spiraling costs!

Take away the Cabinet and MP expenses!

Make them pay their own way to live and work like you and I have to do, make them spend their own money to support themselves, and then put a limit of 2% on their annual salaries.


The cost of living and fuel prices would then become a hell of a lot lower than they are now I'm sure!

Take away all of their priveleges, and expose them to exactly what you and I have to endure.
You and I don't enjoy their benefits do we!

To understand and represent the people, you have to live like the people!


I should be PM!

I'd look after you!

The Worm.........................

The Polls (or is it The Poles?) hehehe!

So Labour's ratings in the polls are losing ground every day!

I wonder why?

Perhaps it't because you and I are fed up with the Governments daily persecution of the working man, who's only wish is to be treated with respect instead of contempt?

Not a lot to ask I think?

When all of our Labour Ministers and back benchers are sitting in opposition after the next General Election, they will wonder why, and the answer is so simple isn't it!


You are all a bunch of self serving practised liars, and deserve your enevitable demise!

I'm only pissed off that the lot of you will get a nice pension (unlike me) for your treachery

What a disgraceful bunch of bungling tossers you are!

My only hope is, is that the next Government will learn from this showers mistakes, but I'm not sure anything will ever change in my life time!

Your pissed off Worm............

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Fabio Capello

£30 million for a four and a half year contract?

The FA are having a bloody laugh! (so's Fabio!)

I stopped going to live matches years ago, when I realised that our so called footballers were earning more in a week than I was in a year.

They don't have a lust for the game and winning like they did in the old days!
Just a lust for money and a fabulous lifestyle!

Put them on performance related pay, and then we might just see a bit more silverware!

Fabio, you're on a hiding to nothing, and will be paid more than your worth to fail, because the players that you have to choose from are no more than non talented self indulgent shits!

I can't remember the name of the film he starred in as an England manager, but Ricky Tomlinson would probably do a better job for a fraction of the price! hehehe!

Come back Stanley Mathews,Billy Wright, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton etc!
They were real footballers!

The Worm, (that remembers football when it was football!)

Friday, 14 December 2007

For god's sake, why?

Why the hell, do we, the British, have to poke our noses into every conflict that comes along in the world?

According to our past and present Governments, we just can't afford to spend our taxes to support our NHS, Pensioners etc properly, because there isn't enough money to go round, yet they can find the money to spend, willy nilly, going to war in a country that is not our concern?

So where do these countless millions come from then?

Who said that we and the Americans should be the worlds policemen?

We'll leave Iraq and Afghanistan eventualy with our tails between our legs, will spend billions in aid, and just be despised for it!

You should have spent that money on us Gordon!

If you only would, you could be PM forever!

But please don't forget our poor brave dead soldiers!
Money can't compensate for that!

You have blood on your hands Labour!

We are the laughing stock of the world, and it's you the Government that's to blame!

You can't look after your own people Gordon, but are happy to look after everyone else, you wanker!

You and our previous governments are an absolute disgrace, and you are a traitor to the people that elected the Labour Party!

Stop looking after the world, and start looking after the people that elected you to look after them for a change, before it's too late!

If you don't, you'll be sitting on the back benches after the next General Election wondering why? You fucking idiots!

But of course our Ministers and MPs won't suffer for their actions, because they always do a fine job (for a change) looking after themselves don't they!

Try living in OUR world for a while you bastards! (worrying about your next months bills, the mortgage rate, speed cameras, the community charge, and god knows how many more fines you can possibly impose on us honest citizens) and you just might appreciate the shit and misery you dish out to the people that employed you to look after them!

Your very virilent and pissed off Worm.....................

The waiting list!

So, scientists are going to a hospital to MRI scan an ancient mummy!

I know the NHS have waiting lists, but I didn't realise that the queue was quite that long!


Your sometimes humerous Worm..................

Princess Diana

I don't know about you, but like me, dont you find it strange that 10 years after her death, new witnesses, new video footage, new accounts of the night, are still coming out in this latest inquest?

Why didn't all this come out 10 years ago?

How many more inquests does there have to be to achieve the same outcome, before we can lay this poor ladys memory to rest at last?

It must be very painful for her sons and Dodies dad.

Your sceptical but understanding Worm............


I've just read an article on my home page, telling me that our Government will be donating £2.134 billion over the next three years to the IMF world anti-poverty fund.

How the hell can we do that?

We borrow billions, yet we give it all away to everyone and his dog, but never have enough money to look after OUR sick, OUR disabled, OUR pensioners, OUR homeless, and OUR deserving poor !

"Charity begins at home" you bastards!

Why do organisations like Cancer Research, The NSPCC, Age Concern, etc, have to rely on charity, when our Government can do this?

It's an absolute disgrace, and I despair!

Will there ever be a Government in this country that will put its people first?

I know he was a bastard, but Hitler had the right idea in his early days.

He put his people first above everything and everyone else, which is why he was adored and followed by the German people unreservedly (more's the pity), because that is what his people wanted. To be put first! I don't think that's unreasonable, do you?

Surely, this is all you and I want?


After all, that is why we vote for a particular party isn't it!

It was just a pity the idiot went off the rails and started World War2!
If he hadn't, I'm sure Germany would be even greater than they are now.

So what are you going to do about it?


If you don't do something about it, you deserve all you get!

Unfortunatly, you lot (not me!) all suffer with the great British disease!
(yes, that is the correct spelling, but I had to look it up!) lol!


Your very Patriotic but disillusioned Worm............. >

My Carbon Footprint!

So what am I going to do about my Carbon Footprint?


