Friday, 29 June 2007

The Smoking Ban (2)

Well? all of you nasty smokers!

I hope you enjoy your last day of freedom on the 30th of June, because the following day, you and I will have become even bigger pariahs than we were before!

I've been told by my friends that live in Harlow, that their Council have been advertising for staff to patrol their town centre, pubs and clubs, to enforce the ban, and issue on the spot fines.

Will they be in a recognisable uniform I wonder?

If so, will they favour Hitlers' Brown Shirts, or the very sexy black Gestapo look?

Will there be a hotline, where annonomously, you can shop your family, friends and neighbours?

Does this sound familiar?

Give it time!

Everybody in the country has lost some form of civil liberty over the past 10 years under Labour, and don't think it will stop here!

What next I wonder?

An enjoyment tax?

Laugh, and you're nicked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your very nasty smoking (and non laughing)Worm.......................................

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

So Gordon's PM at last!

So, now we have a new PM!

As Tony Blair did 10 years ago, he's sending us a hopeful message.

However, in the past 10 years as Chancellor, Gordon has managed to find any excuse to tax us unmercifully 'til our pips are squeaking, so to why should we take this man at his word now? (Labour promised us to be the party of low taxation!) hahaha!

It's about time that Labour looked after the working people that elected them, and not everyone else in the world at their expense!

If they don't, they're heading for a big awakening!

We'll see!

The ever optomistic, but doubtful Worm.....................................

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Salman Rushdie, the bastard!

Can somebody tell me why this man is to be honoured with a knightdood?

In my opinion, like so many others, his book The Satanic Verses, insulted their religion, and was one of the many reasons Islam declared war on the west!
He had a 'Fatwar' declared on him when it was published, and our country has spent millions on protecting him ever since.

So how does he repay our kindness?

Whenever he is out of the country, he openly critisises us, the ungrateful bastard!

The next time he leaves our shores, please refuse him re-entry!

He has enjoyed our protection, and yet despises us for it!

Honour him?

I'd castrate him, the foreign ingrate!

Why are we honouring such a dishonourable person?

PC, the Establishment, and human rights as usual!

The Worm.......................

Monday, 18 June 2007

The Green Issue again!

So why, with Great Britain, who produces only 2% of emmissions in the world, are we trying so hard to cure things, when America, China, and India, who produce most of the rest, are doing nothing!

We are a feather trying to crack a nut!

They do hardly anything for fear of affecting their economies, and yet this Government force us into all sorts of unacceptable restraint and taxation.

All the green issue means to me and you is, is that the Government will quite happily use this as an excuse to financialy rape us yet again with every stealth tax going. They think that because it's Green, you and I will find it acceptable.

Well it bloody well isn't in my book!

Where is our Green money going?

Is there a Green fund, where all this extra money goes to help all of these issues?


It goes straight into the Exchequor, only to be used to support their ineficiency, wrong decisions, and broken promises!

With the amount of taxation that you and I suffer, we should be living in Wonderland!

The Worm..................................

Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Benefit System again!

Please don't think that with my views on the system that you've read, I think that all claiments are scroungers!

The system was introduced to help the needy, and with that I have no problem.

However, because of liberal mamby pamby do-gooders, and PC etc over the past 30 years, we have created a 'lifestyle' for many, who have found that it pays better not to work! (don't forget, I live in the real world, and I see it all around me!)
This has got to be stopped, because if not, these people are influencing their children to become the next generation of claiments!

Without a hard working work force in place, who will pay the taxes to keep the country going in years to come?

Meanwhile, they will all sit on their arses, watch their 50" plasma TVs while eating their takeaways, doing nothing to contribute, laughing at us workers because we are stupid enough to let them get away with it!

It's time for some tough changes!

Something has to be done sooner, rather than later!

The Worm.....................................

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Premium Bonds.

