Saturday, 24 March 2007

Gordon Browns initials!


Just how much more of his robbery does he think we can take?

The Worm.....................

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

4x4's (my 50th post on the site!)

You don't have to increase road tax to rid our roads of gas guzzling 4x4's Gordon!
All you have to do is stop them coming into the country! Simple!
But of course, that would mean losing the import duty, VAT on the sale of the vehical, and the tax on fuel, so best not eh!
You don't have a green issue at all!
Your only aim is to raise even more money to prop up the Governments failed promises!

You are a slimey two faced bastard!

I would rather eat shit than vote for you! And I'll probably have to, if my disposable income gets any worse after you've finished with me!

It's only a matter of time 'til the worms finally turns against you!

And I'll be at the front of the queue!

The Worm............................

PS. No, I don't own a 4x4!

The Budget 21/3/07

Could someone please tell me why this latest Budget is being advertised as Gordon Browns last?
Is he stepping down no matter what? (god I wish he would!)
The Premiership is up for grabs to any Labour MP, but of course, GB is a front running candidate.
The reason, as far as I can see, is that the result is stitched up already!
Labour are simply going through the motions to convince us that we all live in a fair, democratic society, when in fact it's just another dictatorship dressed up in sheeps clothing!

Surely it should be down to the voters to choose the leader, and not the self serving lackeys in the party, that the candidate has in his or her pocket!

Like it or not, we're gonna be lumbered with him!

Sieg Heil!

The Worm................

What a sad state of affairs!

God, life in England has become so bloody sad!

I was in the town recently, when I saw a very young little tot, walking along very shakily, and on her own.
The poor little thing fell over, and started to cry, quite distressed.
My natural instinct (just like yours probably) was to go over to her, pick her up, and calm her down.
So what did I do?
And why?
Because if I had of done, I would have been accused of child abduction, and god knows what else!
So I looked around for the parents, only to find them walking in front, about 15 yards away, and completely oblivious of what was going on.
So I called to them, and they went to the little girls aid.

Now is that bloody sad or what!!!
Sad, because I couldn't go the the little girls aid for fear of being arrested!
And sad, because her parents were not protecting, and looking after her! The scum bags!
Some people just don't deserve the gift of children!

A sad state of affairs I think you'd agree!

Your very sad Worm.............................

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

"It's a funny old game!"

I'm not talking football!
I'm talking cricket!
Me, being quite the simple bugger that I am, can quite easily understand the scoring of football!
Whoever gets the most goals wins!
Easy peasy!
But cricket? Forget it!
I just can't understand it! Winning by 35 runs, or 2 wickets, mystifies me completely!
But what is more confusing is this.
The bowler bowls the ball.
The batsman hits the ball.
The ball goes into the air.
The fielder goes to catch the ball, but trips, but with athletic agility and incredible skill, recovers, and makes an impossible,fantastic, and unbelievable catch, much to the disbelief of the crowd. He is a hero! The whole crowd goes wild with jubilation!
So what happens?
The whole team pats the bowler on the back!
All he did was throw the bloody ball!

A very very very confused Worm..................

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Gordons Dental Problem.

I was very sorry to read that Gordon Brown needed emergency dental treatment recently.

Very sorry that he couldn't find an NHS dentist.

Also very sorry that he had to pay to be treated too.

And even sorrier that he didn't give me a call!

I would have quite happily punched his teeth out for nothing!

Why not visit this site Gordon, then you might just realise how much misery you are responsible for!

Just like a toothache!

The Worm..........................

The Food We Waste!

I don't need to be told in the papers that we waste up to a third of the food we buy!
I see it my house every week!

Every week-end, my wife goes to the Supermarket to buy the papers, and a "few things that we need".
3 hours later, she arrives home with the car loaded to the gunnells with goodies!
She will then spend about 20 minutes, going through the fridge, and throwing out anything she doesn't like the look of, or is past it's sell by date, only to re-stock it again with much the same! I wouldn't mind, but when I check out what's being thrown out, I find that most of it is perfectly edible, but "out of date"
I think that this practise is absolutely stupid!
Is there anybody out there, that honestly believes that at the stroke of midnight on the "consume by date! the product suddenly turns from good to bad?
No, of course not. These dates are guidelines, and are not written in stone!
Properly refridgerated, these products will last a lot longer.
So applying that principle alone, you could find yourself saving a lot of money over the course of a year!

Now there's food for thought!

The Worm...........................

NB. We emptied the fridge a while ago, because we were going on a two week holiday. To my amazement, I realised that there was a light inside!

Saturday, 17 March 2007

The Eurovision Song Contest.

Ever since the emergance of The Beatles in the 60's, this country has influenced the world, with our quality Artistes, songs, and music!

So how come we turn out such crap entries at the Euro, year after year?

We don't stand a chance of ever winning it again if we continue to submit songs of such abysmal standards!

The Worm............................

Brown or Prescott?

Vice Captain?

To me, if anything happened to the Leader, the deputy took over!
Kennedy was assasinated, and Vice President Johnson was President within 24 hours!
So it seems to me, that when Blair steps down, John Prescott should be his natural successor. But for some reason, the Premiership is open to any Tom, Dick, or Harry within the Labour Party. Gordon Brown seems to be the forerunner, but just like football "it's a funny old game!" so who knows who we'll get lumbered with?
It's not the way that I expected things to go, but I am extremely grateful that it has, because I just cannot stand the thought of that fat, smug, condescending bastard John Prescott becoming my PM! He has proved to us all, over the years, that he is untrustworthy, a cheat, a liar, completely self serving, and shows nothing but contempt for the likes of you and me! (he should have been a Tory!)
He earns an absolute fortune, he is mollycoddled left right and centre, has free residences (not 2 up 2 downs I hasten to add!) and could very easily retire right now, and have a wonderful carefree life. (but he wont, because the more he has, the more he wants, and will say or do anything to keep his snout firmly in the trough!)
Just remember that he will spend the rest of his days living high on the hog at yours and my expense! (now the thought of that really does piss me off!) Nobody ever told me that life was going to be fair, and when I see that shit, I realise it's true!
I'm not a violent person, but I could quite happily punch him in the mouth!

So let's all hope, that whoever becomes the next Labour PM, he or she will put us 1st for a change! But past experience tells me that it won't happen, and that the likes of Prescott and his cronies will get even fatter at our expense!

The Worm...................................

Is Gordon really for turning?

