Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What's it all about, Alfie?

Well you must have guessed what it's all about by now!
Not theirs, ours!
He demands a DNA test, and who pays?
You and me!
When he and the little slag trash mother can't get a job, who will look after them and the baby?

Their parents?


You and me!

You see them on the TV, and they look so proud of themselves!


If they were my kids I'd kill 'em!
Even their parents daren't show their faces and hide behind masks!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's their parents that are persuing all of the media attention!


If this wasn't about money, why employ Max Clifford as their representative?
These scumbag families are a bloody disgrace, and I resent having to keep them in a lifestyle better than yours and mine!
Once this or any other Government gets tough with these opportunist professional leaches, the better!

Make 'em work like you and I have to!!!!!!!!!!

They're nothing but trash (and they know it)!

Your ever begrudging Worm...............

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