You and I are financialy raped with "green" taxes at every given opportunity by the Government, and yet, the billions they raise doesn't go into a "green" fund to tackle the problems at all!
It goes straight into the Exchequer (suprise suprise!) to pay for their failures, and our ever growing population of non working immigrants and scroungers.

When you show me that you are spending these taxes to try and solve the problems we're told we have, I might take you seriously Gordon!

Until then, BOLLOX!

Your "browned off" Worm...................

Englands excuse for a national team!

As usual, you and I have been let down by the overpaid ballerinas that dare to insult our intelligence by calling themselves footballers!

Why was Maclarren given the job in the first place?
After all, he was the other half of a failed management team!
So why?

It's a sad indictment on our game when we can't find an Englishman to the job!

It wouldn't supprise me if we had to get some foriegn players in to play for England, just like we do in the Premiership, because English football is dead!

Beckham, Rooney, Owen, Gerrard, etc, are just self serving money grabbing bastards, only interested in their bank balances, encouraged by the WAGS! Even they make money out of football !

So the FA are going to fork out millions for Fabio Cappello.
A bloody Italian that can't speak a word of English!
I wonder where his loyalties will lie when (if!) we get to play Italy in the World Cup!

Unfortunately, he will fail too, because he will be choosing a team from the same bag of shit that the last lot had!

I wish him every success, but to coin an old addage
"you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear"

But you'll earn a bloody fortune tryng Fabio!

Nice work if you can get it!

Your despairing Worm..............

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Look out! All 3 of you!

I'll be posting more blogs regularly again soon!

Some serious, and some humerous.


Nobody reads them anyway, but at least I won't be sitting on the fence like the rest of you and doing nothing!

The Worm.....................

I'm back!

Sod it!

I've been away for a while, but I'm back with a vengence!

And why have I been quiet?


I started this blog site, because I'm pissed off with the contempt our elected government treats us, and hoped that this site would make a difference!
We all think and feel the same, but do and say nothing!
Unfortunately, nobody on the UK net has cottoned on to me, and I just have 3 contributors (and 2 of those are in the States!)
So I thought to myself, why bother, and started to think the same way as my appathetic countrymen! WHY BOTHER!

Well if I don't, I'll be just as bad as you lot won't I! (all 3 of you!hehehe!)

We elected our government to represent us, yet they turn a blind ear, and ignore our opinions and common sense!

The reason is, is that they don't live in the real world, where the minimum wage exsists!
If they did, things would be a lot different I'm sure!

All they do, is look down on us, and feel superior!
Well make hay you bastards, because our day will come!

Your everloving and Patriotic Worm............

Friday, 3 August 2007

The car bomber!

So the car bomber who receved 90% burns for his efforts in Glasgow has passed away.

It's a shame he didn't do it sooner, so he could have saved you and I £30,000 a day to keep the bastard alive for 5 weeks!


Your unforgiving Worm...........................

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

MY BLOOD IS BOILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There seems to be a family up north called the Gillespies!
They have just moved into a house which was especialy bought for them at a cost of £350,000, and a further £150,000 on refurbishment and furnishings.
You and I are paying for that!
They get over £40,000 in benefit each year, and are laughing at all of us!
He says that he can't get a job that will provide that sort of money to keep his brood of 10+, and it is easier for him to stay at home and claim benefit!
I can understand his thoughts, but it doesn't make me or you feel any better does it?
Why not make him get a full time job, and have his take home pay taken out of his benefits?
At least the scrouging bastard will be doing something to pay his way, like you and I have to on far far less, instead of him sitting on his arse doing nothing all day!
Ooooops! Sorry! It will probably infringe his human rights!

This man is scum, who is teaching his brood to become our next generation of scrougers, and insults every one of the honest tax paying workers in our country!

But they will get away with it for years, because like so many professional benefit seekers today, they will support the Labour Party whilst they are being looked after!

So Labour will look after them wont they!

Sod the people that pay for it all! We're all mugs!


The very sad and angry Worm..............

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The latest terrorist attacks! 2

I understand that one of the terrorists who attacked Glasgow Airport received 90% burns in his failed attempt, and is now in a critical condition.

At which hospital is he being treated?

I'll happily go and rub salt into his wounds!

Your very unforgiving Worm...........................

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The latest terrorist attacks!

The first thing we should do is get rid of the Human Rights act, where these cowards know they are protected.

Next, we re-introduce hanging for the bastards!

They show no compassion for their victims, so they should expect none from us when we catch them!

That will make the assholes think twice!

We should be sending this scum the message that we are still the great British Bulldog, and we shouldn't be messed with!

But of course we won't will we, because our government just doesn't have the balls or the back bone as usual!

Sod fair play!

The Worm........................

Friday, 29 June 2007

The Smoking Ban (2)

Well? all of you nasty smokers!

I hope you enjoy your last day of freedom on the 30th of June, because the following day, you and I will have become even bigger pariahs than we were before!

I've been told by my friends that live in Harlow, that their Council have been advertising for staff to patrol their town centre, pubs and clubs, to enforce the ban, and issue on the spot fines.

Will they be in a recognisable uniform I wonder?

If so, will they favour Hitlers' Brown Shirts, or the very sexy black Gestapo look?

Will there be a hotline, where annonomously, you can shop your family, friends and neighbours?

Does this sound familiar?

Give it time!

Everybody in the country has lost some form of civil liberty over the past 10 years under Labour, and don't think it will stop here!

What next I wonder?

An enjoyment tax?

Laugh, and you're nicked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your very nasty smoking (and non laughing)Worm.......................................

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

So Gordon's PM at last!

So, now we have a new PM!

