Sunday, 14 December 2008

The X Factor 3

So Alexandra won!

Just as I said she should!

It's a curse always being right! Hehehe!

Justice was done!

So who will win Strictly?

To be honest, I don't give a toss!

Your very happy (and right as usual!) Worm............

Saturday, 13 December 2008

The X Factor 2

I've just seen the latest poll on Yahoo, as to who should win the final.

Alexandra: 34%
JLS: 30%
Eoghan: 36%

So it seems that my prediction could be right.

If Eoghan wins, it will be a travesty, and Simon Cowell should seriously consider changing the name of the show to "The "Ah" Factor" !

Enough "also rans" have got through the various stages with their sob stories and cuteness!

However, one thing is gauranteed.

Whatever happens tonight, Simon Cowell will make a fortune, and will be laughing like as drain all the way to the bank no matter what!

The Worm.........................

The X Factor Final

It's tonight!

So who's going to win?

If the show was about talent and vocal ability, there is only one in the race!

However, knowing how the great British public vote on these shows, who can say for sure?

I can't help but feel that Leona Lewis winning last year might go against her.
They might not want yet another black girl singer, however good she may be.

So you now have JLS and Eoghan.

In my opinion, neither of them should be there, but that's another story.

They will be voted for by all of the little girls in the country.

That, plus the whole of Ireland voting for him, and his "ah factor" with the mums and dads, Eoghan just could sneak it.

So it seems to me it's "talent" v "the wet knicker brigade"

We shall see!


Jean Charles de Menezes

So the enquiry into his shooting in 2005 is over.

What a bloody disgrace the verdict was!

The Coroner had already told the jury they couldn't give an unlawful killing verdict, so the only option left open to them was an open verdict.

So it was stitched up before the enquiry ever started, and could have quite easily have been settled over a cup of coffee in Scotland Yards canteen, and saved the taxpayer millions.

Cold comfort for his relatives, and the likes of you and I that believe in British justice.

The Police screwed up bigtime, wrongly identifying him as a potential suicide bomber, and then shot this poor innocent man in cold blood.

So since when has shooting an innocent man been "lawful"?

The killing of an innocent man surely must be "unlawful"

The verdict should have been murder, and someones head should have rolled at Scotland Yard!

No doubt (and quite rightly) his family will appeal against this verdict, and the whole proccess will start all over again!

You and I (the taxpayer) will then stump up even more millions to carry on this farce!

Your ever disillusioned Worm................

PS. Did you know that Oliver Cromwell passed a law (which hasn't been repealed) forbidding anyone eating mince pies on Christmas day? So if you intend doing so, I strongly suggest you draw the curtains, or you just might find yourself face down on your dining room floor, with half a dozen machine guns aimed at your head!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Can't be named for legal reasons?

The parents and their lodger in the Baby P case can't be named for legal reasons?
Why the bloody hell not?
They were his parents, and are obviously guilty as they were the only ones in contact with this poor child!
Fortunately, someone got hold of their names and addresses, and have posted them on the net. So I hope these bastards are getting the abuse they obviously deserve!
The animals!
String 'em up I say!

However, I just don't understand the "legal reasons!"

I know of someone, that after 30 years, was accused of sexual impropriety.
This case has been going on for over 18 months, and he has since been aquitted of all charges.

However, his name and address was plastered all over our local newspapers!
I was always under the impression that you were innocent until proven guilty!

He has since lost his job because of it, lost all credibility, has been ostricised (is that how you spell it?)
suffered endless abuse, and has been beaten up on a number of occasions.

If this poor man can be named without trial, why can't Baby Ps parents be?

A very confused Worm................

My unemployment!

It's me!

If you've seen my previous blogs, you will remember I told you that I was made redundant from my job a year ago.

Very upsetting, but I was reasonably confident that I would get a job again, like I did this one.

I temped for a while, and was eventually taken on by my last employer, and so decided to temp again, and do the same.

Not so easy this time around!



They come over here, work for next to nothing, and put the English out of work.
They are happy to work for poor pay, because they have the facility to claim for their families at home under EU rules (a facility I don't have!)

These workers seem to be predominantly Polish at the moment.

Please don't get me wrong!
I have had the privelidge of working with them.
They are extremely nice, hard working people, but it doesn't make me feel any better when I'm sitting at home with no money coming in.
They seem to know the rules better than I do!

I registered with a local agency recently.
I was sitting there for about an hour filling out endless forms.
During that time, at least a dozen people came in.
Guess what?
Not one of them spoke a word of English!
The agency had 2 Polish speakers there who dealt with them.
That's how bad it's got for the likes of you and me!