I have just read, with great delight, that Gordon Brown is about to "dump" his draconian community charge changes!

I'd like to think that he'd realised that this was a step too far, but somehow, I don't think so!

More like he's finally realised that the Labour party will lose the next General Election if he carries them through ( and he so wants to be PM doesn't he! )
And who knows, they still might lose anyway, after the way that they have abused and neglected us over the past 10 years, with their inefficiency to solve our problems, and increased tax burdens!
But if they do remain in office, don't think that the Lyons Report is "dumped! (It took 3 years to produce! Just how much did that cost I wonder?) I am confident that it is merely "shelved" for now!
Once Labour are safely back in office (maybe), the Lyons Report will emerge again, mark my words, and he will get us all back with a vengence !!! However, I don't think that the proposed "super band" charge on houses worth over £1,000,000. will ever come to fruition. The main reason for that, is that a majority of MPs would be affected too! (god forbid that they should ever pay their way or be affected by the unfair policies that they love to inflict on you and me!)
So earmark this blog for future reference!
You don't have to be Nostradamus to predict anything that this lot are capable of!

Me? Cynical? No, not really, just realistic!

Keep worming!

The Worm......................

Friday, 16 March 2007


A good idea, but restricted by stupid rules, regulations, jobsworths, and idiots!

Let me explain.

Last Christmas, as usual, rubbish collections were disrupted by the bank holiday. Christmas being Christmas, we had an unusually high amount of beer cans and drinks bottles to despose of.

On the day of the next collection, because I had too many cans and bottles, I filled 2 dustbin bags, one for tins, one for glass, and placed them on top of the small recycle bins, so the dustmen realised what they were. When I arrived home that night, what did I find? Yes, you've guessed it! My bottles and cans were still sitting there! And why? Because I couldn't put a lid on the recycle boxes provided! ( but you were collecting 2 weeks rubbish!) Common sense will never prevail because the rules are the rules! Maybe they should have made a collection on Boxing Day as they would have under normal circumstances if it worried them so much? Dustmen think they are a law unto themselves! Always have, and always will do! Upset them, and your rubbish will be strewed all up the road! But give them a tip, and the rules can be bent guvnor!
So. What did I do with my bottles and cans? Infuriated by these bastards, I stuck them in the back of my car, and dumped them in the skip at work! That was probably dumped into some landfill somewhere! I really should have been a good recyling citizen, and driven miles to my council dump (emmiting even more greenhouse gasses doing so) where they could have responsably desposed of my waste. But I didn't! And I'll tell you why. They don't follow their rules, so why should I?

We have bottle banks at our local supermarket. One container for clear glass, one for brown, and one for the rest. So what happened when I saw them being emptied? A lorry came along and emptied them all onto the back of it, all mixed up together!!!!
What a f*cking farce!

The Worm...................................

I can be a right Pratt sometimes!

I sit here in my nice comfortable home, and after an excellent evening meal, sit in front of my PC with a few beers, and pontificate, moan, and whinge about topics of the day that wind me up. I sit here, and make my own personal comments about how unfair the Government, the System, and life is in general. And let's face it, it is, in the world that you and I live in!
What a selfish pratt I can be!

Along comes Red Nose Day!

I was fortunate enough to visit Kenya for a holiday a while ago, and I can honestly say, that the experience will be with me for the rest of my life! We stayed in an all inclusive hotel by the sea in Mombassa, and were treated like lords for the two weeks we were there. Having travelled that far, it seemed only right that we should take a look at the country, so we booked a 3 day safari. I can honestly say, that those were definitely the most awe inspiring 3 days of my life! So much so, that I got quite emotional and tearful, at the beauty of the country, the animals, and nature in it's rawest form. I know that if you want to see animals, you can always go to the zoo, but seeing them free in their natural habitat truely choked me! Imagine! Plains as far as the eye can see, and full of wild animals. Elephants, giraffe, wild boar, rhino, zebra, gazelle, all roaming the plains happily and peacefully together! It made me realise, that if they can do it, why can't us humans do it?

Anyway, as I said, along came Red Nose Day!

What I've failed to mention about my Kenyan experience, was the squalor and deprivation of the people I saw.
Boy oh boy! Wouldn't they like to have the problems that we complain about!

Ant and Dec ( I do like those two buggers!) visited Niarobi, and highlighted the sanitation problems there! Communal toilets were huts, with deep pits, where you straddled the hole, and did your poo! When the pit was full, it was emptied by hand, (can you imagine doing that?) and disposed of it in the river. Not only are these rivers used for drinking water, but the kids play in them! Needless to say, this causes a lot of death and health problems. Having had to use one of these facilities myself, I can honestly say that I would rather shit myself rather than ever use one again!

This 5 minute clip really struck a chord with me, so I picked up the phone, and I made a contribution. Needless to say, I hope you did too!

It's the old saying! "There's always someone worse off that you!" And boy oh boy, please believe me when I tell you, those poor bastards are!

The Worm.....................

Sale prices. A thought!

No matter where you go, all you seem to see in the majority of stores, is advertising announcing massive savings!

" Was £1,000, now only £299!"

" Up to 75% discount!"

Like you, I love to get a bargain, but all this does is make me realise that the product was massively overpriced in the first place!

Just how stupid do these stores think we are!

The Worm................

Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Community Charge.

I never ever thought that I would say this, but I honestly can't lay the blame for this dilema at anyone's door!
The simple fact, is that the subject is an absolute nightmare, and I can't see how it can ever be resolved fairly, although I do object strongly to the govenments new plans to have our homes visited by an assessor. Not only is it too intrusive, but what you see isn't neccessarily what you've got is it! Let me explain. My wife and I are in our late fifties, and are now having to think about our retirement (god,where has our youth gone!)
We realised that we would never be able to have a reasonable standard of living on our State pensions alone, so we decided to do something about it.
We decided to put our money into a property, and hopefully, when we've retired, we will be able to sell up, move down a notch, and hopefully have a few quid left in the bank to help keep the wolves away from the door. We then went ahead, bought a very nice house, and took on a massive mortgage. To add to that, we took out loans and credit card debts to make the property even more desireable, hoping to increase the value of the house for when we move on to pastures new. To do this, we have tightened out belts, and have cut out the luxuries that most people expect and take for granted. If I'm to be honest, we are now living hand to mouth, month to month! But if seeing is believing, when the assessors come round to my house, they are going to think that no matter what they decide to charge us, we can afford it, when the exact opposite is the case! A massive (100%) increase in our community charge would definitely financialy cripple us, and we would probably have to sell up. Does the government really want to do that to us? (Probably! They really don't give a shit about you or me as long as they can finacially screw us!)
So, ability to pay, would be very good for us because we have no real desposable income anymore, but that would incur means testing, and I am definitely opposed to that, for me and for everyone else!