As Tony Blair did 10 years ago, he's sending us a hopeful message.

However, in the past 10 years as Chancellor, Gordon has managed to find any excuse to tax us unmercifully 'til our pips are squeaking, so to why should we take this man at his word now? (Labour promised us to be the party of low taxation!) hahaha!

It's about time that Labour looked after the working people that elected them, and not everyone else in the world at their expense!

If they don't, they're heading for a big awakening!

We'll see!

The ever optomistic, but doubtful Worm.....................................

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Salman Rushdie, the bastard!

Can somebody tell me why this man is to be honoured with a knightdood?

In my opinion, like so many others, his book The Satanic Verses, insulted their religion, and was one of the many reasons Islam declared war on the west!
He had a 'Fatwar' declared on him when it was published, and our country has spent millions on protecting him ever since.

So how does he repay our kindness?

Whenever he is out of the country, he openly critisises us, the ungrateful bastard!

The next time he leaves our shores, please refuse him re-entry!

He has enjoyed our protection, and yet despises us for it!

Honour him?

I'd castrate him, the foreign ingrate!

Why are we honouring such a dishonourable person?

PC, the Establishment, and human rights as usual!

The Worm.......................

Monday, 18 June 2007

The Green Issue again!

So why, with Great Britain, who produces only 2% of emmissions in the world, are we trying so hard to cure things, when America, China, and India, who produce most of the rest, are doing nothing!

We are a feather trying to crack a nut!

They do hardly anything for fear of affecting their economies, and yet this Government force us into all sorts of unacceptable restraint and taxation.

All the green issue means to me and you is, is that the Government will quite happily use this as an excuse to financialy rape us yet again with every stealth tax going. They think that because it's Green, you and I will find it acceptable.

Well it bloody well isn't in my book!

Where is our Green money going?

Is there a Green fund, where all this extra money goes to help all of these issues?


It goes straight into the Exchequor, only to be used to support their ineficiency, wrong decisions, and broken promises!

With the amount of taxation that you and I suffer, we should be living in Wonderland!

The Worm..................................

Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Benefit System again!

Please don't think that with my views on the system that you've read, I think that all claiments are scroungers!

The system was introduced to help the needy, and with that I have no problem.

However, because of liberal mamby pamby do-gooders, and PC etc over the past 30 years, we have created a 'lifestyle' for many, who have found that it pays better not to work! (don't forget, I live in the real world, and I see it all around me!)
This has got to be stopped, because if not, these people are influencing their children to become the next generation of claiments!

Without a hard working work force in place, who will pay the taxes to keep the country going in years to come?

Meanwhile, they will all sit on their arses, watch their 50" plasma TVs while eating their takeaways, doing nothing to contribute, laughing at us workers because we are stupid enough to let them get away with it!

It's time for some tough changes!

Something has to be done sooner, rather than later!

The Worm.....................................

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Premium Bonds.

Unfortunately, my mother passed away 3 years ago.
She had nothing other than her house, and was always refused help from the state when asked for, as she had a very small private pension left to her by my dad, and therefor didn't qualify for bugger all. (she was a very proud lady, lived from month to month, went without, and would never accept any financial help from me, my brother, or sister!)
She once told me "I want to live long enough to get a free TV licence out of those bastards!" and who could blame her?

Unfortunately, she sadly passed away aged 74, a year too soon.

Once her affairs had been sorted out, my brother, sister, and I, inherited her estate.
Not a fabulous amount, so we didn't pay inheritance tax.

Because I can't trust this or any other Government to look after me in my old age as they should have done her, I decided to invest it for my old age. I thought it wouldn't be right to invest her money somewhere where I would have to pay 40% tax on the profits to the Government, only for them to squander it on their professional scroungers and White Elephants. After all, they were too busy looking after them, rather than look after her while she was alive, so why should I want her to keep paying for them from the grave!

So I opted for Premium Bonds.

At the time that I invested, Premium Bonds advertised that with average luck, a maximum investment of £30,000 should give around 15 wins in a year. A fair risk I thought, good odds, and the original investment safe.
So I invested £20,000, and in 18 months received what I thought was a reasonable return (and no tax forms to fill out!)
So what happened?
Gordon (Dracula) Brown decided we were all making too much money out of it, and so tampered with the odds!
Since then, my winnings have been derisary!

Thanks Gordon! You obviously don't have any yourself!

Why is it that the working mans party (Labour?) cant stand to see it's voters with a bit of cash in their pockets?
He was the working mans enemy as Chancellor, and will be just as bad as a PM!
I always thought that working for my money would pay dividends.
Instead, I'm punish for it!
Now I wish I hadn't bothered, and joined the very clever scrounging culture!

Your ever loving Worm..........................................

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Another crap week!

As usual, I've been reading the papers, and listening to the news on the TV and radio this week, hoping that the Government will announce something that they are going to do FOR me.

As usual, all I've seen and heard, is what they're going to do TO me!

And they want me to vote for them?

The idiots!

Gordon Brown has two years to turn things round for Labour, but somehow, I don't think he will.

The Worm.....................................

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The 2012 Olympics logo! (2)

So, adding insult to injury, we find that the TV ads using flashing images for the Olympics on TV can cause epileptic fits for viewers!

Yet another cock up!

I read the Daily Mail today, and saw some really great, and more suitable logos for this very important event, that could have been submitted to the world.

What I want to know, is who was responsible for the final stupid decision, who's palms were greased, and who will compensate the tax payer for this gross miss use of public funds and failure to deliver,and is dumped! (we'll probably pay a million for its replacement! but who cares, as it's only yours and my hard earned money that will fund it!)