It seems to me, that the establishment are more concerned with looking after foriegners than they are their own people.

And to add insult to injury, because I temp, when I don't work, I'll get a bill for NHI for the weeks I didn't work. (it's happened before to me, and is so bloody unfair!)

Unfortunately, whatever I say, it won't change a thing!

Your currently unemployed Worm...............

Things have changed rapidly!

Bloody hell! What happened!

It's 7 months since I last posted a blog, and haven't things changed!
Knife crime
Law and order
The Baby P case
The Economy
Bank bailouts
An expensive Pound
Woolworths, MFI, and other large established companies going to the wall.

The list seems endless!
No doubt I will be airing my views on these subjects in future blogs.

Bye for now,


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Back at last!

I lost my password, but l'm back!

So expect some more contencious comments!

(not that anyone reads them anyway!)

The ever virilant Worm....................

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Microsoft Vista! This it progress?

Have you ever noticed that you'll cotton on to certain brand of tasty sauce, sausage, pie etc at the supermarket, only to find that 3 months later they've changed the packaging, improved the reciepe, charged you more for the privelege, and its CRAP?

In my experience, it happens all the time!

With Microsoft we don't have a choice do we!

They've been allowed to corner the market with every computer company in the world, and they dictate!

I bought my new laptop 6 months ago, and for the life of me can't get on with it because of their new system called Vista! (and you don't seem to be able to get a new PC or laptop today without it so we're all buggered!)

If we have to go forward, please let's go forward and not back!

If it 'aint broke, don't try to fix it for the sake of change!

Vista is definitely a step backwards!

What's your opinion wormies?

Your frustrated Worm................

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Zimbabwe again!

Please let's forget nice international law for once, and get the UN in there NOW!

If Mugabe isn't ousted soon, the whole place will be a bloodbath!

All because of mamby pamby rules, and not what we can all see is best for its unfortunate people!

I only hope I don't find myself posting a blog saying I told you so!

After WW2 we said "never again" and yet we still allow genocide to happen all over the world!

Get some back bone Mr UN and do it now before it's too late!

Perhaps then, its people will enjoy the prosperity and security it had under us Brits! They've certainly paid the price for their independance haven't they!

They deserve better after living so long under the rule of this cruel bastard, so let's do the right thing and get him and his henchmen NOW!

Your concerned Worm....................

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Me? A racist? I don't think so!

I am honestly not a racist! ( but if I were, it would be my right to be so, in the land of free speech )

In my experience, our ethnics are more racist than anyone!

( I have a friend from Zimbabwe who tells me that he couldn't marry a woman from Uganda because "they are too black"! ) So you tell me!

If I was a a racist, I wouldn't have bought my house with Asian neighbours would I?

I'm just proud of my English heritage, roots, history and national identity, (is that a crime yet?) unlike this fucking Government who are prepared to give it all away tomorrow for the sake of PC and peace and quiet!

True England will not exsist in a hundred years time, and I'm so sad and angry about it.

Your very sad English Worm.................

Racial harmony? Bullshit!

Well I've just read an article that says that even the head of the Race Relations Board is worried about the level of immigration into this country!

Ethnic minorities, who having become established residents in this country over the years with children born here, are now realising just how unfair our system is, because it's now started to affect them too!

Why should an immigrant family who has never paid a penny into our system, enter our country to be given preferencial treatment over people that were born here and have been taxed for the privilege?

They are given more money, housing, benefits, support, and consideration than our pensioners, and yet they do not expect to contribute to our country one iota, as we are seen to be the land of milk and honey by the workshy! (and they know our rules better than you and I) And we bloody pander to them!

Enoch Powell was right about the "rivers of blood"
It hasn't happened yet, but it will mark my words, because there is only so much the people will take!

While I'm on the subject, why is it, that when blacks, asians, chinese, and lots of other ethnic groups are very happy to intigrate with the English laws and way of life, the Muslims wont?

We never hear anything else but fucking Muslims!

Answer? Very simple!

After 9/11 and the London bombings a few years ago, we have realised that they are a bunch of nutters capable of anything! So what do we do? Sort them out? Get rid of them? No, of course not!
We (the Government, not me!) will just pander to them because we are frightened!

And we let the bastards do it to us!

They are just taking advantage of the fact, but it won't last long if I have anything to do with it!

Thanks to PC, wanker Liberal whimps, and this frightened Government, the great British Bulldog has had his teeth extracted, will ravage them with his gums, and will then roll over only to have his belly scratched!

