Monday, 31 December 2007

A Happy New Year to my reader! hehehe!

A Happy New Year?

I don't know about you, but I always wish people a Happy New Year, and hope that it will be better than the last one for all of us, but somehow, it never happens does it.
Life is so stressful and complicated now. (and this is progress?)

50 years ago, I can remember my parents keeping their bills and correspondance in a drawer. Today, I have a filing cabinet full of the stuff!
Just running the home has become a second full time job!

I had a childhood school friend visit me from New Zealand earlier this year.
He emigrated about 20 years ago, and was absolutely shocked at the way life has become in the UK.
The stupid laws we suffer, PC, cameras everywhere, house prices, taxation, community charges, law and order, immigration, the average wage, the cost of living etc, and said thank god he got out!
He was so sad to see the way that his country had become, and would never want to come back to live!

But he did make a very good point though!

He lives in New Zealand, and with a population of only 4 to 5 million, there is only so much tax you can raise, so there isn't the money to go round to spend on all of the crap you and I have to put up with!

If only our Government(s) spent the money they take from us on our happiness!

The uk would be Shangrila!

I envy him so much!

Happy New Year Wormies!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

MPs Expenses!

Did you know that MPs only have to provide an expense receipt if it exceeds
£250 !

Now there's a licence to print money if ever I saw one!

The Worm..................

MPs salaries

So our MPs will be voting on an increase to their salaries of 10%, in a 3 year deal, in the New Year.

I wonder whether they will vote against it because it is well above the percentage that the've set for the people that really run the country? ie our Council workers, Police, Nurses, Firefighters etc.

Don't forget that they also get very generous expenses, which unlike you and I, covers their travel into work, meals, accomodation etc, so in real terms, they
will get a hell of a lot more than 10%.

But being the honest hard working representatives of the people that we voted for to make our lives better, they will vote against it and demand less I'm sure.

Yeah right!

They want us to give them more money for the privelege of pissing us all off!
They really do a fine job at that don't they!

What a bunch of two faced bastards they all are!

The Worm.....................

Thursday, 20 December 2007


I've just read that motorists using their mobiles whilst driving, could be jailed for up to two years!

So let me get this straight.

Because of our over crowded prisons, we are letting off buglars with a caution, letting out rapists, murderers, muggers, paedophiles, drug dealers, and fraudsters early, and will be spending billions on new prisons in the near future.
We are then going to fill them up again with people, who's only crime is to be stupid enough to use their phone in the car?

Stupid, Stupid, Bloody Stupid!

If our prisons were more Draconian like the old days, our sentencing wasn't so lenient, and our Police were as efficient in catching criminals as they are motorists, the premeditating criminals in this country would think twice before committing a crime, because it wouldn't be worth the risk would it!

We don't need to build more prisons, because the crime rate would drop dramaticaly!

What do you think?

The Worm.....................

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


So when have you seen a bill, or product go up by a mere 2.5% this year?

Because that is what the Government laughably tell us what inflation is!

Answer: Never!

If real inflation went up by this figure, you and I would be a lot better off!

The Government seem to base their figures on the prices of economy labeled food in Tesco's!

Get real you dishonest bastards!

The Worm.....................

British wages

I have just read (with some disbelief) that the Government have told us, that immigrants are not affecting the wage and salaries in this country.

Do you believe this?

I, in the year 2000, temped for an agency as a forklift truck driver for £7.50. an hour for a while.

Never guess what the going rate is now!

You've guessed it! Still £7.50. an hour (if you're lucky!)

So if it isn't immigrants, willing to work for the minimum wage (whilst also claiming benefits for wives and children in their own countries) what is the cause for our wage standstill?

How the hell do we manage to survive I ask myself.

The answer: Credit!

The Governments' massaged figures never cease to amaze me, and they are amazed at why so many people are up to thier eyeballs in debt!

They must think we're all as thick as they are!

We can see it, so why can't they!

The Worm.......................

Monday, 17 December 2007

Strictly Come Dancing

Well. if you lot vote like you did in the X Factor,
it wouldn't suprise me if Bruce Forsythe won!

He'd get your sympathy vote for sure!

The Worm....................

Postal humour?

Am I losing the plot Wormies?

I get all sorts of bills and letters from companies like you do I'm sure.

I then get a PS, asking whether they have my right address!

Well if they didn't, I wouldn't be reading the letter would I?

Your confused Worm.....................

The X Factor!