Lord Coe proudly presented this abortion to the country.

Lord Coe?

Why Lord Coe?

All that pratt did was to run faster than anyone else at the time!
Hardly a qualification for a Lordship me thinks, and obviously not a validation of his judgement and common sense!

Someone has to be held responsible, and got rid of for wasting £400,000 of our money!

Your infuriated Worm......................................................

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The 2012 Olympic logo!

Have you seen it?

What an absolute abortion!

It has just cost you and I just over £400,000 to create something that a gorrilla with a paintbrush might have knocked up!

And you wonder why I get so angry about the way this Government spends the money that you and I have been forced to give to them!

As usual, this Government will make my country the laughing stock of the world! (that's something they always seem to get right 1st time!)

My 5 year old grandson could do better for a fiver!

Your ever despairing Worm....................................

Friday, 1 June 2007

David Beckham.

So should David Beckham be given a knighthood?

In my opinion, NO!

What has he done to deserve it?

He has made an absolute fortune being talented enough to play the game that he loves. That is not a job! It's a joy!

An OBE or MBE for services to football maybe, but a knighthood for services to himself, I don't think so!

He already lives like a lord, but why should we give him the title to go with it?

I can't think of one reason!

The Worm.........................................

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Good news?

So when did this, or any other Government for that matter, last make an announcement that made you feel happy?

In the whole of my 58 years, I'm still waiting for the first time, let alone the last!

The Worm.......................................

The smoking ban!

So what next?

If we all stopped smoking tomorrow, the country would be in dire trouble!

Yes, I am a smoker!

The Government happily takes my duty on cigarettes, but makes me a pariah!

That would mean extreme taxation on all of you condecending pious non smokers.

So serves you right!

So what can we tax next I wonder?

A breathing tax?
A farting tax?
A sex tax?
A right to live tax?
A happiness tax?
A thought tax?
A daylight tax?
A night tax?
An imagination tax?
A revival of the window tax?
A tax tax?

Who knows which civil liberty you and I are going to lose next?

Your very very unhappy Worm....................................

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Computer Systems.

Have you noticed, like I have?

Any computer system that generates money for the Government, always seem to work 1st time!

Any others, like the NHS shambles, or the on line Doctor job application form farce, takes them millions over budget, and very late!


The Worm......................................

Road pricing.

Just how stupid are the Government in thinking that you and I are going to vote them back in again to do this to us!
I've just worked out how much it will cost me to go to work.
With no viable alternative route, I will have to do 600 miles a month on the A1 in the rush hours. If mooted figures are to believed, at about £1.30. a mile, I will be paying about £780 a month, plus £100 fuel.
That is more than 50% of my take home pay!
(please don't tell me to work locally, as my salary would be at least 30% less!)

I'm struggling now! This would crucify me, and I would probably have to sell the house that I have worked so hard for, to live in a garret, eating supermarket econamy crap!

How will this effect you? Just as badly I'll bet!


If this is introduced, our lanes, side roads, and town centres will be in chaotic and total grid lock, used by the people that need to get to work, but cant afford to pay this idiotic Big Brother injustice.

This will add very stressful hours to our day, be very inflationary, put hundreds of thousands out of work, and cost the benefit system an absolute fortune!

If I can see this, why can't my so called betters?

I voted Labour hoping that they would make the land that I love strong, and great once more!
All they seem to be doing (very successfully I might add) is decimating our way of life, making us a 3rd rate nation, and the laughing stock of the world!

And you wonder why I want to emigrate when I retire?

I just can't wait to get away from the daily persecution!

Your very patriotic, disillusioned, and pissed off Worm..........................

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Prince Harry 2

Thank goodness common sense has prevailed, and Harry will not be sent to Iraq! (whatever were his superiors thinking of in the first place!)

I know that there are very valid issues on both sides of the fence, but as I've said often enough, I try to use my common sense, and think with my brain, and not my heart.

One question people are asking though, is if he can't serve in the front line, why did he join up in the first place?
Just remember that it was not his decision!
He fully intended to go, and I do not doubt his courage!

If nothing else, our monarchy joining the armed forces is character building.

Who would you rather have as a king, and an example to the nation?
Someone who has done nothing but enjoy a playboy lifestyle at our expense, or someone that has sought a career, is mature, and has seen real life?
I know who I'd choose!

Whatever Harry does with his life, this poor man is on a hiding to nothing, simply being by born with royal blood!

The Worm.....................................

Monday, 14 May 2007

If I were made PM!

If only!

The first thing I would do, would to be fully in touch with the ordinary people, and understand their concerns.

Being an ordinary person myself, I would then act upon it, because that is what I would have been elected for!

So my priorities would be (in no particular order)

(1) Immigration................................

Shut the door straight away, and decree that as from today, England will be adopting Australias immigration rules.
1. You must have a job or expertise which will enhance and contribute to the
2. You must have X amount of provable money in the bank to support yourself.
3. You will not be elegible for any state benefit until you have been working for at
least a year.
4. You must agree to enter our country, embrace our culture, and do not expect any
special favours.
5. If you can't do that, then you will not be allowed admission!

Australia, New Zealand, and America do this very successfully, so why shouldn't we?
We don't call them racist or unreasonable do we! We would just abide by their rules if we wanted to go there!
And anyone wanting to live in my country should be expected to do the same! (when in Rome!)
So sod the EEC! They impose a free for all immigration policy on us, knowing that their countries are safe! We have a very liberal Government who will allow anybody into this country, play by their rules, and very PC! We have a benefit system that no other country in the EU has, so why would anyone want to come to anywhere else but here, despite all of our faults?
So let's tell Brussells to stuff themselves!
Without our money, they would have a hard time!

