Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Final Frontier!

So the UK are considering going into Manned Space flights!

How can we afford to do that?

I know for a fact, that just 1 screw holding the windscreen of a Boeing in place can cost up to £400 each! so how much would this exercise cost us, the British taxpayer?

It will be years late, the budget will quadruple, and we'll probably sell off our interests for a quid when we run out of money as usual!

We can do this, yet we can't give our pensioners an extra fiver a week!

It's an absolutely disgraceful waste of money!

Leave it to the Yanks and Ruskies!

The Worm.................

The Yanks!

Why oh why, do the Americans have to try and change the world?

Please don't get me wrong!

I've been to the States many times, and love them.

However, why can't they conform to things that have been established in the world for centuries, instead of trying to change things to their way of thinking, as this can cause so much confusion.

An American gallon is only 7 pints compared to our 8.

They also bastardise the English language.

They use a different date system to the rest of the world too!

We all know about the tragic attack on the Twin Towers, and they refer to it as 9/11.

However, to you and I and the rest of the world, 9/11 is the 9th of November, when in fact it occured on the 11th of September!

Also, I'm sure I read an article a while ago, that they wanted to change the worlds time zones to fit in with theirs!

What is wrong with them?

Why can't they conform?

Is it that important to them?

Your conventional Worm..............

Monday, 11 February 2008

The Archbishop of Canterbury

I don't think he should resign because of his Sharia law comments.

He should be sacked!

Doesn't he realise that he's causing more problems for Muslims in this country than he's trying to cure?

Me ( and most of my friends) are sick and tired of the way the British culture is being eroded by our cowtailing to immigrants and foreigners.

They seem to have more rights than we have!

It's bad enough being dictated to by Brussels!

So the message is simple as far as I'm concerned.

I am happy for you to work and live along side us, as long as you fit in the best you can with us, abide by our laws, and don't expect special treatment!

If you can't accept this, PISS OFF!

How would I fare in India, Africa, Asia, and the rest of our EU partners?

Answer: Not very well!

For god's sake, wake up before it's too late everyone!

Even Queen Victoria must be turning in her grave!

Your very Patriotic Worm........................

Friday, 8 February 2008

Poor Amy Winehouse!

So the US Government has declined her application for a Visa, and she'll miss the Grammies!

Well who can blame them!

They have enough Crackheads of their own, without importing more from England!

Don't whinge Amy!

You reap what you sow!

The Worm....................

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The England Football Team

So Capello has intruduced a set of rules for the players.

Good for him!

It's about time these overpaid prima donnas toed the line!

One more rule please Fabio!


That goes for all sportsmen representing their country in my book!

If they want the kudos and honour of representing their country, they should at least have the respect to learn and sing it with pride whenever its played!

Your Patriotic Worm....................

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Tax needn't be taxing?

Everytime I hear that reasonable voice on the radio telling me that 'Tax needn't be taxing' my blood pressure goes up, and I want to punch the bastards face in!

It shouldn't be taxing, but of course, it is!

I have a relative in a senior position in a tax office and working for them for over 35 years, and he tells me that there has been so many staffing cut backs over the years to save money, that they now have to employ inexperienced temp staff to cover, and they have no idea what's going on either!

They send us a bill, and we pay it, because we assume they are right, and they threaten us with everything but death if we don't! (but they won't do that cos we won't be able to pay!)

Stand up for yourselves and question everything Wormies!

I do, and I don't let them get away with a thing!

They should be re-named The Gestapo, because that is exactly how they behave!

And they wonder why nobody loves the taxman?

PS. I've just read an article that says that the Taxman is losing £1bn every year in
errors on Tax Credits!
If only they were efficiant enough to do the job properly, we would not have to
endure more tax hikes to pay for it!

The Worm....................