So, whats the alternative?

I've already honestly explained our position in all of this, so you must realise that this blog is about us and others like us, and it may not apply to you. As things go at the moment, I'm not that unhappy about the present system, because at least I seem to know where I stand, and I can budget for it. (an annual 5% increase seems to be the norm) But unfortunately, the system can be extremely unfair too!

I now live in a band G house, and that is just one band lower than the top band H.

My MP is a millionaire in her own right, and so is her husband. They both live in a massive mansion deep in the countryside, and have a fabulous home in the sun!
And yet, they are only paying aproximately £344 a year more than me!

So is that fair? Do you see where I'm coming from?

Will doubling their community charge change their lives? No of course not, a mere drop in the ocean for them, but it certainely would mine and yours!

The fairest way that I can see is this (although don't forget that this is only my view, and if it costs you more, you are bound disagree!)

Our house contains 2 adults, and we both work.
My mate down the road lives in a house containing 4 adults, as the kids can't afford to buy a place of their own! They also work.

So as the system is at the moment, in my house, there are 2 people that can take advantage of all the services that the Community Charge provides if we wanted to.
In his house, you have double the amount of people using the exact same services available to me as well.
Under the present scheme, because I live in a house that is valued at £50,000 more than his, I am expected to pay more. But he has 4 wage earners using double the facilities than I do!
This to me seems a little unfair!
And if your honest with yourself, you will see my point too, no matter if it affects you or not!
Maybe this could be the way to go?
If you can use it, you can pay for it! What could be simpler? I'm not suggesting that the house with 4 should pay double the house of 2, but surely it's unfair that the 2 should pay more than the 4!
So maybe that could be the way to go?
The number of adults in the house?
It would be a nightmare to administer I agree, and would be open to massive abuse, but what do we have to do to solve the problem in a fair and proper manner?

As I've already said, the subject is a nightmare, and no matter which way we go, it wont please everybody!

But lets get one thing clear! The governments new proposals of individual assessment is a step too far, and us worms will not accept it!
You bring that one in Gordon Brown, and I can garauntee that your political career in office will come to a very quick end, and Labour wont govern for decades!

So think again, you bloody idiot!

Try considering the people that you represent for a change!

The ever despairing Worm.............................

The cost of the Olympics.

I've just seen a news item on the TV about the cost to the country to stage the Olympics.
The cost seemes to have spiralled from an estimated £2.5bn to a staggering £9.3bn.
How the hell can the highly paid consultants and construction companies get it so wrong?
Sadly, this seems to become an all too familiar story!
The cost of The Euro Tunnel, The Millenium Dome, Wembley Stadium, the M25. You name it, the list is endless. Not only do these projects go massively over budget, but are invariably late too!
Surely someone must be held accountable, after all, it is our hard earned money we are talking about!
The Government are only too ready to throw countless billions away on the white elephants, but the thought of giving our pensioners an extra £5 per week brings them out in a rash!

Absolutely disgusting!
Absolutely disgraceful!
Absolutely despicable!
Absolutely predictable!

For god sake. When is someone of influence going to stand up and say "enough is enough" and stop this abuse of the working man, and the public purse!

That someone, if you haven't realised it yet, is me and you!
We have our vote, and every polititian, whether in power or in opposition, should be made fully aware, that if they don't start looking after us at last, we will find someone who will!

That was the mood of the German people in the early 30's, and that's why Hitler and the Nazis came to power, because he (unlike Tony and Gordon) put his people 1st!
Quite the reverse of what's happening here today!
All this Government seem to do is pander to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, but treats the likes of you and me with contempt we deserve, because we are thick enough to let them get away with it!

But don't think that it couldn't happen here, because the Government are quite happily sowing the seeds of discontent (and they don't give a shit that they are!) because, if nothing else, they have ensured that they are earning a very nice salary for doing nothing, and can look forward to a very comfortable pension when they retire! The Worm is definitely ready to turn, and hopefully will!

I really do despair................................

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Are you happier under Labour?

Are you happier than you were 10 years ago under the Tories?
For you, the answer could be yes.
For me, it's definitely a NO!

The country had been Tory for far too long, and things were deteriorating at a rate of knots!
It was time for a change, and New Labours message was so exciting and full of hope for the future!
So Tony and Gordon, once installed in Number 10 and 11, started to introduce their optimistic policies.
New Labour told us, that they were going to spend spend spend to improve the NHS, the Education System, Law and Order, The Police Force, our Road System, and everything else wrong with the country! And to add to all of that, they were going to be the party of low taxation! What a vote winning message that was! So what happened to all of those policies?
Tony, and good old Gordon, have spent billions in the past 10 years trying to improve the above services! Unfortunately, they never seemed to aim the cash where it mattered! At the sharp end! It all seems to have gone into administration, trying to cut costs and save money, rather then actually improving things, and I think you will agree, that everything is still declining!
Gordon Brown, being the canny Scot he is, kept his promise though! He didn't increase direct tax at all, bless him!
No! What that self serving smug bastard did, was to introduce new ones! And boy o boy, hasn't he done it with a vengence! We now pay more tax (direct and indirect) than we ever did under the Tories! Have things got better for you? Are you happier with things than you were 10 years ago? because if you are, you must be doing extremely well for yourself, and can afford not to worry! The average working man in this country however, certainly can't afford much more of his financial persecution!
The Green issue seems to be his latest money spinner! He seems to think that any Green problem should be taxed, and he will be applauded for it!

So if what I've read is to be believed, animal flatulance causes a vast amount of damaging greenhouse gasses, but of course we can't tax pigs, sheep and cattle, can we? So would I be correct in assuming, it might be also true of humans too? If so, please don't be supprised if we see the introduction of The Fart Police in the future! So break wind in public, and you'll be fined £100 pounds! That's a good one Gordon!
Now that sounds absolutely ludicrous, but please don't rule it out!

So am I happier? Like hell I am!

Why oh why wasn't I born a 100 years earlier?
Things were so much simpler then!
I could have voted for the Whiggs!