(2) Law and order.....................

1. Bring back capital punishment, and proper law and order!
In my day, anyone thought twice about committing an offence for fear of our
judicial system. It WAS a detterant!
If you wanted to kill someone, you thought twice about it, because you knew that
you could hang for it if caught!
No matter what the offence was, you knew that prison was not a nice place to be!
Nowadays, prisons are more like holiday camps, but without the freedom!
So what I would do is this.
Treat them just like things were portrayed in Ronnie Barkers "Porridge"
No TV's or radios in every cell.
Slopping out with a bucket.
Work from 8 'til 4.
No wages for what ever they do.
Basic food.
A draconian regime!
They should suffer for their crimes, not cosseted!

When every lawbreaker realised that that is what they could expect, they would definitely think twice!
You wouldn't have to build more prisons!
Crime would definitely go down!
Forget their human rights!
They forfieted them when they broke the law!

I'm sorry, but I just can't understand how we can spend millions looking after these bastards so well, when we treat our pensioners and hospital patients so badly! It's an absolute disgrace!

Give these bastards hell is what I say! They bloody deserve it!

(3) The NHS.................................

Tony Blair said 10 years ago that he would spend spend spend on our health service, and true to his word, he has.

However, he never told us that he would spend those extra millions on improving it!And he hasn't!

All he has done, is created tier upon tier of managers to save money.

By saving money, all they have done is to buy inferior supplies and services, and made things even more dire.

We are all managed by university graduates, who have a piece of paper, telling us just how clever they are! And they're not!

What all of these qualifications just prove is, is that the candidate has the ability to remember facts and figures! How can you measure common sense, and the ability to make the right decision? You can't, and yet we have these tossers in place, managing our lives, and ruining everything that they touch!

If I were PM, I'd consult the sharp end!

Things would improve dramatically!


What better advice could you get?

(4) Political Correctness. (Political Stupidity more like!)

I'd scrap every bit of this ethos, and replace it with CS!

Common Sense!

PC has intruduced such a vast amount of stupidity into our lives, and has caused far more problems than it has ever solved!

Your PM in waiting! .....................................................................


I've just read that doctors prescribed over 31 million prescriptions for anti-depressants last year!

I wonder why?

Well if Gordon Brown is as good a PM as he was Chancellor ,with all of his blood sucking ways, it will be 41 million next year!

He treated us with contempt as Chancellor, and he will do so again as PM!

Leopards don't change their spots!

He will be just as out of touch with you and I as he was as Chancellor!

Your depressed Worm..........................

Gimme the tablets doc!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

The new Prime Minister!

Odds on, it will be Gordon Brown.

He will promise us everything, only to do what he did as Chancellor!

More un-fair misery for the working man!

Mark my words worms!

Your very cynical (and usually right!) Worm.....................................

Friday, 11 May 2007

Tony Blairs' farewell speech.

So he did what he honestly believed was right for the country, and appologised for his failures.

Of his sincerity, I have no doubt.
But sorry, in my book, that is not good enough!

You simply just can't screw up big time, and expect to be let off the hook by just saying that you're sorry!

We so wanted to believe what he told us, but as usual (like most politicians) he just told us what we wanted to hear to get into power, and then did what he wanted to do regardless!

Just like Maggie, he surrounded himself with "yes men" because he wanted his own way, and if anyone didn't fall into line, he got rid of them.

Perhaps, if he wasn't so full of himself, he could have listened to the people that he got rid of, and maybe would not have had so many failures! ( his failures far exceed his successes I'm afraid!)

Tony Blair? You were a dictator!

So welcome back to the real world!
I hope it treats you just as badly as it treats the rest of us!

My dad always told me that it was his ambition to afford to be able to vote Conservative one day! (he never did!)
With all of the luxury tastes and financial needs that you've aquired over the past 10 years, I think that you and Cherie might consider it!

It would be in your interest!

The Worm..............................

Sunday, 6 May 2007

John Reid.

So he intends to stand down in June!

Yet another rat jumping the sinking ship!

Yet another governmtental also-ran, that will no doubt be rewarded handsomely with a pay off and fat pension for his failure to do the job!

I shudder to think what could be around the corner next for you and I!

The Worm.........................................

Friday, 4 May 2007

I told you so!

Well Labour got a bloody nose! (although not as badly as I expected)
It just goes to show that through thick and thin, people will always show their true colours.
However, reading the papers today, I see, that to consolidate their position and the next General Election, they are going to abandon some of their future plans ie home sellers pack etc.
The stupid bastards!
If they hadn't have introduced these rip offs in the first place, they wouldn't find themselves in the position they are now!
Abandoned? or just shelved I wonder?
I don't trust them one little bit!

The Worm...........................................

Thursday, 3 May 2007


I have always gone through my life believing that if you pay crap money, crap is what you'll get, and invariably false economy.

So I've always gone through my life buying the best that I could afford, and it has usually paid off.

I have been financially bled dry over the past 10 years by Labour, and have been told that if I expected the best, I must pay for it, and so I've been happy to do so to get what I want for me and my country.

So what have I recieved for my money over the past 10 years?

Crap, financial rape, more crap, and things that have got worse, not better!

Labour is going to get what's coming to them!

You lying swindling bastards!

The Worm......................................................

Tony's idictment!

It's now 7.10. pm on Thursday 3/5/07. and the polling stations have now closed.

Believe it or not, I'm not that much of a political person that I intend staying up all night to hear the results, because I know them already!

I will wake up in the morning to hear of Labours demise!