Unfortunately, my mother passed away 3 years ago.
She had nothing other than her house, and was always refused help from the state when asked for, as she had a very small private pension left to her by my dad, and therefor didn't qualify for bugger all. (she was a very proud lady, lived from month to month, went without, and would never accept any financial help from me, my brother, or sister!)
She once told me "I want to live long enough to get a free TV licence out of those bastards!" and who could blame her?

Unfortunately, she sadly passed away aged 74, a year too soon.

Once her affairs had been sorted out, my brother, sister, and I, inherited her estate.
Not a fabulous amount, so we didn't pay inheritance tax.

Because I can't trust this or any other Government to look after me in my old age as they should have done her, I decided to invest it for my old age. I thought it wouldn't be right to invest her money somewhere where I would have to pay 40% tax on the profits to the Government, only for them to squander it on their professional scroungers and White Elephants. After all, they were too busy looking after them, rather than look after her while she was alive, so why should I want her to keep paying for them from the grave!

So I opted for Premium Bonds.

At the time that I invested, Premium Bonds advertised that with average luck, a maximum investment of £30,000 should give around 15 wins in a year. A fair risk I thought, good odds, and the original investment safe.
So I invested £20,000, and in 18 months received what I thought was a reasonable return (and no tax forms to fill out!)
So what happened?
Gordon (Dracula) Brown decided we were all making too much money out of it, and so tampered with the odds!
Since then, my winnings have been derisary!

Thanks Gordon! You obviously don't have any yourself!

Why is it that the working mans party (Labour?) cant stand to see it's voters with a bit of cash in their pockets?
He was the working mans enemy as Chancellor, and will be just as bad as a PM!
I always thought that working for my money would pay dividends.
Instead, I'm punish for it!
Now I wish I hadn't bothered, and joined the very clever scrounging culture!

Your ever loving Worm..........................................

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Another crap week!

As usual, I've been reading the papers, and listening to the news on the TV and radio this week, hoping that the Government will announce something that they are going to do FOR me.

As usual, all I've seen and heard, is what they're going to do TO me!

And they want me to vote for them?

The idiots!

Gordon Brown has two years to turn things round for Labour, but somehow, I don't think he will.

The Worm.....................................

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The 2012 Olympics logo! (2)

So, adding insult to injury, we find that the TV ads using flashing images for the Olympics on TV can cause epileptic fits for viewers!

Yet another cock up!

I read the Daily Mail today, and saw some really great, and more suitable logos for this very important event, that could have been submitted to the world.

What I want to know, is who was responsible for the final stupid decision, who's palms were greased, and who will compensate the tax payer for this gross miss use of public funds and failure to deliver,and is dumped! (we'll probably pay a million for its replacement! but who cares, as it's only yours and my hard earned money that will fund it!)

Lord Coe proudly presented this abortion to the country.

Lord Coe?

Why Lord Coe?

All that pratt did was to run faster than anyone else at the time!
Hardly a qualification for a Lordship me thinks, and obviously not a validation of his judgement and common sense!

Someone has to be held responsible, and got rid of for wasting £400,000 of our money!

Your infuriated Worm......................................................

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The 2012 Olympic logo!

Have you seen it?

What an absolute abortion!

It has just cost you and I just over £400,000 to create something that a gorrilla with a paintbrush might have knocked up!

And you wonder why I get so angry about the way this Government spends the money that you and I have been forced to give to them!

As usual, this Government will make my country the laughing stock of the world! (that's something they always seem to get right 1st time!)

My 5 year old grandson could do better for a fiver!

Your ever despairing Worm....................................

Friday, 1 June 2007

David Beckham.

So should David Beckham be given a knighthood?

In my opinion, NO!

What has he done to deserve it?

He has made an absolute fortune being talented enough to play the game that he loves. That is not a job! It's a joy!

An OBE or MBE for services to football maybe, but a knighthood for services to himself, I don't think so!

He already lives like a lord, but why should we give him the title to go with it?

I can't think of one reason!

The Worm.........................................