Well not me, because if you want a fight you bastards, unlike Labour, I'll fucking give you one! And there are lots of other people in this country that think the same.

I'm not prepared to live in my country to be dictated to by foreigners and fanatics.
That's why we had 2 World Wars wasn't it?

Integrate or fuck off!

Your English Worm..........................

Fat Prescott!

So he's suffered bulemia due to stress?

Could anybody tell me what that fat leach did in the 10 years of this Labour Government to stress him out?

Ah yes! The stress of leading a very pampered life ( two homes, two Jags, a fat pension that you and I will be paying for ) Yes, very stressful indeed!

Try living in the way this Government forces the working people of this country to live in!

He doesn't know the meaning of the word, the self serving bastard!

Your serene Worm................

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Governmental promises

Have you ever wondered why, whenever our Government promises cash to anything, they always promise it for a year or more ahead, and not immediately? ( unless of course it's for a war. They find those billions so easily, yet keep our pensioners in poverty )

The answer is simple wormies!

They need the time to work out how the hell they can screw the cash out of you and I without us noticing!


The cash strapped Worm.............................

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


God, that is one hell of an ugly bitch!

Compare her to Diana!

Is Charles that blind?

He should have gone to Specsavers, saved the country a fortune, and the life of a very special lady.


Karen Matthews again!

Well? What do you think?

It seems to me that this fat slag ugly bitch thought she and some of her relatives could make an easy buck, hoping to pocket the kind of money that has poured into the Maddeline McCann fund.

The woman is obviously an uncaring mother, that has no consideration whatsoever for her daughters well being, just as long as she can get easy money for doing fuck all, just as she has done cheating on benefit, only more so!

She and her benefit cheating ilk have now become a hated part of our society, but unfortunately, gets the genuine needy a bad name.

It's now been mooted that she is so hated, the tax payer will probably pay up to £100,000. to change her appearance for when she enters society again.

On top of that, she has cost you and I a fortune on finding Shannon, and will cost even more bringing her to trial.

I wonder what she'll get for that?
A £200 fine and probation knowing our Judicial system!

Let her out when she's done her time and let her suffer for her actions!

Your Vengeful Worm...........................

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Diana again!

So the cost of the Diana/Dodi inquest is to reach £12.5. million!

How many hip replacements or cancer operations could that have paid for?

Can we now let them rest in peace, or are we going to let this go on for decades to come?

Her sons are happy with the outcome, and we should be too!

Let's start using our money fixing the country, and not history!


A fixer?

The new Italian PM Berlusconi has just promised his countrymen to "mend" Italy!

Do we have anybody on the political scene at the moment that can do the same for us?

Nah! We're doomed!

Mr Optimism...................


Will somebody please tell me why we let the Arabs push the world in to reccession time after time?

They've done it too many times over the past 50 years and they need to be taught a lesson.

No doubt we'll be soft enough to send them Harrods food parcels once their oil has finally run out!

Your pissed off Worm...................

The Credit Crunch!

Whenever I read articles in the papers about our country and financial situation, I'm led to believe that economics is always down to confidence.

How the hell can anyone be confident, when all the media does is tell us just how bad it is, and relish in it!

The media should act responsibly for the good of the nation, as opposed to their sales!

Unfortunately, doom and gloom is what sells newspapers!

The media are as big an enemy to our well being in the UK as Gordon Brown!

William Wallace would be proud of you bastards, cos you've succeeded where he failed!

Show us your bum again Mel Gibson!
You might as well cos, the Media and our Scots PM does time after time!

The astute Worm........................

Monday, 14 April 2008

Scottish Independence!

If they want it so much, why not let them have it?

Let's be free of them once and for all, and let's see how well they do without us!

No scrounging from the English anymore though, cos you'll be Independant!

So when Scotland goes tits up, they can all hate us even more because we gave them their own way!

The ungrateful cosseted bastards!

The English Worm...........

PS. While we're at it, let's dump Wales too, cos they're just as hateful!
Then we might be able to spend English money on English people for a change!

Check out The English Democrats!

I've just had their Election card through my door, and they certainly appeal to me!

Get on to Google and check them out!

They think and say exactly what you and I think, so why not vote for them!



A time to reflect!

Please check out my blog of Weds 7th of March!

I think you'll find The Worm got it right!

In fact, if you check out most of my political comments and predictions, you'll find that I've been right!

If you and I can see the problems, why can't the Government?

The Worm...........................

Gordon Brown PM

Why oh why didn't he go to the polls when he took office?
He had a reasonable reputation then, and probably would have won.