I'm just a hard working man that doesn't like the way he's being treated!

Labour will get the biggest drubbing of their lives by the people that they have failed, and they will wonder why!

Why should anyone want to vote for a party that f*cks them at every turn?

If they all earned the wage that most of us do, things would be a lot different!

You reap what you sow Tony and Gordon, and Labour will get reaped!

Look out for my blog tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will definitely be " I told you so!" (but of course you all know that this will happen dont you!)

And if you don't, you're bloody stupid aren't you!

The Worm........................................

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Chain e-mails.

We've all had them, and they can be very nasty!

I recently received one from a friend, which threatened all sorts of ill health and bad luck if I didn't forward it to at least 10 people within an hour.

How can you send these sort of things to your friends?

I mailed him back, gave him a piece of my mind, and we are friends no longer!

They are extremely wicked in most cases, and you should ignore and delete them immediately!

The Worm................................

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The 1st of May is my birthday!

Yes wormies, your beloved Worm is 58 today!
Only 7 years to go, and I retire.
I'd like to think that I'm a nice bloke, and a good husband, father, and grandfather.
If you can die thinking that about yourself, then you can die happy can't you.
I must admit that I'm now feeling weary, and looking forward to my dotage.
But please don't get me wrong!
I'm not weary of my hard working life, but of the mental torture caused by this bloody Government, and the way things are developing in the country that I love.
So, as and when, my wife and I will be selling up, and moving down a notch or two.
Hopefully we will make enough money on our house to buy something smaller, and have enough cash over to fund our retirement, along with our government and private pensions. (assuming the Government don't steal it!) But even in retirement, the mental and financial torture would continue, so it's our intention to live abroad for at least 9 months of the year while we can, and get away from it all.

I can remember the time when being English made me proud, but sadly it's no longer the case.

What this country will be like in 100 years I don't know, but it certainly wont be England as I know it, or any better, and so I really do worry about my grandchildrens future.

I think that it is so sad that I am wishing my life away so that I can escape all of this crap, don't you?

The Old Worm..........................................

Our Prince Harry!

For gods sake!
What are the Monarchy, the Government, and the MOD thinking of, sending him to war in Iraq!
I'm not going to go over all the reasons why not, as they have been covered by the media already, but it is insane to endanger the life of an heir to the Throne, however brave he is!

We can't find Bin Laden, but you can bet your life they'll find him!
Just imagine the jubilation throughout the Muslim world if they do!

His death would inspire these fanatics to even greater attrocities and evil!

It's not cowardly not to send him!
Just good old fashioned common sense!

Please don't send him!

The Worm............................

Monday, 30 April 2007

Once Gordon is PM.

So what's going to screw our beloved country next I wonder?

The Euro of course!

I bet, it's not too long before we join the ERM!

It will be the final surrender, and the final insult!

We just might as well abandon the Union Jack, and fly a white one instead right now!

I have relatives in France and Germany, and they all agree, that changing to the Euro has done nothing but push up prices, inflation, and has caused financial misery for all but the rich!

I honestly don't think that the working man in England can be ripped off much more before they crack!

The tax man will be taking so much off of us soon, that we will be paying him to work! (I think we might be now!)

It's only matter of time before the electorate will finally have the backbone to rebel, and when it does, look out Gordon, because the fight will not be at the ballot box!

Us English have still got the balls to sort you out, so don't get complacent!

If the French can do it, so can we!

The Worm................................

The 5 bomb plotters!

These assholes have been found guilty of plotting to cause massive destruction, and loss of life in our country.
They have been told that their life sentences mean life, and will probably die in prison.
I bet it doesn't happen though, because the EU will probably rule that we are infringing their human rights!
They will rot in jail for a few years, living very comfortably compared to most, only to get out and do it again to get their revenge!

Hang the bastards please!

The Worm.......................................

Why do men do the barbeques?

For fear of being accused of being sexist (we must be very PC mustn't we!)
the reason is very simple girls!
Us men just can't trust you ladies to not burn yourselves!
And you do, don't you!
You girls can't cook a Sunday roast in the oven without burns to your hands, let alone a BBQ, so why would we trust you with real live fire?
Us men are only thinking of you, because we are considerate, but of course you don't appreciate it one little bit do you!
You just put it down to a macho "man" thing.

So who's being sexist now?

A henpecked 38 years married Worm................................. hehehe!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

A popular Government.

Labour can quite easily win the next election by doing a few simple things.
All they have to do is put their countrymen first, and everyone else second. Not the other way round like they have been doing for the past 10 years! A simple formula!
But of course, I forgot.
Tony and Gordon are Scots, and we all know how much the Scots hate us, don't we!
They take our money, and they despise us for it.
Just like Labour!

The Worm..........................................

The forthcoming Council Elections 2

These elections seem to a very hot potato with everybody that I've talked to recently!

Because of their dissatisfaction with the Government, they are either not going to vote at all, or definitely not going to vote Labour.

I can't help but think that Labour are going to get the drubbing of their lives, and they will have deserved it!

The Worm...................................

PS. Gordon Brown has just made a statement, saying that if Labour do badly, he realises it will be a reflection on him.
Very astute Gordon!
You reap what you sow!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Shilpa / Richard Gere

Yet, just another controversial publicity stunt!

She is now famous in America for absolutely nothing too!

What next I wonder?

You have a very clever PR team Shilpa!

The Worm.............................

Earthquakes in the south of England!

Bloody hell!
A serious earthquake in the south of England!

Maybe Gordon Brown could think of a way of taxing us for that too?

( let's remember, he's such a sympathetic darling isn't he! )

Cynical? You bet I am!