The Worm.................................

Mobile phones and Ringtones. This is funny!

Love 'em or hate 'em, mobiles are here to stay!
They have now become an essential part of our lives.
I have one, and wouldn't be without it.
But what I can't stand about them, is the awful naff tunes and sounds that most people seem to have, to alert them of a call or text message.
Me, being the old fashioned git I am, prefer my phone to sound like a phone. So my call tone is "ring ring, ring ring" just like an old fashioned bell phone, and the fellas at work are always taking the mickey out of me for it!

Half way though my day at work, I noticed my mobile needed charging, so I left it on my desk connected the charger, and carried on about my business.
On my way home, I decided to stop off at the garage for some fuel. Having filled up to the brim, I went into the cash office, and joined the queue, when all of a sudden we all heard it! It sounded like an announcement made over a Tannoy System, but we didn't know where it was coming from!
"Attention! Would the man with the very thick 10" penis please come to the phone! Would the man with the very thick 10" penis please come to the phone" We all fell about laughing, but suddenly I realised that my phone was vibrating in my pocket! Yes, you've guessed it! Those bastards at work had downloaded this onto my phone while I'd been out off the office! Timed to perfection!
Having the quick wit, and wicked sense of humour that I possess, I siezed the moment, and proudly smiled at all the ladies in the queue as I answered my phone.
Needless to say, that since then, I always seem to get a big smile from the girls behind the tills!

Thanks lads!

You've made an old man extremely happy, and popular!

The Worm..........................

A to Z List Celebrity?

Can anyone give me the name of a company, an address, a telephone number, or even a website, that could help train me up to become a celeb?

I'm sure, that given the right training, I could bring my standards, morals, and intellect down to the correct low level needed, and strut around all day totally consumed with myself too!

Getting pissed, taking drugs, flashing my bits, shagging around, getting arrested, and a holiday in rehab, is a small price to pay to get noticed! ( I could also make a few bob, selling my pointless and uninteresting kiss and tell autobiography too!)

Do the Government have any special training schemes to help me?

If the A list can do it, so can I!
It can't be that difficult!

The Worm..................

PS. I have just started my own training programme, by shouting out loudly twice a day, a 1,000 times: ME! ME! ME! That's a good start don't you think?

Footballers Wages.

I really don't know why I'm commenting on this one, because I know that my blood will be boiling by the end of this blog!

Football is the national game, and I love watching a good match!
Unfortunately, because of the sky high cost of tickets, I can no longer afford to go and watch my favourite Premiership team, so I have now become a couch spectator.

Football has traditionally been the working man's game, but has rapidly becoming the game of the better off.
Some clubs have realised this, and have reduced their prices to entice the rank and file supporters back, but they still seem to be too high to me!

The reason for this, of course, is the fantastic amount of money the players are earning ( and I use the word earning with tongue in cheek!)

Even the lowest paid Premiership players earn more in a week than I do in a year, and I just refuse to give them any more of my hard earned cash!

It seems to me, that money has become more important to the players, rather than
them giving their all on the pitch for 90 minutes!

Wouldn't it be fun, if the buggers went on performance related pay!
Full pay for a win, 2 thirds for a draw, and 1 third if they lose!

Bloody hell! Wouldn't we see some exciting games then!

I've made my mind up not to give them any more of my money, but if you can afford it, and want to watch the "beautiful game" live from the terraces, good luck to you my friends. You're obviously doing better than I am!

The Worm..................

A thought for today! (2)

If you want someone know something, but for whatever reason, can't tell them face to face yourself, tell your views to someone else in confidence!

It works every time!

Very cynical, but very true!

The Worm.................


What a poor girl.
I feel so sorry for her, being abused by that nasty Jade Goody!


From being a star in her own country only, she has now become a celebrity on a world wide scale, coining it in left, right and centre!

I think you should be thanking Jade, not enjoying her demise Shilpa!

The Worm......................

Prison Overcrowding!

Once again, due to the Governments lack of foresight, we have a problem! That problem is the lack of prison accomodation!

Because if this, 1,000's of criminals are being let off with a caution (only to re-offend) and the sentencing is derisary to relieve the problem.

What we need to do is commandeer a few 5* hotels, and use them to clear our streets of offenders!

That would make us feel safer, and the offenders would get their just deserts.

They would get exactly the same treatment, and the only difference they that would notice would be the lack of bars at the windows!

British justice at it's best!

I bet you wish you had thought of that one John Reid!

The ever despairing Worm................

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

A thought for today! (1)

Be guided by me, and you won't go far wrong!

Always remember!

You will always be remembered for what you did wrong, rather than what you did right!

Very cynical, but so true!

The Worm...........................

Jade Goody. The Silly bitch!

She had it all, and it looks as though she might have thrown it all away!
And why?
Because she didn't think before she opened her stupid big fat mouth!

It didn't occur to her that having an arguement with any of the white girls would have been ok, but having exactly the same arguement with an Indian would be construed as racist!
Channel 4 (so they say) received thousands of complaints about her racism. (Hype?) Personally, if she's a racist, I don't give a shit, because she lives in a country which supposedly allows free speech!
If she is a racist, that's her right as far as I'm concerned!
However, I don't think her rants were racially motivated at all.
What we have to remember, is that Jade definitely wasn't the first in the queue when it came to handing out the good looks (you've had the boobs done, try the face next time Jade!)
She'd made her name (and fortune) on BB, and I'm sure that she felt that the house was her exclusive domain!
What got to her, was the fact that her space had been invaded by an extremely successful, extremely attractive, and very rich young woman! (everything that she isn't) Race or colour didn't enter into it as far as I can see! She just realised that Shilpa was a threat, and had everything going for her to win! So come on worms! Give the poor cow a break! She's got on for being a thick bitch, and as far as I'm concerned, she really doesn't deserve the hatred that she is experiencing.
I hope that she salvages her career (which is a testament to the fact that she isn't that stupid after all!)
She's gone through hell, and has received an unbearable amount of hate, when basically it was all just down to jelousy, ignorance, her nasty side, and human nature!

She's a victim of her own stupidity, and what seems to be the national obsession with PC!

The Worm...................

PS. Shilpa is just as much to blame for this furore as Jade as far as I'm concerned!
If the same abuse had been given to you by a fellow countryman Shilpa,
you would have taken it on the chin, and thought no more about it!
Crying "racist! makes things so much easier when you don't get your own way doesn't it!