A blessing in disguise for you and I though, as we've now found out just how ineffective he is as a PM, and will only have to endure him for the next two years instead of the 5 we would have suffered had he gone to the country. ( Tony Blair my be really enjoying his demise! )

However, what's the alternative, as I don't have any confidence in the other major political parties either.

If nothing else, Labour will get in again, but with one hell of a reduced majority.

The Worm...............................

Sunday, 13 April 2008


So did you really expect the recent elections in Zimbabwe to be fair, honest, and cut and dry? Because I certainly didn't!

Under British control, Zimbabwe ( Rhodesia ) was the bread basket and envy of Africa!

However, the whites got too cocky and greedy, and declared UDI in the mid 60's, under its then leader Ian Smith.

Since then, it's all backfired on them hasn't it, and now the remaining white farmers are now all whingeing because they are being kicked out by Mugabe, and the whole country is now in total chaos!

You should have realised just how well off you were at the time, and not wanted even more you greedy bastards!

You reap what you sow! You would have been much better off under British rule!

Surely this despot Mugabe has salted away enough millions into his Swiss bank account by now to back off, enjoy his retirement, and let his country get back on its feet?

Unfortunately not, because with people like him, the more they have, the more they want! They think they are invincible (like most dictators) but they don't usually live long enough to enjoy their ill gotten gains do they, so why bother!

Unfortunately, power is one hell of an aphrodisiac isn't it!

This country was, and still is, so full of potential, but is dragged down by it's leader!

Send in the SAS, and put a bullet in this dangerous bastards head once and for all!

The Worm.............................

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Another Amnesty?

Yet another amnesty is being mooted for illegal immigrants!

Why not just open the doors once and for all, and let them all flood in!

We just might as well, if this is the only solution our border controls can come up with!

At least we will be able to save the millions these departments cost us for their innefficiencies!



Why doesn't this government treat these leaches with the same contempt that they apply to you and me?

ANSWER: British fairness! (which only ever seems to apply to everyone other than the British themselves!

Your ever despairing Worm...........................

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Cooking programmes

Why oh why are these programmes so popular?

My wife wonders why I won't sit in front of the telly and spend hours of quality time with her of an evening.
The answer is very simple!
She dominates the zapper, and does nothing but watches cooking programmes and expects me to do the same, and I'm not interested!

I wouldn't mind if she actually tried to cook something that she's seen, but she doesn't! Never!

She cooks (and enjoys) good honest English food, and like you and me, loves it.

However, all these programmes seem to do, is to pander to the rare (well off) dinner party brigade that looks for the snobbish presentation! ( these meals wouldn't feed a pidgeon!)

The programme "The Great British Menu"!

What a bloody laugh! How many of us eat like that?

How many times a week do you or I sit down to an evening meal of Quail, Partridge, Salmon, Trout, Pidgeon, Hare, Rabbit, Duck, Pheasant, Wild Boar, Squid, Eels, Oysters, Mussels, Venison, Veal etc, to be complimented with Origano, Parsley, Thyme, Garlic, Turmaric, Truffel, Fennel, Mace, Cumin, Sage, All Spice, Chillies, Peppers, and God know's what else that is available?

Answer: Less than 0.01% I'm convinced!

Can you afford to eat like that on a regular basis (and would you want to)?

The Great British Menu has always been: Roast Lamb, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Eggs and Bacon, Kippers, Black Pudding, Baked beans, Ham, Scrambled eggs, Toast and Jam, Boiled Eggs, Cereal, Sausages, all sorts of pies like Steak and Kidney, Chicken, or Egg and Bacon. Pasties, Hot Pots, Stews, Casseroles, Dumplings, Offal, Cod and Chips, Londoners' Pie and Mash, Jellied Eels, Cockles, Winkles and the like Sea Food, meat suet puddings like Bacon Badger etc, Beef Wellington, Steak, Gammon and the like.
The list is endless!

Then we start on the puds! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Fruit crumbles like apple and rhubarb etc, Bread and Butter pudding, merangues, Egg custard, Bread Pudding, Rice Puddings, Tarts, Baked Apple, Semolina, stodgy puddings like Spotted Dick, Jam Roly Poly and Treacle Puddings etc.

Now that is real British cooking! not all of the foriegn shit that these up their arse Chefs prepare!

So why don't these self indulgent Celebrity? Chefs piss off abroad if they're that clever?

The reason is they wouldn't cut it in the real world they think they live in!

They don't represent the majority of food eating Brits in England at all, yet we're inundated with these programmes!

Celebrity is what you seek, and unfortunately, celebrity is probably what you'll get for being foreign!