The ever optomistic (not!) Worm ........................

Thursday, 26 April 2007


Tony Blair has just announced that the world must look after Africa at our peril!

Why do we keep trying? It never seems to make any difference at all!

When most of it was under Colonial rule, Africa and its peoples prospered, (although, yes, we did exploite them for our own gain I admit) But at least they weren't dying at the rate they are now of starvation, malnutrition, of a murdering regime, or lack of medical care! ( or were they?)
Unfortunately, us and other countries gave them their independance, only to see them taken over by their Armies and corrupt despots!

Just look at what Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Africa!

The world has poured billions into Africa over the years in charity and loans, only to find that the money has been salted away into the Swiss bank accounts of their rulers, and has never been used to help the people for whom it was intended at all!
Our Government and banks have loaned them billions, only to wipe off the debt years later because they couldn't pay it back, and yet if you and I go £5 in the red, we are charged an arm and a leg for it for it!

Please dont get me wrong, because I'd like to think that I'm a nice person, and I have witnessed their agony at first hand. But pouring money into Africa is not the answer!

I just hate to see the film footage of these people starving, dying, and living in absolute poverty and misery, just as much as you do! But money is not the answer!

It seems to me, that the only way to help them is to go back in there, and take charge once more, or if money is the answer, let us have our own agencies out there to administer the money we have sent to them and not their governments!

Think about it!

It makes sense to me!

What do you think is the answer?

The Worm................................

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

New EU memberships.

Every country in Europe are queuing up to join the EU!

Ever wondered why?

It's because they realise that we are such a soft touch!

They are not concerned about what they can do to enhance the community, rather what they can get out of it!

And it's the likes of you and me that will pay for it all as usual!

Our EU betters in Brussells are so bloody stupid, it beggers belief!

Why not run the EU as a business and not a bloody charity?

You and I would be far better off if it were!

For gods sake Worms, start turning!

The Worm......................................

Our EU surrender!

Ever since 1066, millions of our countrymen have given their lives to protect our beloved isle, England.
They fought and died to protect our lands, our religions, our freedom, and our democracy!

So what is this bastard Tony Blair going to do?

Hand over whatever right or say we have left to govern ourselves, to a bloody load of foriegners in Brussells!

He promised a referendum on this issue, but in his infinate wisdom, has decided that we don't need to be consulted, and is going to do what he wants anyway!

So it seems to me that we no longer live in a democratic country, but a dictatorship!

He is a national disgrace, and insults our nations fallen!

At least Maggie Thatcher fought tooth and nail to protect us within the EU community! ( but look where it got her!)
He's given back at least half of our rebates that she fought so hard for, and is now going to hand over everything else on a plate without a shot being fired! ( no, I'm not a Conservative!)

I wonder why?

I think I know why!

Because when he eventually stands down, he will be hansomely paid off by them, by being offered a very important and highly paid job within the EU, that will set him, his ugly blood sucking wife, and family up for the rest of their lives!

Mark my words, it's stitched up already!

The Blair dynasty will not suffer like you and I do!

So do us all a favour Tony!

F*ck off sooner rather than later!

You are the leader of the party that was established to represent the working men and women of this country. But the way that you and the rest of the self serving bastards in the government behave and think, I can't help but think that you should all have been Conservatives, and for that I wish you nothing but ill fortune!

New Labour fooled us all!

It seems to me that you have nothing but contempt for the people that were stupid enough to vote for you!

I just hope that life is fair, and that you are all going to get what you deserve!


The Worm.............................

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The forthcoming Council Elections. 1

My local Labour council candidate made the mistake of phoning me at home the other night, and asked me if she could count on my vote in the forthcoming Council Elections.
When I told her no, she seemed very upset, suprised, and asked me why.
So I told her, and this is what I said.

It seems to me, that the Council Elections are always a guideline for the Government on just how well the electorate think they are doing mid term. So no, I wont be voting for her, because I think New Labour are absolute shite, and I wanted to send them the message like a lot of people will do!

I, like everybody else, will vote for a leader and government that are going to do something for me!
10 years ago, their message was so full of hope!
So what have they done for me since? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It's what they're DOING to me that worries me!
Whatever I've got now in my life, is in spite of New Labour, not because of them!
Hard work has got me and my wife where we are now, and all they want to do is take it away from us, and give it to everyone else and his dog!

Other than bleed me dry of every penny that Gordon Brown could have done over the past 10 years, they have since made my life an absolute misery worrying about my national identity, immigration, asylum seekers, racism, interest rates, fuel prices, benefit scroungers, benefit fraudsters, the Home office, our security, speed cameras, the CSA, law and order, so called justice and inadequate sentencing, the prison service, the community charge, political correctness (policical stupidity more like!) the NHS, unfair taxation on global warming, inheritance tax, re-cycling, the war in Iraq, terrorism, defence, housing, the congestion on the roads, their innability to employ consultants that can give them a true estimate of costs, ie the Olympics! needless and very expensive Quangos, my retirement in 7 years time, and the complete unfairness of how me and my fellow hard working countrymen have to be penalised at every turn to fund their failures?
Every one of these worries that I have, have been completely ballsed up by Labour, as they only seem to be motivated by money, and more taxation on you and I!
The list is endless, so why should I vote for them?

So I told her what I thought, and advised her to send her CV out as soon as she could, as there was no way I or any sensible person would help her to get her snout in the highly paid trough that she desires, just to do what she wanted once she got there, just like the Labour government!
It's a shame my ward doesn't have a BNP candidate! If it did, I would probably vote for him or her!
After all said and done, why (after tracing my family tree back 6 generations in England) should I be happy living in the country that I love, when a bloody foriegner who's only been here 5 minutes, has got more rights than I have!
And if they're not, then you lot out there deserve everything you get!
A hung Parliament would be good, and preferably on every lamp post in Whitehall!