The news?

In my formative years in the 50's and 60's, law and order was quite good, and England, unlike today,was a reasonably safe place to live in.

If there was a murder, a political scandal, or even a rape, it was on the front pages for weeks because it was so rare.
However, sadly, today, to read these kind of reports, you will find them buried deep inside our popular newspapers!
So what's the more important news on the front pages then?
Why, Victoria Beckams new hairstyle, Jordans latest boob job, or Jade Goody going into rehab of course!

What could possibly be more important than that?

I really do despair!

The Worm........................

The kids of today.

Now here's a can of worms!

Let me start by saying that there are millions of decent parents out there that are doing a great job, bringing up their kids to be fine, honest, decent citizens.
Like my parents did with me, they are teaching their children RESPECT!
However, as usual, it's the minority that will always get the majority a bad reputation!
From what I've experienced, it seems to me that the Asian community have got it right, and that we should take a leaf out of their book!
They strongly believe in family values, and teach their children to talk to, and treat, their elders with respect. They also teach them good manners, right from wrong, obedience, pride in themselves, the importance of a good education, and hard work. That was the how my Victorian influenced parents brought me up, and I don't think that I, my brother, or sister turned out too badly. This is the way that we in turn brought up our kids, and they've turned out ok too! If I did wrong as a kid, I knew I was in for a good hiding and deserved it! I certainly didn't accuse my parents of child abuse and threaten to sue them!
My dad never had a policeman knocking on his door, and I've never had one at my door either! I always used to tell them " If you want to do something, stop and ask yourself if your mum and dad would approve? If the answer is no, DONT DO IT!"
That seemed to have kept my kids out of trouble, and I know that they are telling their kids the same things too.
So what about the problem kids of today? The hoodies, muggers, gang members that terrorise whole neighbourhoods, druggies, thieves, and the rest of the ASBO fodder!
It seems to me that they are the product of their parents neglect! If they had been brought up in a structured fashion like I was, they would be ok too. The trouble is that their parents can't be bothered, and have no interest in them whatsoever! In other words, they cant be arsed! I've driven through the streets of London in the early hours, only to see kids as young as 8 or 9 roaming around. What are their parents thinking of, and what kind of parenting is that! So with that kind of role model, you can understand why there's a problem! So the kids grow up with the attitude, "If they don't give a toss, why should I!" How sad! These kids, because their parents neglect, won't get a decent education, job, or much happiness in their lives. They are the future generation of criminals, misfits, and benefit claiments.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not writing and defending the little bastards, 'cos I hate them and their threatening behaviour! I'm merely pointing out what I consider to be the cause of the problem.
At the end of the day, everybody knows right from wrong, but because of their upbringing, these kids deliberately choose to take the wrong path!

It's their loss in the long run!

Bring back the birch I say! That'll sort the little bastards out! hehehe!

The worm.................

Monday, 12 March 2007

Rail ticket pricing.

This one's a beauty!

Is there anyone out there that can honestly say they understand the ludicrous price structuring of our railway system?
Coz if you do, you are a member of a very exclusive club my friend!

In the good old days (here he goes again!) hehehe! there was only one rail company, and a very simple price structure.
One price for the rush hours, one price for the rest of the day, and one price for week-ends and Bank Holidays. Simple!
Decades later, we find ourselves with lots of rail companies, and different price structures that make the mind boggle.
To be honest, I'm not that sure that ticket office staff are too sure either!
I never leave a ticket office confident that I've paid the correct amount!
But how's this for stupidity!

I had to take a trip a while ago, and to save a bit of money and hassle, I pre-booked my seat by telephone. I asked for a single (as I'd managed to cadge a lift back home) and was told it would cost me £30. Now here's where it get's confusing! The very nice man on the telephone asked me why I didn't want to buy a return ticket. A strange question, but I explained that I didn't need to make a return journey by train. He then went on to explain, that if I purchased a return ticket, it would only cost me £27!

Excuse me? So why aren't you charging me £13.50. for a single then?

Needless to say, I gratefully purchased the return ticket, and binned it at my destination!

What sort of ecconomic sense was that!

And this is progress?

The Worm.................

This Island that I love! A history lesson?

And what an island it is!
Full of history and tradition!
I can honestly say that I am proud to be English, and I love my country!
We are protected by the sea, and we haven't been invaded since 1066 (other than the Channel Islands during World War 2 by the Nazis)
However, because we are an island, it seems to me that it's vital that we are self sufficient, to protect ourselves from our enemies. Over the past 1,000 years, millions of our countrymen have fought and died to protect our country, and preserve the freedom that we all have today.
But what a tragic waste of human life! And why?
Coz it's all been given away WITHOUT a fight!

In my early life, everything that we used, saw or owned, was made in England.
The planes in the sky, cars, furniture, trains, buses, TVs and Radios, fridges, washing machines, you name it, they were all made in England. To own something made in Germany was quality, but very expensive, and everything Japanese was cheap and crap! My oh my, haven't things changed!
I recently took stock of what I had in my house, and to my horror, found that only about 5% of what I owned was actually made in England! Most of it had English brand names, but were owned by foriegn companies! (I've been fooled!)
So who is to blame for this sell out of our national manufacturing industries?
Why, good old Maggie Thatcher!
She will always be remembered for the Falklands War, and for her sticking up for the English people in Brussels and on the world stage, and for that, I applaud her!
However, what hasn't clicked with the British public, is that she also sold the country down the river to achieve her aims!
If I had my way, I wouldn't put a bronze statue of her in the the House of Commons!
I'd put her in the stocks for a week, and then burn her at the stake for her treachery!
To save money (because she wasn't clever enough to govern properly or generate any wealth for the country herself) she instructed every Government department and service to shop around, and buy the cheapest!
Market forces being market forces, foriegn competition took over, and our manufacturing died a slow and very painful death, putting hundreds of thousands of good honest people out of work!

What bought it home to me was the Falklands War!

My dad fought, and nearly lost his life, fighting in Belgium, in the Second World War.
During the Falkland conflict, it was obvious that because we'd closed most of our munitions factories down to buy cheaper, we couldn't make enough ammo to support ourselves, so we asked our allies the Belgians to supply us.
Did they supply us? Did they hell!
They didn't wan't to be seen to be biased, the ungrateful cowardly bastards!
(please note, that they also refused to share any intellegence with us or the USA at the time of 9/11) What nice people! I'll remember that, and so should you, should they ever need our help ever again!