Your ever hungry Worm..........................

PS. Have you noticed how these culinary icons always seem to be touching
their hair, beards, ears and noses, and yet never seem to wash their

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


The title of this TV programme says it all!

We can all look and laugh at this programme, but this is just how a lot of people live in our country today, and it's definitly not funny!

Why should you and I subsidise them?

Karen Matthews and her ilk are all typical of our piss taking benefit society, (much to the detriment to our genuine needy) and should be made an example of!

Get the scrouging bastards into work and make a contribution to the system like you and I have to!

The Worm....................

Karen Matthews, the bitch!

So, it was all a big hoax to make money then!

I know you'll think it's easy enough to say this now, but I suspected this scenario about a week ago, and so probably did you and the police!

Why do you think Shannon is still in care then?

What worries me is the mental scars this poor little girl might suffer!

When I look at all of the footage on TV of the family and friends, I despair!
They all stand around with booze in their hands in front of the cameras, chain smoking, all with mobile phones, obviously not working, and all on benefit!

How the hell can they afford to do that?

Can you?

The scum! Honest hard working people who can't afford these sort of luxuries are paying for that, and it's about time these scroungers were sorted out once and for all!

The reason that they get away with it is because they are looked after by the system that needs their votes!

I'd certainly vote for them if they were looking after me so well to do fuck all, wouldn't you?

Instead, you and I work hard to make ends meet, and are then abused and dominated by the very system that we hoped would look after us!

Not all benefit claiments are undeserved, but this low life gets all of them a bad name!

If I had my way, the only people that were allowed to vote in a General Election would be tax paying working people who contribute to the system!

That would sort this country out, because it definitely needs sorting doesn't it!

Your ever despairing Worm..................

Katie Price and Peter Andre

What a disgraceful pair those two are!

Is there nothing those two won't say or do to make money?

Don't get me wrong, as I'm certainly no prude, and can be just as dirty as those two, but please keep your sex lives to yourselves you sluts!

I'm absolutely amazed that the public find them interesting, and the TV companies put out this sleaze! ( I inadvertantly stumbled across their programme! )

She is as sexy and erotic as a bowl of cold custard ( just listen to her talk! That accent certainly isn't a turn on! ), and he's nothing but a narcissistic no talent, who's brain cell hides in his trousers!

If they were my parents I would be ashamed and disgusted, and if their kids see these programmes in years to come, so will they be!

What a pair of self serving slags! You are both a disgrace to your families!

The Worm.....................

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Grand National

The winner was Comply or Die!

I bet a lot of Labour MPs won a packet backing that one, because it will have reminded them of Labours attitude towards the taxpayers of this country!
You won't be getting your perks funded by us once you're hoofed out of office, you self serving bastards!

The Worm.........................

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Terminal 5

What a fiasco!

BA abd BAA have made our country the laughing stock of the world!

I can't wait for the Olympics in 2012!

That will be over budget and a right shambles too!

Maybe we should put it back 'til 2014?

Your ever optimistic Worm............................

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Shannon Matthews Step dad

Shannon Matthews, the little girl abducted for 24 days, has had her stepfather? arrested for posessing child pornography on his computer!

No wonder the poor kid still hasn't been re-united with her family!
( I thought that was a little fishy! )

Was he abusing her? and what about the rest of the kids?

String the scum bastard up by his balls!

Your pedo hating Worm.........................

Go Green?

Yet again, our Government is urging us all to go "Green"!

We are already doing our bit Gordon, by paying all of the Green taxes you keep imposing on us!

It's the Government that should be going Green by spending these Green taxes on Green issues, and not straight into the Exchequer to prop up their Wars and failed policies!

When you start taking it that seriously Gordon, I will too!

Til then, bugger off!

Your "Browned off" Worm...................

Sunday, 30 March 2008

A sign of the times!

I've just read an article in the papers today, which says that migrant workers are returning home in droves because they can't afford to work and live here on the minimum wage any more.

Now that should tell you just how well you're doing Gordon!

At least they have somewhere to escape to, unlike us Brits!

The rats have now started to abandon the sinking ship!

Rule Britannia!

The Worm........................

Friday, 28 March 2008

Salaries and Inflation

Happy days!

I've just recieved a 3% increase in my salary and inflation is only 2.5%, so I'm better off!

Yeah right!

You can't fool all of the people all of the time Gordon, as you will find out to your cost at the next Council and General Elections!

Your time has run out!

How can someone so clever and educated, be so bloody stupid as to think that he'll get away with his dishonest figures for much longer?

I'm now going to put 2 gallons of diesel in my car, and blow my 0.5% windfall!