I don't usually watch these types of programmes, but as an ex professional singer myself, (no, I don't think that I could win it!) I have watched with great interest.

I'd like to think that I have an objective, honest, and very balanced view!

So how the hell did Leon win? I've seen better at my local Working Mens Club! (and the Duo were no better!)

Rhydion, without a shadow of a doubt, was head and shoulders above the rest of the field from the very start, yet you lot voted him 2nd! (no, I didn't vote, because I resent filling Simon Cowells pockets even more!)

He may have lost the final, but time will tell that he was the winner in the end!

With the right management and guidence (in my opinion), he could be the next Freddie Mercury with his voice and flamboyance!

Only time will tell, but remember I told you so first!

Simon Cowell must be pissed off, knowing that he has now got to spend a promised £1,000,000 to try to make a silk purse out of a sows ear hole with Leon!

Because he won, Leon will now doubt have the Christmas No.1 single, but in 10 years time, he will probably be filling shelves in Tescos' to make a living like so many others before him if he's not careful!

He got the sympathy vote from you, and the whole of Scotland voting for him too, in spite of his mediocrity (just like that ugly fat Scots bitch Michelle McMannus in Pop Idol!) (so where is she now then?)
A Pop Idol? I don't think so, but she had her 15 minutes of fame didn't she, doing ok, and making a few bob in the proccess, so to my mind, good luck to her.

The great British public just can't help but vote with their hearts instead of their heads can they!

There's only 3 talented people (possessing what I consider to be the X Factor) to come out of this programme in my opinion.

Probably Will Young, Shane Ward, but definitely Leonna Lewis! (what a voice!)

But look out for Rhydion though, 'cos he's here to stay mark my words!

Your unbiased Worm......................

PS. Was the result fixed?

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Fuel prices, and the cost of living!

Inflation is less than 3%?

What a load of bollox!

Not for you and me it isn't!

There's only one way to stop these spiraling costs!

Take away the Cabinet and MP expenses!

Make them pay their own way to live and work like you and I have to do, make them spend their own money to support themselves, and then put a limit of 2% on their annual salaries.


The cost of living and fuel prices would then become a hell of a lot lower than they are now I'm sure!

Take away all of their priveleges, and expose them to exactly what you and I have to endure.
You and I don't enjoy their benefits do we!

To understand and represent the people, you have to live like the people!


I should be PM!

I'd look after you!

The Worm.........................

The Polls (or is it The Poles?) hehehe!

So Labour's ratings in the polls are losing ground every day!

I wonder why?

Perhaps it't because you and I are fed up with the Governments daily persecution of the working man, who's only wish is to be treated with respect instead of contempt?

Not a lot to ask I think?

When all of our Labour Ministers and back benchers are sitting in opposition after the next General Election, they will wonder why, and the answer is so simple isn't it!


You are all a bunch of self serving practised liars, and deserve your enevitable demise!

I'm only pissed off that the lot of you will get a nice pension (unlike me) for your treachery

What a disgraceful bunch of bungling tossers you are!

My only hope is, is that the next Government will learn from this showers mistakes, but I'm not sure anything will ever change in my life time!

Your pissed off Worm............

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Fabio Capello

£30 million for a four and a half year contract?

The FA are having a bloody laugh! (so's Fabio!)

I stopped going to live matches years ago, when I realised that our so called footballers were earning more in a week than I was in a year.

They don't have a lust for the game and winning like they did in the old days!
Just a lust for money and a fabulous lifestyle!

Put them on performance related pay, and then we might just see a bit more silverware!

Fabio, you're on a hiding to nothing, and will be paid more than your worth to fail, because the players that you have to choose from are no more than non talented self indulgent shits!

I can't remember the name of the film he starred in as an England manager, but Ricky Tomlinson would probably do a better job for a fraction of the price! hehehe!

Come back Stanley Mathews,Billy Wright, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton etc!
They were real footballers!

The Worm, (that remembers football when it was football!)

Friday, 14 December 2007

For god's sake, why?

Why the hell, do we, the British, have to poke our noses into every conflict that comes along in the world?

According to our past and present Governments, we just can't afford to spend our taxes to support our NHS, Pensioners etc properly, because there isn't enough money to go round, yet they can find the money to spend, willy nilly, going to war in a country that is not our concern?

So where do these countless millions come from then?

Who said that we and the Americans should be the worlds policemen?

We'll leave Iraq and Afghanistan eventualy with our tails between our legs, will spend billions in aid, and just be despised for it!