The French seem to have the same problem with us too don't they!
We saved their necks in 1945, and yet, they seem to hate us with a vengence!
I have a feeling that they've never forgiven us for Aggincourt!

But I digress.

So, here we are, at the mercy of the world!
The Russians have no need to drop a bomb on us!
All they have to do is turn the gas supply off!
Does that worry you, because it does me!
The whole world could quite easily bring England to it's knees, simply by not supplying us anymore, because we produce absolutely nothing!

So please don't think of dear old Maggie Thatcher with reverance anymore! She sold us, and future generations, down the river!

So all we seem to have left, is our pride, heritage, and patriotism!
But unfortunately for us that is also being given away!
By whom you may ask?
Why, by good old Tony Blair and the PC brigade, that's who!
He seems to be finishing the job that Maggie started, bless him!
I can't fly my national flag because I might offend an immigrant?
I cant send a religous christmas card because I might offend my immigrant workmates?
Schools are now banning the Nativity play at Christmas because we daren't offend other religions!
Our immigant population should be fitting in with us! not the other way round!

Who's bloody country is this anyway?

Even my immigrant mates at work are getting pissed off with all of this PC stupidity!

They aren't asking for all this crap! This stupid bloody Government are!

If nothing else, I have to admire the passion of the French to keep their national identity!
They will only allow by law, a certain amount of foriegn radio, tv, or films to be shown!
They are French, proud, and they want to stay that way, and I don't blame them!

I'm English, and I want to stay that way too!
But unfortunately, we are only too willing to be influenced by others, America being the biggest offender! My biggest hate is the way they've bastardised our language and spelling!
If you or I talk about a man, we call him a guy. Mention a £1,000 and we call it a grand! and if you need a hat, invariably it will be a baseball cap! Cricketers giving high fives!
Have I made my point?

We now get down to the nitty gritty (an American expression)

If you or I wanted to emigrate to America, Austalia, or New Zealand, we would be expected to have a profession that would contribute to the country, money in the bank to support ourselves, and be prepared to abide by the rules and laws of the nation.

Do we call them racist? No, of course not! When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

If you want to talk racist, try Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust! Now that's racist for you!

So why can't we apply the same rules here, because we are now being flooded with so many nationalities, the English population are getting fed up with it. To add insult to injury, they seem to have more rights in this country than we do! Surely it must be time to start restricting the influx. We have welcomed with open arms many immigrants over the years, but what we have to remember now, is that we are a very small island, and must now say, enough is enough! (if I remember correctly, I read an artical in the papers that said that we were the third most densist populated country in the world)
There's only so much room in England, and we should no longer be the dumping ground of the world! There is not enough housing or employment to sustain our population as it is. and all we seem to be doing is creating bigger problems for ourselves in the future!

I'm sure I'll be accused of being a racist by some, but this isn't racist, it's realist!
With the passing of time, I've grown to be tolerant of the immigrant situation, I have a lot of ethnic friends, and am always happy to talk about it in an honest and fair minded way.
But please remember what I've said previously. I am proud to be English, and just like the French, I don't want my country to lose its national identity, If you are a 1st generation immigrant reading this, I have a few favours to ask.
You have chosen to live over here, and you are welcome. As a guest, it is only right that you try to blend in as best you can. Work hard, make a contribution to our society, but please expect no special treatment. (we don't get it, so why should you?) If you can do that, then we're half way to racial harmony. Unfortunately, there is a minute minority that won't do the things that I've suggested, and they are the ones that are the causing so much of the racial tension today. All I can say, is if they don't like it here, please go somewhere else, and let the immigrant population in this country (and me) live in peace.

We all want a good life, so why are we all tearing each other to pieces?

What this country will be like in a 100 years from now, I shudder to think!

The Worm................


As much as I hate taxation at it's present levels,
what makes me smile is the fact that even the leaches in our
society have to pay VAT!

Nice one!

The Worm............

The benefit system.

If you are like me, someone who works hard, and pays through the nose for everything, please remember this for future reference!

The benefit system was never designed to help the people that actually pay for it!

So if you go through your life remembering this pearl of wisdom, it won't be such a shock to you, when you are told that you don't qualify, should you ever need financial help from the state.

The Worm...........

Sunday, 11 March 2007

The Worms Agenda!

If you've read a few of my blogs already, I'm sure you'll be thinking that I'm anti Labour.
Well you couldn't be more wrong!
I was born into the slums of London (I've since escaped) but have never forgotten my roots.
I am not anti Labour, I'm anti government! (Labour just happens to be the government at the moment)
The reasons for this are, that no matter who the government of the day is ( Labour, Conservative, Liberal, UKIP, BNP, or the good old Raving Monster Loony Party)
they are all tarred with the same brush as far as I'm concerned.
They will promise us anything to get in power, but when they do, they will deliver nothing but the same misery the last lot dished out.
They usually do nothing for the first term, and tell us that they've been too busy sorting out the mess the previous government left them. (but they never seem to do anything to improve our lives do they!)
Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. Things will not improve, and we the tax payer will pay even more, one way or another.
I always dread the budget, because I know from past experience, that I will never be any better off. What makes it worse is that Gordon does it every 6 months, so he now has the chance to piss me off twice a year!
What planet are these polititians living on?
Certainly not mine or yours!
They are so out of touch with real life and real problems, because they're not living in the real world!
My MP is a millionaire. How can this person genuinely represent someone on 20 grand a year?
Gordon Brown will be presenting his next Budget to the house soon.
When he does, he will announce new measures to raise more money, and probably have a big smile on his face when he proudly tells the voters that every household in the country will be the princely sum of at least £1.50. a week better off! ( I'll enjoy spending that!) But of course, he won't tell us he's already thought of yet another stealth tax to claw it back again in 3 months time.
Cynical? You bet I am! CYNICAL AND REALISTIC!

All I want is a fair crack of the whip! Fat chance!

Is that so unreasonable of me?

I really do despair of this country!

The Worm.............

Governmental fairness. (the lack of it!)

A few years ago, I found myself unemployed.

Having claimed unemployment benefit for a whole week in 1972, I decided not to claim again, as I didn't want to be put through the humiliation I had experienced on the previous occasion, and so I used what little savings I had to support my wife and children for three months until I found a job.
That saved the benefit system hundreds of pounds, and also saved me my dignity!

