Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Fat Duck Restaurant

So Heston Blumenthals' Fat Duck eatery has been given the all clear to open again after 400 of his customers went down with stomach problems!
Serves them right!
His customers go there so that they can boast to their friends and feel affluent.
They can now boast they got the shits too! Hahaha!
Who in their right minds would be prepared to pay £130 for his "tasting menu" knowing that the ingredients cost no more than a tenner!
Certainly not me!
Having said that, I'm sure that a vast number of benefit claiments that you and I support can afford to go there!

Your hungry Worm...............

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Jades kids!

So who gets the custody of Jades two young boys once she's passed away?

Their biological father Jeff Brazier, or the waster new husband of hers Jack Tweed, that can't keep himself out of trouble because of his drinking and foul aggressive temper?
The papers say he "can't" work.
More like doesn't want to now he's latched on to Jade!

I fear for those boys, as it will always be about money, and not their genuine welfare!

Your concerned Worm....................

Monday, 2 March 2009

Pensions for the priviledged!

Forget Sir Fred The Shred!

Take a look at the Police pension system!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can retire from the force at the age of fifty, and get it paid from day one, yet are still able to carry on working in another field!
Surely a pension is something that you receive when you retire from work completely?

I personally know of a high ranking officer, who a year before his retirement, was promoted, so he could claim a better final salary pension (he's admitted that to me!)
God knows how much that was, but I bet his pension if way above what you and I have ever earned in our lives!
He has since started up his own very successful security company, and has recently bought a new £600,000 house, and is still receiving his police pension!
He has never paid in what he's getting out, so where is the shortfall coming from?
Answer: YOU AND ME!

It is a well know fact, that between 30% to 40% of police expenditure is used up on police pensions!

I don't pay my taxes for the policing of this country to support these leaches, and it should be stopped!!!!!!!

But of course it won't stop will it!

The establishment will always look after themselves, just like Councils and MPs.

Your very angry Worm..............

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sir Fred the Shed

What a bloody shambles!

He's given a knighthood for his services to banking, only to be got rid of because he fucked up completely and has cost the tax payer billions.

Then, to add insult to injury, he's given a pension to the tune of £650,000 a year at the age of 50!

What a bloody disgrace!

Strip him of the knighthood, and strip him of the pension that he obviously hasn't paid much into.

Would you and I on our meagre pensions be treated so well?

No bloody way!

The Worm................

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jacqui Smith MP

Falsely claiming a 2nd housing allowance?

Yet again, one of our trusted members of parliament doing what MPs do best.

Lining their own pockets!

Irrespective of whether she's kept within the rules or not, why are MPs cosseted so much?
Why aren't they paying their own way like you and I have to?
If they had to live in the real world like you and I, life would be so much better because it would affect them too, and they wouldn't bloody like it!

You and I don't get help with our mortgages.
You and I don't get help paying our travel expenses to get to work.
Whatever "perk" you and I get at work is taxed!

All you and I do is try to cope the best we can, and pay through the nose for everything.

So why not them?

Stop the perks, and make them live in the conditions that they happily impose on us!

Our MPs are no better than the benefit fraudsters that they want to crack down on!

But of course, they don't count!!!!!!!!!!

The Worm......................

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Car prices!

I've just been looking on the net at adverts for brand new cars (not that I can afford one) and the discounts are amazing!
All this tells me, is that they were vastly over priced anyway!
If they can sell stuff at those prices and still make a profit, why not normally?
Go anywhere in the world, and you will find things are a lot cheaper!
We always pay through the nose for everything in the UK!
If you want to buy something, look around and screw them for what ever you can, 'cos they've done it to you for long enough!

Your very price aware Wormie.................

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What's it all about, Alfie?

Well you must have guessed what it's all about by now!
Not theirs, ours!
He demands a DNA test, and who pays?
You and me!
When he and the little slag trash mother can't get a job, who will look after them and the baby?

Their parents?


You and me!

You see them on the TV, and they look so proud of themselves!


If they were my kids I'd kill 'em!
Even their parents daren't show their faces and hide behind masks!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's their parents that are persuing all of the media attention!


If this wasn't about money, why employ Max Clifford as their representative?
These scumbag families are a bloody disgrace, and I resent having to keep them in a lifestyle better than yours and mine!
Once this or any other Government gets tough with these opportunist professional leaches, the better!

Make 'em work like you and I have to!!!!!!!!!!

They're nothing but trash (and they know it)!

Your ever begrudging Worm...............