Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jacqui Smith MP

Falsely claiming a 2nd housing allowance?

Yet again, one of our trusted members of parliament doing what MPs do best.

Lining their own pockets!

Irrespective of whether she's kept within the rules or not, why are MPs cosseted so much?
Why aren't they paying their own way like you and I have to?
If they had to live in the real world like you and I, life would be so much better because it would affect them too, and they wouldn't bloody like it!

You and I don't get help with our mortgages.
You and I don't get help paying our travel expenses to get to work.
Whatever "perk" you and I get at work is taxed!

All you and I do is try to cope the best we can, and pay through the nose for everything.

So why not them?

Stop the perks, and make them live in the conditions that they happily impose on us!

Our MPs are no better than the benefit fraudsters that they want to crack down on!

But of course, they don't count!!!!!!!!!!

The Worm......................

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