A couple of years later, I recieved a letter, telling me that I owed national insurance for that period, and failure to pay this would affect my final pension.

So let me get this straight.
I keep my family at my expense for three months.
I don't ask for any help whatsoever, and I cost the country absolutely nothing.
And now I get sent a bill for the privilege.

If I had have claimed benefit, not only would I have had cash in my pocket, but I would have had the NI paid for me too!

Forgive me, but am I missing something here?

A very confused Worm................

PS. I called the NI office when I received the letter, and explained what had happened. No joy though! Pay up or your Pension will be affected I was threatened with! Thanks for nothing!

Child obesity.

Not a problem anymore!

Under this lot, pretty soon, most of us won't be able to afford to eat!

Problem solved!

The Worm.................

The Crustless Sliced Loaf.

Well there's a thing!
My wife came home with a sliced loaf with the crusts cut off the other day.
It cost a little more, but of course, you expect to pay a bit extra for the extra effort invoved producing it, and of course the convenience.

It then struck me that the makers could have called it The Labour Loaf, and could have used the sales slogan "Get less, Pay more!"

Just about sums this Government up, don't you think?

The Worm................

New energy saving light bulbs.

So good old Tony has agreed with the EU to stop sales of traditional light bulbs, and make us buy more expensive fuel savers!

I've just counted over 60 bulbs in my house (not all on at the same time I hasten to add!) and estimate that it will cost me between £400 to £600 to replace them all.

Am I miffed, of course not, because a Government spokesman has informed us all, that the change over will save the average household the princely sum of approximately £7 a year!
Thank goodness for that! It will only take about 70 years to recoup my money (plus the cost of replacements) That is so reassuring!

If that sounds like clever economics to you, no wonder this country is in the state it's in!

But what I wan't know, is why are we all pulling weight with expensive empty gestures, when the two most biggest polluters in the world (America and China) won't sign up to the Kyoto agreement?

This will not scratch the surface of the problem, but as usual, you and I will pay for it anyway!

The Worm............

The Pensions problem!

Don't worry Tony and Gordon!

I have found the ultimate solution to the growing pensions problem for you!

Why not introduce compulsary euthenasia at 65? (MPs, the Aristocracy, benefit claiments, asylum seekers, immigrants, un-married mothers, benefit fraudsters, all so called "celeberaties"(A to Z list) and anybody else that has contributed absolutely nothing to the country during their life time, would be excluded of course!)

After 65, we could all then apply for an annual licence to live, and when we've had all of our money extracted from us, you could have us all put up against a wall and shot at dawn!

Just think Gordon! All that lovely money!

After all, if the honest tax payer dares to retire from work at 65, he would get no less than he deserved would he, because he or she has now become a burden on the system!
What a saving that would be!
You could save billions, then spend even more the exempt list!

The frightening thing for me is, you just might consider it!

Maybe zero VAT on coffins and funerals would be an added incentive?

The Worm.................

The Great Brit Migration. PLEASE READ!

Thousands and thousands of Brits are leaving these shores every year!

And I just can't imagine why?

I just love the thrill of getting up for work in the morning, knowing that I am going to spend ages in a traffic jam! But I just smile, safe in the knowlege that when I get to work, I have 8 hours of unbelievable stress and pressure, because my employer never replaced the last 3 people that left the company. He of course always looks after me by giving me a massive 3% annual increase! 3% of bugger all, is bugger all! but do I mind? No, of course not! I'm just happy in the knowledge that I'm helping him to maintain his lifestyle. After all, it must cost him a fortune to insure that brand new Porche 911 of his! It must be a big worry for him.

Totaly drained both physically and mentaly, I clock off, and excitedly look forward to the challenge of getting home before I have to get up for work again. What a great day!

After my dinner, I just love to relax and get wound up, by sitting and listening to the news on TV, and reading the papers. Page after page of doom and gloom, and I always look forward to seeing just how the Government are going to screw me next! (you must remember that someone has to pay for the countrys failures) after all it's not their fault is it!

But my hero has to be Gordon Brown!
What a man!
He wakes up in the morning and must think "I wonder how I can screw those poor bastards today" and all due credit to him, he always comes up with something new! What a man, and what an example to us all!
Oh, and don't worry Gordon. I'll be voting for you at the next General Election, cos to be honest, I don't think I could get through the day being happy about things anymore.

So, the week-end is here, and I think I'll put my time to good use by improving and re-decorating my property. After all, I must make sure its impressive for when the man from the council comes round to value my house for the new community charge. What would he think of me if it wasn't just so!
My community charge will probably double, but do I mind? No, of course not! After all, someone has to pay extra to help all those poor people claiming benefit. What a crap life they must have! Sitting at home all day, watching TV, eating takeaways, and down the pub most evenings, smoking 60 a day, and feeling guilty because they're not working! Where's the fun in that, when you can go to work for less, and worry yourself sick, wondering how you can pay your bills and new stealth taxes? No contest! Work for me, every time!
I'm just so glad I can help these poor people!

But wait! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I retire in 7 years time!
Now that will bring new challenges!
By then, both our state pensions will probably just about cover our community charge, so all we have to worry about now is how we pay our tax and utility bills. I know! I took out a small pension in the 70's, so with a bit of luck, that will cover that one. Now all we have to do is worry about feeding ourselves, but if the worse comes to the worse, we can always go down to the DWP (formerly the DHSS) to see if they can help us. After all, we've both worked and paid full contributions for the past 50 years, so they're bound to help aren't they.

What's that Mr DWP ? You can't help us because we don't qualify?
We have too much money coming in? Well yes, but it does all goes out again! That's not your concern Mr DWP? You still can't help?
Have you any helpful suggestions then Mr DWP ? Why didn't we think of that! Of course! We'll sell all of our wordly posessions! Problem solved!
After all, after both working hard for 50 years, and claiming one weeks dole money in 1972, why should we expect a free ride? I now feel so selfish and ashamed of myself! I've now seen the error of my ways!
Anyway, what do we need with treasured sentimental gifts to each other! After all, all they are, are fond memories of a lifetime together! And what's that, compared to keeping our beloved benefit system going! No contest is there! We're English, and only too pleased to tighten our belts yet another notch, and do our bit for the country that rewards hard work!

So, we are now sitting in our home, with a TV (I'm so sorry, I know that's extravagant!) with two chairs in the front room, and a bed upstairs (the house seems to have an echo now!)

We are both in our seventies now, and our food money is running out fast!