Your deflated Worm............................

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The next Council Elections!

Boy oh boy!

Is Labour going to get a trouncing or what!

You've shit on the honest hard working voters of this country just once too often (the last Budget) Gordon bloody Brown!

Pander to us for a change, instead of foreigners, the workshy, and the piss taking benefit claiments.

It's us, the hard working men and women of this country, that funds you and your cronies, not them!

But at least you'll be able to count on their votes because you look after them so well!

The Worms are gonna get you!!!

The Worm...........................

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Emryo legislation

The Catholic Church has just urged all Catholic MPs and Ministers to resign rather than vote on this issue!

Fat chance your Worships!

Feathering their own nests comes before their religion!

In fact, feathering their own nest IS their religion, and bugger all of the stupid sods that vote for them!

The Worm.........................

Thursday, 20 March 2008


The Train drivers and Teachers are going to strike over pay!

Council workers are after a 6% increase!

Teachers 10%!

There are more in the pipeline to come my friends, without a doubt!

These are the first signs that this government is pushing the Tax payer too far!

The Worms are starting to turn again Gordon!

Remember the "Winter of Discontent" Gordon?

How can anybody be "content" in this country, when all we read and hear about on the news is how we're all gonna get financialy screwed next?

The "I told you so" Worm.......................

Monday, 17 March 2008


I've just seen a report that says that most of us aren't using our ISA allowances.

Well I'm not bloody suprised!

Not many of us can save a penny after we've been bled dry by this bloody government!

What I wouldn't give to be able to save £3000 a year to use up my allowance!

Get in the real world you force on us to live in Gordon, because there are more "have nots" in this country than "haves!

The Worm.........................

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Shannons' mum, Karen Matthews.

What a disgrace!

32 years old.
7 kids!
5 fathers!
On benefit!

What a disgraceful role model for her children she is!

You can imagine just how that brood will turn out in later life can't you!

Please either neuter her, or fit her with a chastity belt and throw away the key!

The Worm............................

4 x 4's

As I've said in a previous blog, if the government are feeling that strongly about the green effect of these gas guzzlers, they should ban importing them into the country altogether! If they are that bad, it seems the only sensible thing to do!

However, being the 2 faced bastards that they are, they won't, because they make too much revenue out of them!

"GREEN"? I don't think so! Green is just an excusable facade to tax us even more!

"BROWN" is more like it! ( as in "Gordon The Bloodsucker Brown!" )

God, I hate these politicians!

The Worms will turn soon Gordon! ( and you'll wonder why you stupid bastard! )

The Worm......................

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Our Eyesight!

In my early years ( here he goes again! ) not many people wore glasses.
( If they did, they had the piss taken out of them as it was so rare! They were called "speccy" or "4 eyes" )

The reason could be that we either couldn't afford them as we can now, or maybe because we didn't need them!

Anyway, I sincerely believe our eyesight has has been impaired over the years by the use of fluorecent lighting everywhere other than our homes. ???

So what does this Government do?

They are banning the sale of traditional light bulbs for the home soon, only to force us to buy the more expensive "green" energy saving bulbs.

Have you experienced them yet?

I have, and to be honest, it's a big mistake!

I have just received a delivery of some, and to be honest, I worry!

Not only are they very expensive to buy, they are ugly, twice the size, throw out an awful dim light, and is much worse than fluorecent to my eyes.

So don't worry about the "green" issue, coz in 20 or 30 years time you won't be able to SEE the the effect we're trying to make.

Great news for Specsavers and the manufacturers, but not for you and me I think!

As usual in this bloody soft country of ours, we go 1 step forward, and 3 steps back!

No doubt, our future Governments will tax us heavily for our eye tests too! (Bless 'em!)

Your Blindworm..........

Yes, there is such a thing as a Blindworm! Look it up!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Budget

Same crap, different Chancellor!

In one hand and out with the other!

Instead of taxing us to pay for their White Elephants, why not fit their plans to what we are already taxed?

Now that's called budgeting!

If you don't have it, you don't spend it!

Give me some good news for a change, instead of this 6 monthly belt tightening!

The Scots and the Welsh will probably be ok though, as their assemblies will see to that! If only our Government would look after us too!

The Worm..................

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Master Chef

In it'self, not as bad programme, but the contestants worry me.

Most seem to be well paid professional people ( doctors, accountants, surveyors, IT people )

So who in their right mind, would want to throw away a lucrative career, to work all hours in a hot sweaty kitchen in a 1* Michelin resaurant for comparative peanuts?