Just as an after thought, the government put out statistics a while ago, about the Brits leaving the country to live abroad, stating that they went because of warmer climates.

What the real reason I'm sure was that they have all had enough, when everywhere else in the the world seems to be far less draconian!

In 7 years time when I retire, I'll be will be joining them I promise!

When Labour are hung out to dry, they will wonder why, because they are absolute stupid, self serving bastards!

They will reflect, and will eventually, realise that they should have thought about us rather than their big salaries, expenses and fat pensions! But they wont worry too much, as they will be able to afford to pay accountants to help them avoid the laws and taxation that they have rigourously imposed on you and I!

Damn the lot of them!

Your despairing Worm....................

Friday, 20 April 2007

The Big Question?

How comes a 'slight' increase in taxation costs you and I a fortune,
when a 'substantial' decrease saves us absolutely nothing?

The Worm..................................

Thursday, 12 April 2007

April 1st, and the Media!

Why oh why, are the Media allowed to print and broadcast April Fool "jokes"?

When I read the newspapers, or watch the news on TV, I expect to be as reliably informed as to what's going on in the world as I can be, not be wound up by some smart arsed journalist who has nothing better to do!
The fact of the matter, is that these "jokes" are getting really sophisticated, and very believable, like the one I read in the Mail on Sunday this year.
It was at least a third of a page, and was full of plausable facts and figures about the emissions caused by barbeques. The long and short of it, was that council officers would drive around looking for smoke in back gardens, and could charge a levy of £5, and even fine you if it was using too much charcoal!
My problem, is that I never read the Mail the next day, so I'm too sure if it was a joke or not, because let's face it, that bastard Gordon Brown is capable of anything!
Was it a joke?

So please stop the practise Mr Media!
Just remember the panic caused in America in the 30's, when they transmitted "The War of The Worlds" on the radio!
You are deemed to be reliable 365 days of the year, not 364!

The Worm.............................

The Natalie Evans Embryo Scandal.

What a right bastard her ex boyfriend must be!

After losing her ovaries, these embrios are the only chance she will ever have of becoming a mother.
Does he really hate her that much, that he is happy to deny her that?

On the other side of the coin of course, is the fact that she'd probably get the CSA to make his life a misery, with their usual over the top, unrealistic claims, for child maintainence for the next 20 years!

What a miserable world we live in!

The Worm..........................

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Gordon Browns initials!


Just how much more of his robbery does he think we can take?

The Worm.....................

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

4x4's (my 50th post on the site!)

You don't have to increase road tax to rid our roads of gas guzzling 4x4's Gordon!
All you have to do is stop them coming into the country! Simple!
But of course, that would mean losing the import duty, VAT on the sale of the vehical, and the tax on fuel, so best not eh!
You don't have a green issue at all!
Your only aim is to raise even more money to prop up the Governments failed promises!

You are a slimey two faced bastard!

I would rather eat shit than vote for you! And I'll probably have to, if my disposable income gets any worse after you've finished with me!

It's only a matter of time 'til the worms finally turns against you!

And I'll be at the front of the queue!

The Worm............................

PS. No, I don't own a 4x4!

The Budget 21/3/07

Could someone please tell me why this latest Budget is being advertised as Gordon Browns last?
Is he stepping down no matter what? (god I wish he would!)
The Premiership is up for grabs to any Labour MP, but of course, GB is a front running candidate.
The reason, as far as I can see, is that the result is stitched up already!
Labour are simply going through the motions to convince us that we all live in a fair, democratic society, when in fact it's just another dictatorship dressed up in sheeps clothing!

Surely it should be down to the voters to choose the leader, and not the self serving lackeys in the party, that the candidate has in his or her pocket!

Like it or not, we're gonna be lumbered with him!

Sieg Heil!

The Worm................

What a sad state of affairs!

God, life in England has become so bloody sad!

I was in the town recently, when I saw a very young little tot, walking along very shakily, and on her own.
The poor little thing fell over, and started to cry, quite distressed.
My natural instinct (just like yours probably) was to go over to her, pick her up, and calm her down.
So what did I do?
And why?
Because if I had of done, I would have been accused of child abduction, and god knows what else!
So I looked around for the parents, only to find them walking in front, about 15 yards away, and completely oblivious of what was going on.
So I called to them, and they went to the little girls aid.

Now is that bloody sad or what!!!
Sad, because I couldn't go the the little girls aid for fear of being arrested!
And sad, because her parents were not protecting, and looking after her! The scum bags!
Some people just don't deserve the gift of children!

A sad state of affairs I think you'd agree!

Your very sad Worm.............................

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

"It's a funny old game!"

I'm not talking football!
I'm talking cricket!
Me, being quite the simple bugger that I am, can quite easily understand the scoring of football!
Whoever gets the most goals wins!
Easy peasy!
But cricket? Forget it!
I just can't understand it! Winning by 35 runs, or 2 wickets, mystifies me completely!
But what is more confusing is this.
The bowler bowls the ball.
The batsman hits the ball.
The ball goes into the air.
The fielder goes to catch the ball, but trips, but with athletic agility and incredible skill, recovers, and makes an impossible,fantastic, and unbelievable catch, much to the disbelief of the crowd. He is a hero! The whole crowd goes wild with jubilation!
So what happens?
The whole team pats the bowler on the back!
All he did was throw the bloody ball!

A very very very confused Worm..................