Should we go back down to the DWP ?

No, best not to, as they are probably far too busy looking after more deserving people, like new asylum seekers, new immigrants from all 4 corners of the world, un-married mothers with 10 kids, and of course the professional benefit scroungers. They are far more deserving than we are.

We'll just have to sell the house that we've worked hard for all our lives..............................

But surely that's no reason to leave good old Blighty?

The government puts the mass exodus down to the fact the escapees want to live in a warmer climate.

The stupid bastards..............

The Media. Do you trust it?

I, like you, find out what's going on at home and abroad, with the information I see and hear on the TV, Radio, and the Newspapers.

Is it too much to ask to be informed correctly?

With the latest Big Brother/Jade Goody fiasco, I've read that Channel 4 received 30,000 - 35,000 - 50,000 complaints from the public.
So which one is correct (if at all?)
If the media can't report a simple fact like that, what else are they getting wrong?

The mind boggles!

The Worm...........

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Prison sentencing? A pertinant question.


If the Great Train robbers of the 1960's, Hindley and Brady, or the Kray twins had committed their crimes today, what prison sentence would they be handed out now?


Well you tell me, coz I give up! I just can't help but think that the whole judicial system has lost the plot with PC and human rights issues!

The Worm................

Racist! Racist! Racist!

For gods sake!
Aren't you fed up constantly reading in the papers that someone has just been accused of being a racist?
Cos believe me, I certainly am, and so are my ethnic friends!

PC (or political stupidity as I prefer to call it) has caused more problems than it has solved!

I was born in '49, and saw my first black person when I was 3 years old. It never occured to me that he was any different from me, but was just another person I'd met.
However, not everybody felt the same way, and obvious tensions grew on both sides over the years.
Now, as with most situations, there will always be 6 of one, and half dozen of another!
The Jamaicans arrived in the 50's to fill the jobs that us English couldn't or wouldn't do!
So they filled the gap, but were never fully appreciated for their contribution to our society. In later years, the Asian community started to establish itself too.
As things in this country seemed to deteriorate later on, the whites started to look at the immigrant population, and resented the fact that they were working and we weren't. They were the scapegoats! However, us whites had conveniently forgotten that ten or fifteen years previously, we wouldn't have done their jobs if our lives had depended on it!
But time is a great healer, and as the years went by, it seemed to me that we all started to get along at last, side by side, and quite nicely.

And then disaster struck!

Race relations in this country was to be put back at least 20 years (but please remember that this is only my opinion!)
What was the cause?

The race relations act!

Although it was genuinely meant to create harmony and equality, it created a "them and us" situation.
All of a sudden, because this was the wishes of the government of the day, it seemed no matter who applied for a job, if there was an ethnic candidate, they got the job!
So no wonder that there is not much racial tolerance today.
It was never going to be a level playing field again!
I myself have experienced this situation, and it doesn't feel good!
However, if you are ethnic and reading this, you must realise that if things didn't go well for the ethnic candidate, all they had to do was cry "racial descrimination!" and could cause a lot of trouble. Emloyers seemed to be frightened of this (and probably still are) and so they got the job, regardless of the other candidates superior experience or qualifications!

So that has obviously caused resentment. That's not racism, that's human nature!

Hardly fair me thinks!

I have a number of very good friends from all sorts of different religions, ethnicities, colours, and backgrounds, and we all get on together very well!
One thing that strikes us all when we talk, is that no matter who we talk to within the group, we are all very pissed off with the race issue! All of them, like me, are so fed up with the stupidity of it all, and realise that there are far more important issues facing our country, and that we all need to pull together, rather than tear each other apart!

So lets please forget our differences, whatever they may be, and remember what is really important to us all, and the country that we all love and live in!

The Worm...............

Friday, 9 March 2007

The new green flight tax!

So good old Gordon Brown in his wisdom, has decided that we all need to be taxed an extra £10 per flight, to deter us from flying, hence reducing the risk of global warming.

What a load of old bollox that man talks!

That bloody plane is going to take off whether I'm on it or not, so what is your point?
You've never said how all that extra money will be spent to save the planet have you Gordon,
so I'll just have assume it must just another way for you to financialy prop up the cock ups you've already made?
I'm quite sure it wont be used to reduce greenhouse emmisions, because just like all politicians, you are a practised liar!
It's just another excuse to rip of the stupid bastards that voted you in!
You promised us everything 10 years ago, but have delivered nothing but gloom and despondency since!
So thanks for that! ( I don't think!)

You obviously have a lot of contempt for the people that voted for you and your party!
( and to think I was nieve enough to think you would look after me!)

So, looking at things from both sides, I cannot understand the unfairness of it all, because you are imposing this charge on people leaving this country for a holiday, but don't charge the people entering the country for the same reason?
Don't they create the same emmissions?

I have visited Turkey about 6 times over the past 10 years.
It is a lovely place to visit, and we always a very good holiday!
However, as soon as I arrive, I am confronted with an official, that informs me that before I can go on my way, I have to buy a £10 visa, and without one, I will be refused entry. So of course I pay up, and carry on.
So, why not do the same here?
It would be such a good earner Gordon!
And all you have to do, is put a till between the carousel and passport control! Very easy money, and so cheap to administer! Then you'll have even more money to spend on useless quangos and consultants that couldn't get it right it their bloody lives depended on it! (and of course, please don't forget to look after my useless scrounging countrymen, that know how to work the system, and wouldn't work for a living if they were under the sentence of death!)

Do I sound unreasonable?
I'd like to think not!
I think, that I think the same way that the countless millions of hard working people in this country do! (please correct me if I'm wrong)
The problem is, is that the workshy claiming culture in our society, are the ones that actually hold the balance of power, as the country as a whole is split about 50/50, so you are obviously going to pander to them aren't you!
If I was one of them, I would obviously vote for the party that was going to look after me and my family of scroungers, and who of course, would be happy to give them support in future years!

So it seems to me that the hard working people of my country are on a hiding to nothing,no matter what we think, say, or do!

But as someone that was brought up with decent parents that had decent standards, I could never ever think that way!

My only agenda, is to enhance the lives of the hard working, tax paying people like myself, who's only wish is to be treated fairly!
I honestly don't think that I'm asking too much, but am convinced that sadly, it will never happen!

Please stand up and be counted worms, before it's to late!

Do you agree with what you've just read?

Whether you do or don't, it's important that you react!


The Worm..................