Starting up your own restaurant can be pretty daunting, and I don't think there is call for yet another celebraty chef on our TVs at the moment

So why? Coz it beats me!

The Worm........................

Thursday, 6 March 2008

My blood is really boiling!

I've just read that the prescription charges in England are going up yet another
25p in April!

This is an absolute disgrace, seeing as both Scotland and Wales get free prescriptions!

Both nations hate the English with a vengence, yet they are more than happy to let us, the English, subsidise them.

And it's just the same as the new eastern block countries we allow to join the EU!

Their countries are bankrupt, have absolutely nothing to contribute to the EU (other than cheap labour) and yet they are getting handouts left right and centre!
Nice work if you can get it!

I'm sick and tired of being bled dry by our Government, only to see my hard earned money being given away willy nilly to these leaches!

There is trouble ahead, mark my words Gordon bloody Brown!

Your fuming Worm.......................

Sunday, 2 March 2008

An EU Referendum?

I don't know about you, but I certainly want a referendum!

Not because I understand all of the issues, but because I was promised one!

As usual, our politicians say one thing, and do another when it suits them!

I find this totally unacceptable!

Maybe EU control is the best way forward for our country? Who knows?

All I know, is that I dont think they couldn't make that much a bigger balls up of the UK than this lot are!

Or could they?

Having said that, after seeing the way the British public vote on these endless reality programmes, I'm not so sure that it is such a good idea after all!

The Worm......................

The Eurovision

Oh bloody hell. Wrong again!

Someone should have told the phone-in voters that this is a song contest, and not X Factor where you vote for your favourite artiste.

He wrote the song himself, and sounds suspiciously familiar in places to me!

It's a reasonable song in itself, but Michelle Gayles' song was definitely a more stronger as a Euro contender! ( in my opinion )

Even Andy looked genuinely shocked at the result!

Yes, the voters have screwed up yet again!

As usual, an Eastern Bloc country will no doubt win it because they will all stick together as usual. It will be genuinely awful, and will only sell 2 copies over here.

Andys' on the other hand, will fail miserably, but will at least get into our top 10 because of his popularity.

Nice one Andy, more cash in the dustbin!

I give up!

The Worm............................

Saturday, 1 March 2008

The next Election

I can't wait for that to happen!

I'm sincerely hoping that I am canvassed by all of the major parties, because they will all get a lambasting from me if they do!

They promise us the world, only to do exactly what they like when they get in!

They don't live in my or your world, so how can they honestly represent you or I?

How many of our present MPs live in council housing, are badly affected by the cost of living, and sit at the kitchen table at the end of each month, with their bills and bank statements, wondering how they are going to cope, like the majority in this country?

Answer: None!

My local millionaire MP could quite easily write a cheque and buy my house outright, and not bat an eyelid!

So don't tell me they can represent me, because they have no idea!

You and I don't enjoy their benefits and expenses they have, so how can they understand what they put the likes of you and me through?

They don't worry about the effect of fuel prices, because the can claim travel allowances, they don't worry about the mortgage rate either because they can claim for it, and although they all pay lip service to our pensioners, they give them a pittance for 50 years of hard work. If they faced a retirement living what our goverment begrudgedly gives us, things would soon change! But of course they won't will they, because they've made sure to look after themselves at our expense!

I hate the lot of them!

The self serving bastards!

Your virilant Worm................

Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Final Frontier!

So the UK are considering going into Manned Space flights!

How can we afford to do that?

I know for a fact, that just 1 screw holding the windscreen of a Boeing in place can cost up to £400 each! so how much would this exercise cost us, the British taxpayer?

It will be years late, the budget will quadruple, and we'll probably sell off our interests for a quid when we run out of money as usual!

We can do this, yet we can't give our pensioners an extra fiver a week!

It's an absolutely disgraceful waste of money!

Leave it to the Yanks and Ruskies!

The Worm.................

The Yanks!

Why oh why, do the Americans have to try and change the world?

Please don't get me wrong!

I've been to the States many times, and love them.

However, why can't they conform to things that have been established in the world for centuries, instead of trying to change things to their way of thinking, as this can cause so much confusion.

An American gallon is only 7 pints compared to our 8.

They also bastardise the English language.

They use a different date system to the rest of the world too!

We all know about the tragic attack on the Twin Towers, and they refer to it as 9/11.

However, to you and I and the rest of the world, 9/11 is the 9th of November, when in fact it occured on the 11th of September!

Also, I'm sure I read an article a while ago, that they wanted to change the worlds time zones to fit in with theirs!

What is wrong with them?

Why can't they conform?