You should have spent that money on us Gordon!

If you only would, you could be PM forever!

But please don't forget our poor brave dead soldiers!
Money can't compensate for that!

You have blood on your hands Labour!

We are the laughing stock of the world, and it's you the Government that's to blame!

You can't look after your own people Gordon, but are happy to look after everyone else, you wanker!

You and our previous governments are an absolute disgrace, and you are a traitor to the people that elected the Labour Party!

Stop looking after the world, and start looking after the people that elected you to look after them for a change, before it's too late!

If you don't, you'll be sitting on the back benches after the next General Election wondering why? You fucking idiots!

But of course our Ministers and MPs won't suffer for their actions, because they always do a fine job (for a change) looking after themselves don't they!

Try living in OUR world for a while you bastards! (worrying about your next months bills, the mortgage rate, speed cameras, the community charge, and god knows how many more fines you can possibly impose on us honest citizens) and you just might appreciate the shit and misery you dish out to the people that employed you to look after them!

Your very virilent and pissed off Worm.....................

The waiting list!

So, scientists are going to a hospital to MRI scan an ancient mummy!

I know the NHS have waiting lists, but I didn't realise that the queue was quite that long!


Your sometimes humerous Worm..................

Princess Diana

I don't know about you, but like me, dont you find it strange that 10 years after her death, new witnesses, new video footage, new accounts of the night, are still coming out in this latest inquest?

Why didn't all this come out 10 years ago?

How many more inquests does there have to be to achieve the same outcome, before we can lay this poor ladys memory to rest at last?

It must be very painful for her sons and Dodies dad.

Your sceptical but understanding Worm............


I've just read an article on my home page, telling me that our Government will be donating £2.134 billion over the next three years to the IMF world anti-poverty fund.

How the hell can we do that?

We borrow billions, yet we give it all away to everyone and his dog, but never have enough money to look after OUR sick, OUR disabled, OUR pensioners, OUR homeless, and OUR deserving poor !

"Charity begins at home" you bastards!

Why do organisations like Cancer Research, The NSPCC, Age Concern, etc, have to rely on charity, when our Government can do this?

It's an absolute disgrace, and I despair!

Will there ever be a Government in this country that will put its people first?

I know he was a bastard, but Hitler had the right idea in his early days.

He put his people first above everything and everyone else, which is why he was adored and followed by the German people unreservedly (more's the pity), because that is what his people wanted. To be put first! I don't think that's unreasonable, do you?

Surely, this is all you and I want?


After all, that is why we vote for a particular party isn't it!

It was just a pity the idiot went off the rails and started World War2!
If he hadn't, I'm sure Germany would be even greater than they are now.

So what are you going to do about it?


If you don't do something about it, you deserve all you get!

Unfortunatly, you lot (not me!) all suffer with the great British disease!
(yes, that is the correct spelling, but I had to look it up!) lol!


Your very Patriotic but disillusioned Worm............. >

My Carbon Footprint!

So what am I going to do about my Carbon Footprint?


You and I are financialy raped with "green" taxes at every given opportunity by the Government, and yet, the billions they raise doesn't go into a "green" fund to tackle the problems at all!
It goes straight into the Exchequer (suprise suprise!) to pay for their failures, and our ever growing population of non working immigrants and scroungers.

When you show me that you are spending these taxes to try and solve the problems we're told we have, I might take you seriously Gordon!

Until then, BOLLOX!

Your "browned off" Worm...................

Englands excuse for a national team!

As usual, you and I have been let down by the overpaid ballerinas that dare to insult our intelligence by calling themselves footballers!

Why was Maclarren given the job in the first place?
After all, he was the other half of a failed management team!
So why?

It's a sad indictment on our game when we can't find an Englishman to the job!

It wouldn't supprise me if we had to get some foriegn players in to play for England, just like we do in the Premiership, because English football is dead!

Beckham, Rooney, Owen, Gerrard, etc, are just self serving money grabbing bastards, only interested in their bank balances, encouraged by the WAGS! Even they make money out of football !

So the FA are going to fork out millions for Fabio Cappello.
A bloody Italian that can't speak a word of English!
I wonder where his loyalties will lie when (if!) we get to play Italy in the World Cup!

Unfortunately, he will fail too, because he will be choosing a team from the same bag of shit that the last lot had!

I wish him every success, but to coin an old addage
"you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear"

But you'll earn a bloody fortune tryng Fabio!

Nice work if you can get it!

Your despairing Worm..............