Monday, 2 March 2009

Pensions for the priviledged!

Forget Sir Fred The Shred!

Take a look at the Police pension system!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can retire from the force at the age of fifty, and get it paid from day one, yet are still able to carry on working in another field!
Surely a pension is something that you receive when you retire from work completely?

I personally know of a high ranking officer, who a year before his retirement, was promoted, so he could claim a better final salary pension (he's admitted that to me!)
God knows how much that was, but I bet his pension if way above what you and I have ever earned in our lives!
He has since started up his own very successful security company, and has recently bought a new £600,000 house, and is still receiving his police pension!
He has never paid in what he's getting out, so where is the shortfall coming from?
Answer: YOU AND ME!

It is a well know fact, that between 30% to 40% of police expenditure is used up on police pensions!

I don't pay my taxes for the policing of this country to support these leaches, and it should be stopped!!!!!!!

But of course it won't stop will it!

The establishment will always look after themselves, just like Councils and MPs.

Your very angry Worm..............

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