Is it that important to them?

Your conventional Worm..............

Monday, 11 February 2008

The Archbishop of Canterbury

I don't think he should resign because of his Sharia law comments.

He should be sacked!

Doesn't he realise that he's causing more problems for Muslims in this country than he's trying to cure?

Me ( and most of my friends) are sick and tired of the way the British culture is being eroded by our cowtailing to immigrants and foreigners.

They seem to have more rights than we have!

It's bad enough being dictated to by Brussels!

So the message is simple as far as I'm concerned.

I am happy for you to work and live along side us, as long as you fit in the best you can with us, abide by our laws, and don't expect special treatment!

If you can't accept this, PISS OFF!

How would I fare in India, Africa, Asia, and the rest of our EU partners?

Answer: Not very well!

For god's sake, wake up before it's too late everyone!

Even Queen Victoria must be turning in her grave!

Your very Patriotic Worm........................

Friday, 8 February 2008

Poor Amy Winehouse!

So the US Government has declined her application for a Visa, and she'll miss the Grammies!

Well who can blame them!

They have enough Crackheads of their own, without importing more from England!

Don't whinge Amy!

You reap what you sow!

The Worm....................

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The England Football Team

So Capello has intruduced a set of rules for the players.

Good for him!

It's about time these overpaid prima donnas toed the line!

One more rule please Fabio!


That goes for all sportsmen representing their country in my book!

If they want the kudos and honour of representing their country, they should at least have the respect to learn and sing it with pride whenever its played!

Your Patriotic Worm....................

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Tax needn't be taxing?

Everytime I hear that reasonable voice on the radio telling me that 'Tax needn't be taxing' my blood pressure goes up, and I want to punch the bastards face in!

It shouldn't be taxing, but of course, it is!

I have a relative in a senior position in a tax office and working for them for over 35 years, and he tells me that there has been so many staffing cut backs over the years to save money, that they now have to employ inexperienced temp staff to cover, and they have no idea what's going on either!

They send us a bill, and we pay it, because we assume they are right, and they threaten us with everything but death if we don't! (but they won't do that cos we won't be able to pay!)

Stand up for yourselves and question everything Wormies!

I do, and I don't let them get away with a thing!

They should be re-named The Gestapo, because that is exactly how they behave!

And they wonder why nobody loves the taxman?

PS. I've just read an article that says that the Taxman is losing £1bn every year in
errors on Tax Credits!
If only they were efficiant enough to do the job properly, we would not have to
endure more tax hikes to pay for it!

The Worm....................

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

MPs again!

So yet another MP has been caught out practicing financial skulduggery!

They quite happily financialy burden the 'have nots' of this country, while they quietly feather their own nests at our expense!

The bastards!

The Worm...........................

Monday, 28 January 2008



I've read that the Government have approved the Royal Mints decision, not to have images of Britannia on our coins anymore.


I can't help but feeling, that she will be replaced with Muslim, Hindu, and other ethnic symbols in the future.

Why is this Government hell bent on dismantling everything British in this country?

In 100 years time, the white Englishman will probably be an ethnic minority in the UK!

No, I'm not racist, but I'm proud to be an Englishman, proud of my heritage, history (like our immigrant population are), and like every other nation, would like to maintain my national identity!

Not too much to expect is it?

The traitors!

Your patriotic Worm....................

Sunday, 27 January 2008

This pisses me off!

Why oh why, whenever I need to contact a call centre, book a holiday, or order something by phone, do I have to call an 0800 number?

These calls can be very expensive, and I can't understand why they can't use a standard code number.

Probably cos they make money out of it!

This just isn't fair!
A 10 minute call can cost a fortune!

Ripped off yet again!

The Worm............................

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Compulsary cooking lessons at schools?

I've just read that schools will be giving compulsary cooking lessons for teenagers, to encourage them to eat healthier.

What happened to our education system?

Cooking WAS compulsary when I was educated, and the family always looked forward to what my sister bought home on a Thursday night.

The problem is, we've had successive Governments and Liberal do gooders toying with the system over the years!

They abolished the times table up to 12x12 parrot fashion, because it was deemed to be demeaning. Maybe, maybe not, but I don't need a calculator to work out the simplest of sums like the kids of today have to!

All they are doing, is slowly going back to the way things were in the 50's and

So the lesson is, 'if it ain't bloody broken, don't try to fix it!'

If they'd left well enough alone, our kids would be so much better off for it now!

We all learn from our mistakes, so please learn yours Gordon, and the rest of your ministerial prats too!

Life here in the UK should be so much better!

Your numerate Worm....................